Louis Koo Urges Viewers to Avoid Watching His Old Drama: “Let’s Look Forward”

Louis Koo (古天樂) and Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) began collaborating together in the late 1990’s and are known for their closed friendship and great on-screen chemistry. Currently TVB is re-running the two stars’ old drama A Recipe for the Heart <美味天王>. Although many viewers are excited for the re-run due to the superstar cast, Louis is reluctant to watch the drama again.

Watching Re-runs

At a recent promotional event, Louis admitted that he rarely watched his old works, “Everyone remember to turn off your TV at 12 o’clock. I watched it a lot when I was filming so I don’t need to watch it again. Let`s look forward.”

In comparison, Jessica thinks the drama brings back good memories, “I will watch it if I have time. My monkey-hair style is funny.” While Louis doesn’t watch his old shows, his parents would help remember the past by saving old newspaper clippings and old videos.

Work Relationship: Sick of Each Other?

Louis and Jessica have already collaborated in three movies together and many fans are curious if they are tired of each other. Due to their strong friendship, the two stars replied that they have an everlasting chemistry. Jessica added, “He doesn’t have time for me when he is working, but we are straightforward. It’s good. (Do you argue?) We truly don’t.”

Explaining their work relationship, Louis shared, “I am familiar with her personality and can feel at ease. As actors, it’s important to act well in the movie. At most, we would have differing opinions.”

The two stars revealed that they are busy filming their projects and hoped to complete them in a few days. Looking forward to their break during Lunar New Year, Louis would like to continue his annual tradition and spend time with his family in Hong Kong. Jessica also expressed that she wanted to avoid travelling during the busy season and would celebrate the New Year in Hong Kong.

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This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I still have that series on VHS, watched it innumerable times in elementary school. I like them as a couple- hope they date 🙂

      1. @terrycrews19 I’ve seen totally opposite people and their marriages work, there’s also been marriages which ended and it shocked me because they were so compatible- so u never know!

  2. This series was so fun. Loved Bobby and Esther. It was the first series where I actually started liking Louis.

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