Louisa Mak Admits Crystal Fung Drives Her Crazy

By on May 2, 2019 in NEWS

Louisa Mak Admits Crystal Fung Drives Her Crazy

Having just returned from a family trip in Vietnam, Louisa Mak (麥明詩) had experienced a record-breaking heatwave and expressed she was forced to wear revealing clothes, which is not her normal preference. To show how hot it was in Vietnam, the 27-year-old had uploaded a photo of herself wearing a revealing crop top on Instagram.

Asked if her family was comfortable with her sexy attire, Louisa answered that her family knows that she is a conservative person but understands that her job often requires her to try different styles. Besides, it was her mother who personally took the photo for her, so there were no problems.

Asked if she had attracted any pursuers recently, the 27-year-old actress said, “I hoped there was! But nothing happened. People may think I’m very casual and easy, but I’m actually quite picky, so I haven’t dated anyone for two years.” In terms of her dating criteria, she continued, “If I’m dating someone, I would bring him home to spend time with my family. This is to let them see if he’s a good person, because people are often blinded by love in relationships. It’s best for others who are clear-headed to observe the person’s personality.”

As she will be filming a travelling show in Netherlands with Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) in May, Louisa expressed that she is worried one of them would lose control. She said, “I only agreed to film the show if we are staying in separate rooms. I’m scared I’ll have to act blind when seeing her naked. She also makes me feel deaf with her loud voice, and it drives me crazy.”


Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

9 comments to Louisa Mak Admits Crystal Fung Drives Her Crazy

  1. ak47 says:

    One can’t act, the other are annoying n bitchy. TVB is full of this kind of pageant ‘talent’.

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  2. tungamy says:

    I’ve only seen Crystal Fung once onscreen, she was partnered with Louisa Mak and Do jeh for Miss HK.
    I don’t know her previous reputation, but she was very loud and obnoxious whenever she had something to say. She had a kind of “That’s right, I’m Miss HK, what are you?” kind of attitude which was really annoying.
    I feel sorry for Louisa already…

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    • wm2017 replied:

      @tungamy Me too!! She’s the brainy type and the other one seems like the annoying kind. LMAO on ‘ I’m scared I’ll have to act blind when seeing her naked ” Lol…I guess that girl is too open for her. lol ahaha I did read it somewhere that CF does not mind talking about intimate subjects at all even thou she’s relatively younger. If she’s conservative then this CF is definitely too open for her. haha

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      • tungamy replied:

        @wm2017 My mom told me she was titled as “Swearing Miss HK” because people realized later after Miss HK that she swears a lot…
        Oh well *shrug

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  3. orchid123 says:

    Louisa Mak, Crystal Fung and Luk Ho Ming are hosting a night talk show “Young and Restless” in TVB, from Monday to Thursday, with the same 6 or 7 university students in Hong Kong. Their topics are pretty much about sex, dating, and some intimate personal liking, habits and behaviours. It is not healthy at all for young people. It gives people the bad images of the lives of university students in Hong Kong. Sometimes their topics were so intimate and vulgar. I was surprised that they were discussions between Miss Hong Kong and some highly educated people.

    Crystal Fung is the worst among the three hosts.

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    • wm2017 replied:

      @orchid123 Will check it out on utube. I don’t know the guy at all. Well, I only watched bits and pieces of this CF on a series that I don’t even remember the name of. LM – Saw her on Line Walker 2. She’s ok, not that bad actually for a newbie. Well, I remember clips of Taiwanese host – Xiao S was it? She is another one of those all too open no shame kind of hosts. lol…haha. She loves coming on to cute, young & handsome dudes and I remember she makes a habit of asking their first times but towards MEN only as probably don’t want to be embarrassing the females. I still remember how she was drilling that Fahrenheit member. I think it was just reveal he’s gay and his reply was like “I am only 19”. She was like And??? We know he’s gay now but at the time people are probably just thinking he still had his V card. But the point is she goes and ??? That means she thinks that teens/adults should be sexually active. So yes, totally NOT good for teens to think that they should be totally getting rid of it as that’s what ppl do. lol…It’s like society is pressuring them.

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    • hmmmm replied:

      @orchid123 I believe this show’s target audience is for people who are in university so I think the topics are really relevant. Yes, it’s school but the reality is, every student will deal with topics such as sex/dating. The truth is, these kinds of conversations are part of the whole university of experience. I think it also makes them more relatable and brings a fresh approach and appeal to the younger generation.

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      • orchid123 replied:

        Perhaps I am too outdated. I did not expect that it is the type of life for students in university now. I know they must have some fun too when they go to university, but not just dating, sex and have all kinds of relationships. It seems that they don’t have to study at all but just to enjoy those relationships.

        The hosts even talked about some of the intimate experience in their relationships. At least Crystal Fung did. She said she liked the smell of her boyfriend’s armpit odour. It is very disgusting to me to talk about that kind of personal experience in front of the audience in Hong Kong, as well as the other hosts and guests in the program.

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  4. orchid123 says:

    Crystal Fung acted quite well in Apple-Colada. The character suited her personalities …………. open, demanding and a but wild. She got the “Most Improved Actress” award in last year’s TVB Anniversary.

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