Liu Yan in Tears Over Scandal with Bosco Wong: “I Am not the 3rd Party!”

“I am not the third party! I am not even friends with Bosco Wong (黃宗澤),” said Liu Yan (柳岩) in a press conference in regards to allegations that she was the destructive reason for Bosco and Myolie Wu’s (胡杏兒) breakup.

While filming The Woman Above the Bread Tree <麵包樹上的女人> in mainland China, Bosco was rumored to have dated Liu Yan, who possessed a stunning figure of 34E . Bosco’s flirtatious behavior allegedly was blamed for the downfall of his relationship with Myolie.  

Yesterday, mainland Chinese actress, Liu Yan, was in Hong Kong to film a movie. She took the opportunity to address her scandals with Bosco Wong. In tears, Liu Yan said, “I thought about it and asked myself if it’s my problem? I have a sexy image in China, but does this image cause people to be doubtful of my character? Actually, I feel like opening up about my private life too. I have a boyfriend, and my love life is very simple.”

Liu Yan, who was visibly shaken, broke down in tears and paused for a while before continuing to speak, “I was being used to flame up the news. I do not know who is flaming the news, but I felt it was really unjust!” 

Liu Yan is Not Even Friends with Bosco

It was rumored that Bosco was attracted to Liu Yan’s busty figure, and they often went dating after filming. Liu Yan’s manager was shocked at the rumors, asserting that Liu Yan and Bosco only had contact during working. She also said that Liu Yan had a low profile and healthy relationship with her boyfriend, and she would not come between others’ romantic relationships. 

When asked about her relationship with Bosco, Liu Yan said, “We do not have any relationship! We are not even friends! I do not even have his contact…… I only filmed with him for 2 days, how much interaction do we have? We will of course greet each other and say hello. That’s all!” 

Liu Yan: “Myolie Did Not Even Name Me As a Third Party”

According to East Weekly, Bosco allegedly dated 3 girlfriends in the last 6 months behind Myolie’s back. Myolie also doled out vague answers when responding to Bosco’s infidelity rumors, stating, “Since he and I have already broken up, I cannot respond on his behalf. I can only represent myself: I was not involved with a third party on my end.”

Bosco had denied his infidelity and asserted that there was no third party involved. He also clarified his rumors with Liu Yan, “I wish to state that it is not real, as I only filmed with her (Mainland actress) for two days.”

When asked about Bosco’s philandering rumor, Liu Yan responded, “I do not know this actor at all! It’s inconvenient for me comment. Anything that I said now, any sentence…. will be exaggerated into something else. So, I won’t make any comments. I can only say that he is a good actor.”

Liu Yan was also asked why Myolie did not help clear her name. Liu Yan replied, “Myolie Wu also did not name me as the third party! I do not have any scandal in China, and was never rumored with any actors. I don’t go karaoke and drinking, why do I suddenly become a third party? I do not understand why.” 

Liu Yan Issues Weibo Statement 

It was reported that over 4,000 “Boscolie” fans bombarded Liu Yan with messages on Weibo, blaming her for coming between their idols. Liu Yan said that she felt helpless and she needed to clear her name. She posted a clarification statement on Weibo yesterday evening. 

Below is a summary of her Weibo’s statement:

Despite feeling ridiculous and experiencing shock, helpless, frustration and unhappiness, I decided to address the 2-day allegations calmly:

1) The rumor of Liu Yan coming between Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu is nonsense. I only have a pure working relationship with Mr. Bosco Wong. Whoever fabricates this news not only causes distress to me, but it is also unfair to Mr. Bosco Wong and Ms. Myolie Wu. 

2) I can pledge upon my integrity that, be it in the past, present, or future, I will never despicably be a third party in someone’s relationship. This is against my principal and baseline. 

3) I did a reflection on myself; people should laugh off at this fabricated news. It’s unfortunate that there are so many believers of the news. Perhaps this is because of my sexy image, how unjust I felt, I need to bear responsibility as this is the celebrity image I created.

The relationship between Mr. Bosco Wong and Ms. Myolie Wu is being tested now. Perhaps if there were fewer controversies and speculations, this will be the best respect and support offered to them. I feel the same like you, I also hope that their relationship will turn around; everyone should have a good ending.  

Sources: Ming Pao

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  1. People should leave this lady alone, LOL. She can’t be more clear about not being the third party. I don’t know her, but she gained my respect.

    1. I agree with u too! She had my respect!!
      It’s not a sin being sexy!!!

  2. I can’t imagine how she must feel. I feel bad for her just reading the comments being posted here on this website about her when there was absolutely no evidence. I’m sure the messages she got from Boscolie fans on weibo is much much worse.

  3. I feel bad for her and I believe what she has to say.

    620 should hire her to do PR. 😛

  4. Jacky Cheung theme song… “CRY”

    cry all you want!

  5. that’s just annoying. such annoying news caused a third party to get involved. she is a third party but an innocent third party. she said she has a bf and she seems very pissed.

  6. These days, it seems every mainland actress have a ‘stunning figure’. Now my sceptical nature tells me this can’t be right, hahaha.

    1. Actually it is quite true. Competition is tough and so they needed to out do one another. May not be largest breasts etc but they do have an hour glass figure.

      1. Yes I am sure they look stunning, but what I meant was how much they paid to get their stunning figure.

      2. well, there are a billion people in china. maybe the mainland dairy cattle are specifically scouted out for their big breasts. some of them don’t look natural, but there’s got to be a genuine pair out there somewhere! no?

      3. So Japan have Kobe Beef, but China have something much better: China Big Boobies Milk™

    2. Not just stunning figure, but I’m beginning to notice that mainland actresses all look alike. Mavis Pan, Viann, Liu Yan, Yang Mi, etc. all look alike to me. It’s like watching a Korean drama where all the actresses look alike.

  7. honestly people need to get lives and stop hating on random stars that they know nothing about…and third party or not it is really b/w bosco and myolie so why should people be bombarding speculated third parties :S

  8. People need to stop picking on her just because she is an attractive co-star of Ron’s. Feel bad for an innocent woman being slandered. I hope no one else gets drawn into this blame game!

    1. you getting confused. this one is a co-star of bosco. LOL
      But don’t worry, is understandable. All 3 siu sangs getting into trouble.. now quite hard to keep from getting mixed up.

  9. hahahah i fnd it entertaining tht the siu sangs r dawgs..she looks great by the way.. liu yan.

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