Louis Koo Asks for Contributions for Qinghai Earthquake Victims

Louis Koo Tin Lok appeared at a fund-raising event at Times Square, Causeway Bay for the earthquake that struck Qinghai last week. As an United Nations Ambassador, Louis appealed to the public to fully support the relief efforts currently taking place in Qinghai. Louis said he has already contributed personal funds to help the earthquake victims in Qinghai, but did not disclose the amount.

China declared April 21st as a national mourning day for victims of the earthquake. Over 2,000 people have died from the 6.9 magnitude earthquake that struck the mountainous region on April 14th. China’s Ministry of Culture distributed a notice to halt all film, musical, dance performances, and the broadcast of music and online games in China today. As a result, many Chinese internet portals halted publication of entertainment news on their websites today as well.

Source: ximin.cn

Jayne: The damage caused by the earthquake and the displacement of the families are devastating. My heart goes out to the people killed in the earthquake and their mourning families.

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