Louis Koo’s Charity Fund Built More Than 100 Schools in China

As one of Hong Kong’s most successful actors, Louis Koo (古天樂) is also one of the most charitable and low-profile philanthropists in the industry. After a large Sichuan earthquake in 2008, Louis established his own charity fund. In a span of ten years, his charity reportedly built more than 100 elementary schools, and funded the development of 18 medical clinics, one water conservancy project, and 750 fresh water wells.

Despite his charitable acts, Louis remained humble about his good doings and often conducts charitable work away from the prying media. In addition to donating money to build schools and improve the living standards for poorer areas, Louis is also careful to ensure that the buildings are up to safety standards. He would hire safety professionals to monitor the projects to make sure that the buildings are built safely.

With all his charity projects, it is estimated that Louis has already donated more than $30 million RMB to date.

Louis contributed to the construction of schools through a Hong Kong charity. The charity stipulated that the schools should be named after the individuals whose contributions financed the projects. Recently, in the town of Tianpeng in Yunnan Province, Louis Koo’s 105th school was built. It is estimated that the donation was more than $30 million RMB to build the school.

Netizens were impressed by Louis’ generosity and said, “Many Mainland Chinese artistes can’t even compare to one Louis Koo.”

Source: HK01

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Good actor. Good looking. Amazing human being!

    Been following him since I watched A Step Into the Past. One of my favourite actors of all-time.

    1. @anon I’ve followed him since his pre-tan days, but his role in ASITP was definitely one of the most memorable.

      I’ve watched that series a dozen times, and can’t think of anyone more fit for the character of Hong Siu-lung than Louis.

  2. He is one of my fave. Good looking and very cool guy. Always wonder if he tan himself all the time. As I remember he used to be very fair.

  3. More respect to Louis, great actor, great looks, familial son, always humble and gives back to the community. Great role model

  4. Love love love Louis, so humble and amazing all around. A great role model for the younger generations

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