Lisa Ch’ng Asks Godfather to Help With Mat Yeung’s DUI Offense

On August 8, rising TVB actor Mat Yeung (楊明) got into a car accident when he crashed his vehicle into the traffic barriers and onto the curb. Police immediately arrested the 39-year-old and sent him to the hospital for treatment after suspecting him of driving under the influence. Although Mat apologized for his actions soon after, he might be heavily penalized based on his poor track record when it comes to abiding the law. However, girlfriend Lisa Ch’ng (莊思明) reportedly leveraged her connection with her godfather, Cheng Huan (清洪), who is known as the “Golden Tooth Barrister” and one of the most prominent barristers in Hong Kong, and asked him to help out Mat.

Being the daughter of wealthy Malaysian Datuk Chong Bo (莊寶), it is unsurprising that Lisa would have strong connections with social elites and influential figures, including Cheng Huan. Cheng Huan is well-known for representing celebrities and the upper class, such as former legislative councilor Chim Pui Chung (詹培忠), ex-president of Universal Music Hong Kong Alex Chan (陳少寶), and singer Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒). However, his expertise comes at a high price, as just a half-day consultation with him can allegedly cost $500,000 Hong Kong dollars.

By calling her godfather to help represent Mat, it is clear how much Lisa values her relationship with him. Dating for four years now, Lisa and Mat are in a stable relationship with plans to marry soon. They are already cohabiting with each other in a hilltop mansion, and Lisa’s sister Jacqueline Ch’ng (莊思敏) also fully approves and supports him as her future brother-in-law.

Deeply in love with Mat, this is not the first time that Lisa stepped forward to protect her boyfriend. When Mat’s restaurant was criticized for selling low-quality abalones, she immediately defended him and even fought with netizens online. By consistently supporting her boyfriend through tough times, many have labeled her as a model for the best girlfriend.

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  1. He’s lucky that he has a rich girlfriend who stand by himself and supporting him. If you’re rich any charges will be dropped easily all you need is money I guess. Hopefully he’ll learn his lesson and be a better actor so that one day he’ll win big award.

  2. Just realized Lisa and her sisters have stopped streaming live at 17-Livit. I’ve made numerous cracks at the Ch’ng sisters (except Mona who is very polite by the way). I even cracked a joke saying that Josephine looked like Big Bird with all that gold colored lotion or whatever she put on her face. Rotflmao!!!

  3. No. 50萬元 is not 50 million. It’s 500,000. huge difference

    “However, his expertise comes at a high price, as just a half-day consultation with him can allegedly cost $50 million Hong Kong dollars.”

  4. Rising TVB actor?

    I hope the undying support from Lisa is worth it in the end and Mat should get his act together, real fast. He’s not young and his career doesn’t seem to ‘rise’ that much, so Lisa is probably the best thing that will ever happen to him.

  5. He should get his due punishment according to the law and on top of that tvb should send him back to the freezer. He wont be missed. Scumbag like him committing the same DUI offence should be sent to jail asap before he maims or kills anyone.

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