Vic Zhou and Bowie Tsang Secretly Married?

Vic Zhou (周渝民) and Bowie Tsang (曾宝仪) are already secretly married!” This shocking headline was first started in Tianya forums, stunning fans speechless. The rumors fanned that Taiwanese actor, Vic Zhou, got Eric Tsang’s (曾志偉) daughter, Bowie Tsang, pregnant! Allegedly, the pair had secretly gotten married in Macau in March.

Although Bowie’s features were not considered to be especially remarkable, she was a competent actress and program host. Her independent personality and good social skills attracted many suitors, including Vic’s attention.

Regarding Vic and Bowie’s rumors, Vic’s manager said, “Of course, it is impossible! Vic has been working all this time. Where did he find the time to get married?” Vic’s personal assistant said, “Today is not April Fool’s Day! The joke is too big; it is a huge misunderstanding! Thank you everyone for your concern!”

Bowie was frustrated by the recent rumors. Bowie’s assistant said, “She felt the rumors were ridiculous and felt frustrated. Internet rumors normally are irresponsible!” Bowie’s mother said, “I will not respond to false rumors!”

Bowie Tsang Rivals With Hsu Sisters

Bowie has been branded as a “boyfriend stealer” in the past. Prior to dating Vic, Bowie had dated Mickey Hsu (黄子佼), who was Dee Hsu’s (徐熙娣) ex-boyfriend. Allegedly, Mickey and Dee were discussing marriage in 2001 after dating for 4 years, when Bowie became the third party and broke their engagement plans. It was not until last year that Bowie and Dee’s rivalry allegedly cooled off.

The awkward relationship between Vic Zhou, Bowie Tsang, and sisters, Dee Hsu and Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) thus became fodder for more gossip in online communities.  Vic had dated Dee’s elder sister, Barbie Hsu, for several years. Romantic rumors between Vic and Bowie first surfaced while he was still dating Barbie.

Vic and Barbie broke up in January 2008. Two years later, he was spotted on a dinner date with Bowie, spurring romantic rumors. Vic had filmed Eric Tsang’s movie, The Killer Who Never Kills <杀手欧阳盆栽>, which was how he had met Bowie. In addition, Bowie has been spotted driving Vic to the filming set.


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Jayne: Did Vic Zhou and Bowie Tsang ever admit they were dating? Their response to the rumors did not state their positions that they were only “friends,” thus admitting that they are dating if they have not openly acknowledged their status before.

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  1. Thanks for the news and I never even knew that they were dating, but married?? Not too sure but then again, celebs lie a lot so I would not be shocked if they are. I often read so many articles about Vic saying how he doesn’t know or have anyone to date or marry… I guess IF they are married or are dating, then he is lying… I don’t get why he would need to since many of his fans and others are all encouraging him to find someone and settle down so it’s not like they are against it. Therefore, I really hope that he would share the good news with everyone if he is dating or is married. IF they are married, congrats!!

    1. His relationship with Barbie was admitted to the public. Less constraints, easier on him, his fans are supportive and he seems not to like to secretly date. So it seems illogical for him to secretly get married. He’s career is still progressing very well too.

      1. Taiwanese stars tend to be more open with marriage and dating too. S.H.E, Vanness, Vic, Blackie, Xu sisters, Joe Chen…

      2. I don’t think that is true in many cases. A good example is Jay Zhou and we all know his story and many others that constantly lie through their teeth even when caught red handed.

        I agree that it is better to admit it since you get less constraints and more freedom…

  2. I wouldn’t blame Vic if he falls for Bowie since the Hsu sisters got so much of problems themselves, they tend to see themselves above others

    1. I agree with you Veejay and never really liked the Hsu sisters and think Vic is better off without them. They really are into themselves too much. Dee is really annoying when she hosts too…

      1. HeTieShou,
        A popular star such as Vic Zhou must have actresses throwing themselves at him all the time. Although he has a shy personality, it would be difficult to remain single for long. 🙂

        Is Bowie’s personality like her father, Eric Tsang? Does she also possess his quick wit?

      2. HTS,

        Some ppl really like Dee’s as host but I find her annoying too because she talks w/o shame sometimes. Like for e.g..she said to the press that she won’t have anymore babies after her 3rd bb was born few weeks ago and the reason for not having bbies anymore is because she doesn’t want her “vaglna to get too loose!” i was like huh? gross!

      3. I think she is an interesting host. She makes her show interesting.

        BTW, I actually think it’s good of her to give birth to her 3rd daughter when she accidentally had her. She said many times that she dun want more children but when it come, she accepts and gives birth to her. If she is truly selfish, her 3rd daughter won’t have a chance to live.

