Mat Yeung Apologizes for DUI Car Accident

The TVB actor reportedly refused a breathalyzer test.

TVB actor Mat Yeung (楊明), who stars in the currently-airing crime drama On-Lie Game <迷網>, was involved in a serious traffic accident in the wee hours on Saturday, August 8, 2020. Police arrived at the scene and identified the driver as Mat. Claiming that he was unwell, Mat reportedly reeked of alcohol, and walked with unsteady steps. Refusing to take the breathalyzer test, he was arrested and sent to the hospital.

The 39-year-old actor allegedly lost control of his Mercedes Benz on a winding road at the affluent Mid-Levels area during a left turn, later transgressing into the opposite lane and hitting two crash barriers before mounting a curb and finally coming to a halt. Due to the impact, the car’s right bumper suffered extensive damage.

Driving Under the Influence?

His long-time girlfriend, actress Lisa Chong (莊思明) and her sister Jacqueline Chong (莊思敏) were later spotted at the accident site presumably to learn more about the situation, with the police commencing formal investigations into the case.

Calls from the media, who rang up Lisa, were answered by her elder sister Jacqueline, who acknowledged that she had visited the accident site. Adding that police investigations were ongoing, she said she was unaware of the details and unable to gain contact with Mat, therefore returning home to wait for further news.

Previous Brushes With the Law

In 2005, Matt was found to have illegally parked his car in the middle of Jordan Road, taking a nap within. He was fined $7000 Hong Kong dollars back then and had his license revoked for a year. In 2006, he was handed a bind-over order for attacking a security guard at a nightclub. During the bind-over period, he damaged items at a convenience store in an alcoholic state when he twice failed to make payment with his home return card, and was ordered to pay HK$3,880 worth of damages to the store in addition to serving 150 hours of community service.

Mat Makes Apology

Appearing on TVB entertainment news program Scoop <東張西望>, Mat recalled the scary auto accident which injured his head and spine. After completing x-rays and preliminary tests at the hospital, the actor assured he is doing fine. Though he apologized for driving while he was tired, Mat did not address whether he was driving under the influence of alcohol.

“Around 1:30 a.m., I drove my car to my work studio to study a drama script. At the bend of Peak Road, my car slammed into the rail and it was overturned. I passed out and don’t remember what happened afterward…. Watching the news, I realized the police helped me out and said I was drunk and needed support to walk. My head was dizzy after the accident and I wasn’t very clear-headed to do a breathalyzer test.”

Though he regretted wrecking public property and damaging rails on the road, Mat was glad he did not injure any people in the accident. “I’ve been very busy and sleeping late recently. While driving, I momentarily lost focus and had an accident. I’m sorry–this incident made many people worry and led to many speculations.” He will leave the followup details to his lawyer to handle.

Remaining in the entertainment industry for 22 years, Mat finally saw his star rising in recent years such as in Airport Strikers  <機場特警>. His latest involvement with the law will likely put a regrettable brake on his career.

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  1. This guy is obviously not worth anyone’s time. Acting is weak, not a handsome face, and now guilty of multiple DUIs. His excuse of being tired is just that. Being tired isn’t an excuse for drinking and driving. He’s not A lister material in any way. He should be thankful he didn’t hurt anyone else on the road.

    1. @bubbles23
      Took the words right out of my mouth.
      This guy would be lucky to be a 3rd line supporting actor outside of TVB. How this guy is given the opportunity to play lead shows how trash TVB is these days.

      1. @anon tvb has a many better guys that are younger and more handsome than he is like Owen, Dickson, Mark Ma. This should be a wake up call for him and his manager. You’re right he’s barely third line. I hope he doesn’t have anymore major roles

  2. I have to agree he is boring as a lead same like Kenneth Ma but Mat Y still looks not like super handsome but still ok. I like his new drama On Lie Game it’s really good but I have to agree we are not really watching for him but the other side characters are all very good and enjoyable to watch. The new Ms HK was unbearable to watch but some support characters are so good and the plot line of online hacking/stealing money from fake relationships are interesting to watch.

  3. The public generally has warm feelings for him because he’s been the underdog for so long. But he’s really not talented and does not deserves another chance until he owns up to his mistakes. DUI is just as bad as affairs.

    1. @potatochip underdog is when you have a breakthrough when you are given the chance to shine. He’s been leading a few series with no sigh of improvement. I agree, DUIs shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially a repeat offender.

      1. @bubbles23 To me underdog is someone who has no chance, which he was for almost 20 years. Not that he has deserved a chance, but some people argued that he is a hard worker and worked for the station so long that he should get a chance to lead recently. I don’t necessarily agree with that, but I think that’s the general impression the public has of him.

  4. It sounds so deceitful the way he answered. The report clearly states he smells strongly of alcohol. He most likely drank too much again and got into another accident. Best of luck to Lisa Chong…hard to deal with alcoholics.

  5. This guy clearly has a drinking problem. I rem when he first started out he also had serious drunk driving accident and TVB had to freeze him for long while. The station actually had some plans to groom him then he was in the same acting class with Tavia. It is sad that he has not learnt his lesson.

  6. Driving to office to read script at 1.30am?? This man is sailing too close to the wind!! lucky to be alive! He has had a quite a few of incidents…interesting to see how TVB will deal with him

  7. Mat has been in many police roles since the first drama he was lead back in 2015, Momentary Lapse of Reason. Can’t believe 5 years later, he’s still mostly in cop dramas

  8. You would think someone at 40 has their wild days behind him. He was arrested back in his 20s. Well, he does have a rich gf if TVB suspends him for “inappropriate behavior.”

  9. Poor thing so many hater. I think he’s cute and he’s tall with good body. At least he’s way better looking than Wong Cho Lam for sure. I’m sorry I don’t find Dickson Yu that cute to me he looks more like a little kid. Well these days no matter what you have done I’m sure there’s a forgiveness as long you have the money to drop all the charges. Lots of them have been through no matter it’s cheating scandal, photo scandal or DUI.

  10. I think Mat was doing great until he started leading series. He did well in supporting grey boundary roles before. To be fair, the series that he has been leading has not been well written. His lead roles are blandly written and the series are clichéd. I feel that if tvb gave Mat a more challenging role in series like Brutally Young, he will do much better.

    As for his DUI, I don’t like it. Hopefully he learned to be more careful and responsible in the future.

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