Raymond Lam and Vic Zhou Film “The Yang’s Saga”

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Producer Raymond Wong’s new film The Yang’s Saga stars Louis Koo, Raymond Lam, Vic Zhou, and Ekin Cheng. The film held its praying ceremony in Beijing in early August.

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  1. Louis Koo is injured but hopefully he will be able to film “The Yang’s Saga” along with the other hunky cast members.

    1. Producer Raymond Wong said he will wait for Loius Koo to recover. He really wanted Louis to play the character.

      I read a bit about the movie. I remember Louis will play first brother, Raymond 5th brother, Wu Chun 6th brother. Forgot the rest.

      1. Vic Zhou is 3rd, Wu Pa is 2nd, the new actor is 7th (he is in some China idol series but I dun rmb his name) and 4th I dun rmb as well.

        Louis will be the center of the movie, you can say that. I doubt he won’t be in this one. BTW, his injury caused because he fell down stair. I think he can recover soon so Raymond Wong said tat the crew will delay the movie a week to wait for him.

    1. Fox,
      I like Zai Zai in mustache; it makes him look more manly. He looks very tall and hunky in the video.

      1. Hehe, me think so too. I dislike his old image. Like him from Black&White more than the old Zai Zai.

  2. This is a movie right? Not a series right?
    Louis only acts in movie these days, he refuse to do series since it so many episodes.

    1. LeilaFan,
      Yes a Raymond Wong Pak Ming film. It’s a big budget production with many stars. My guess is that this will only be part 1. With such a superstar cast, there will likely be at least another 2 sequels.

    2. Movie.

      @ Jayne: Guess so. Lol, only save the dad in this one. Sequel might be the death of Yang family. Gosh, I hope. Wanna see LF in bald head.

  3. good luck to ray lam,hope he be ready for this film,and glad to see louis koo and ray lam reunite again.

  4. Oh, so the whole cast is in Beijing now (except Louis) for the film. My friend saw Wu Chun there.

  5. good luck to ray,hope he will take care and not his usual do all for his work,wish him all the best in his carrer.

  6. Omg just the male cast itself makes me want to watch this! I am looking forward to this one as well as Overheard 2 and The Viral Factor!

    1. Aly,
      The Viral Factor has been mentioned in the news daily for the last 2 months due to Nicholas Tse’s divorce situation. It has received so much publicity…

      I’m also interested in Overheard 2 as well. 🙂

  7. So Louis Koo is confirmed not to join the cast because of his injury. Ekin will replace his role as Yang 1st son. Ekin’s role will be replaced by Shao Bing.

  8. Another project for Ray, hope will be good really looking forward to this movie. Good luck for all.

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