      4. i know n she thinks shes so damn sexy and HOT annoying sometimes. she also always says her hubby is handsome buy a MIRROR hahaha LOL hes only average haha

      5. Jayne,
        Oh I know that it will not be hard for Vic to find someone since people would throw themselves at him. However, whether he accepts or not is a different story. I am glad that Vic seems to go for personality and other factors rather than just looks.

      6. Haha HTS, I would probably marry him in a heartbeat too even though he is considerably much older than me hehehe.

  3. I also wonder if she was the reason that Vic and Barbie broke up? But I guess it no longer matters now since Barbie is now married so Vic needs to move on as well.

    1. Rumour that it’s from Barbie’s side – she wants to get married.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was one of the main reasons. Barbie got hitched pretty quickly to her current husband as soon as she found him.

        There were other issues with the relationship too. Apparently Vic is quite the hermit, but would also encourage Barbie to stay home all the time. Barbie’s celebrity friends have mentioned in interviews that when they asked Barbie to go out back when they were dating, she often whispers that Vic is home so she can’t.

        Anyway, I believe Vic and Bowie may be in the early dating stage, b/c as Jayne pointed out they didn’t say they are “just friends”.

      2. No one knows for sure and it is the past now…Barbie is now married and all so Vic needs to move on too. I guess they weren’t on the same page and had yuan but no fen.

  4. If there’s pregnancy involved, just wait and we’ll know the answer. Among the Hsu sister, I actually think Dee is more attractive although Barbie looked way younger. Dee seems to be more sincere in her relationship and more of a family woman, that’s why she got married and kids way sooner that her older sister.

  5. ah everybody is dating now, will he following his ex good friend mark chao that come out to admit that he’s in relationship w/ GYY?.

    1. There are rumours that the reason this news blew up is to bring attention away from Mark’s real relationship confirmation. Looking at the reactions, it seemed to work (of this was indeed intended)

  6. I though this news is kind of random. Bowie has bf for many yrs now. He was her college classmate.

    1. Yes, very random. Been following Vic never heard of Bowie. Considering that Vic is currently roommates with his friend, doubt he’d be hiding a secret wife there as well. Quite illogical.

  7. Time will tell. She is pregnant and who is the father of the baby (if any), time is the best answerer.

  8. Why would Bowie want to marry a wimp like Vic Zhou? Cited depression to escape from joining army, speak with something stuck in his throat, mumbling half the time. Bowie deserves a better man. Wld like to know what Eric Tsang think of this son-in-law????

    1. Depression is listed as an exemption from miltary for a reason. And Vic was truly depressed. So how is that cowardly? He performs dangerous stunts in his movie, even with fire explosions etc. So obviously he is professional and has the courage, trying to prevent someone else to get hurt if being his body double, to the best of his ability.

      Besides, if Eric thought Vic could portray a cold hearted killer, doubt Eric thinks Vic is a wimp.

      Not to be rude or elitist, but what has Bowie done that’s established a name for herself? Didn’t even hear of her till today, cos of Vic. Seems like she’s mostly known for being Eric’s daughter. Vic has actually accomplished a lot throughout his career, so to say he’s not worthy is just rubbish.

      1. actually… i think Bowie is quite established in Taiwan. She’s not that known in HK though. She lives with her mum in Taiwan. And her mum is an established host as well right? Correct me if I’m wrong.

    2. I think you are the 1 who is a wimp. Because that word came from you so you are the wimp one.

  9. OMGGGG WHAT?! This cannot be true. He can’t get married, he’s meant to be waiting for me! :'(

    But seriously, looking at this logically, I don’t think this news is true. Firstly, he’s been so busy and he’s quite reclusive. Secondly, he’s always wanted a kid since he was young, he wanted a family and kids by 25. He’s already way past that, so if there was a baby on the way then pretty sure he’d be happy to admit it. Thirdly, he didn’t even film the Killer movie. He was going to but had scheduling conflict so he recommended Vanness. But Vanness couldn’t film it either for another reason. Fourth, Vic doesn’t like dramatic relations so I don’t think he would marry someone that has history with his ex’s family, unless he really loved her or something.

    Ahh, I kind of hope this isn’t true… but if it was, I would still wish him happiness and continue to support him!

    Hehehe, so handsome..

    1. You are so right!! Even though I don’t know Vic personally but as what I observe, he’s not the type that would keep his personal relationship secretly. He’s been always proud of what he has. And he dislike drama in show business, he consider it as nonsense which is really true.

  10. The top half of her face reminds me of Zhang Ziyi in the photo above…

  11. This can’t be true! I wouldn’t believe this. I’d only believe it if Vic confirmed it..but he did not! So meaning to say, this is just a gossip. And I don’t think Vic likes the girl. No offense but it’s really hard to believe.

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