Louisa Mak Crowned Miss Hong Kong 2015

The race for this year’s Miss Hong Kong title has ended. Cambridge law student, #1 Louisa Mak (麥明詩), has won the crown with an overwhelming 925,173 points. The Straight-A student, known for scoring 10 As in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examinations (HKCEE), has said once said that her dream was to become the Hong Kong chief executive.

First runner-up was #4 Ada Pong (龐卓欣) with 405,295 points. Second runner-up was #9 Karmen Kwok (郭嘉文), with 257,064 points. #5 Iris Lam (林凱恩) won Miss Friendship.

This year, TVB implemented a public voting system to select the Miss Hong Kong winners. A panel of nominating judges, including the celebrity committee, first screened out all the participants. The public were then asked to choose their favorite among the top four.

TVB received a total of 231,692 votes in its TVB Fun smartphone app. Louisa Mak received 166,654 points, far outnumbering the first runner-up. She also won Miss Photogenic, which was voted by celebrity judges Simon Yam (任達華), Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Edmond Leung (梁漢文), and William So (蘇永康).

Source: IHKTV

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I actually like this year’s winners. How come there wasn’t a tourism ambassador award this year ?

  2. i wonder if Louisa would’ve still won if she wasn’t known for 10As or Cambridge Law 😛

    1. @drmh I know right.
      She made all kinds of headline before the final night. Everybody knew that she’s going to win. Last night was just for show to make it official. I don’t think she’s pretty but it does look like she’s smart. I hope I don’t have to see her in TVB. Go be a politician or lawer or something.

  3. Beauty with a brain, awesome. I too hope she will use that brain and go make a difference instead wasting it away by becoming a TVB artist.

    Question: Is it actually in MHK contract that they must act for TVB after they win the crown? Or is it just so happen that 99% of the winners chose to go into acting for TVB?

    1. @jjwong I think the winner can choose to sign up with TVB or not after being crowned. However, if she chooses to enter the entertainment industries, especially TV stations, then she is under the obligations to sign up with TVB.

    2. @jjwong they are obligated to work for 1 year after winning and then they can choose whether to sign a management contract or not. some winners have chosen not to, namely vivian lau (2000) and tiffany lam (2002).

      1. @anoninhk When you said “work for 1 year” as in work for TVB doing station variety programs, travel shows and stuff? Or work as in “ambassador” like events? For example, Miss USA is obligated to show up to volunteer and lend a helping hand (at least put a front that she is helping) events (something like feed the homeless or visit sick sides in 3rd world country) nationally and internationally.

  4. i am glad she won, but hope that after she fulfills her year of duty as Miss HK she will continue with her law career and be a politician. she has potential.

  5. pretty good winners this year. louisa is obviously the best contestant. wish she had different political role models though – totally puts me off her

  6. There were a few memorable moments from the show:
    – The performance where a contestant just invited Ben Wong to reenact the scene with Grace (when Grace tripped over in the last episode and Ben checked to see if she was alright). At first Ben was sort of panicking because he didn’t know this beforehand and was unsure of what she scene she meant. Fortunate for Ben who could remember how to do the scene.
    – One contestant during an Q&A session badmouthed another contestant. The question was that “Good looking guys in Japan are being fined for being too good looking as to make it fair for those average looking ones. What do you think we should fine others for in Hong Kong, and for what? The contestant replied that those too skinny should be fined for being unhealthy and encourage them to eat more and then she used another contestant (I think it was No.2) that she was too skinny and should eat more to look more healthy. Both Eric Tsang and Cheung Fatt were stunned and even felt voice for No.2 for being badmouthed haha. Was wondering why would she say that on live TV.
    – Awkward for Josie Ho who sat alone for the majority of the show.
    -Awkward for one contestant when the TVB artists were invited to sit on the corner to support the contestant they supported and one contestant only received one supporter. Probably low-esteem after this?
    -Some mentioned that others were being cold to Lousia Mak where all the other contestants at the end were celebrating the wins of the first and second runner up and nobody went to hug her. Awkward.

    Dodo Cheng felt a bit grumpy at some times as well and I don’t think Louis is well suited for hosting but he will improve over time.

  7. Also a tip for the hosts in the future: stop overlapping! It’s hard to run the show when the hosts were talking over each other. Perhaps more rehearsal was needed because the show seemed rather unorganised.

    1. @anthony The hosts always overtalked, overmumbled, overcreamed, overlapped each other in every other shows. TVB Anniversary, Award Show, Jade Top 10 Award, TVB version of the Voice, etc. It’s like it’s their style to never look like they’ve reharsed or are organized xD

    2. @anthony Actually, most of TVB’s variety shows nowadays are like that – disorganized, awkward, timing is off, hosts talking over each other or forgetting their lines, too much awkward silence, the music doesn’t play right or at the wrong time, some malfunction occurs and the hosts have blank stares on their faces, etc, etc.….basically, all their variety shows feel unrehearsed, disjointed, and amateurish.   Oh and they can’t even get their props to work correctly – I mean, how embarrassing is it that they couldn’t get that big old tiger off the stage and had to just leave it there awkwardly positioned and blocking half the people’s views?  That was so lame!    Boy do I miss the variety shows from the old days…. 🙁

  8. Louisa had so much media exposure over the past few weeks leading up to the finale, so it’s not really a shock to see that she won. I wonder if the crowning would be any different if she didn’t have so much exposure/backing from the media..
    I felt soooo bad for contestant #2 when the celebrities had to choose which girl they supported, no one sat in her corner until Eric Tsang, DoDo and another celeb sat there quite clearly out of sympathy and to save the contestant some face, it was uncomfortable to watch!

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