Love Brewing Between Bernice Liu and French Sommelier?

Negative rumors plagued Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) after her former relationship with Moses Chan(陳豪) was brought to the public spotlight in 2010. Although the couple had quietly broken up in 2008, Bernice was accused for cheating on Moses Chan with wealthy heir, Alastair Lam (林忠豪), who later admitted in a 2012 radio interview that he once dated her.

Nonetheless, Bernice managed to brush aside the media scrutiny and focused her career efforts in mainland China. The Miss Chinese International winner, who has been studying cultivating fine wine since 2008, has made investments in the wine market and recently opened up her own French vineyard.

New love may also be brewing for Bernice. A Hong Kong tabloid magazine reported that Bernice is currently seeing the wealthy French sommelier Jean-Charles Cazes, who manages the family business Chateau Lynch-Bages, a winery based in Bordeaux, France.

Bernice was spotted attending a Chateau Lynch-Bages wine banquet in Hong Kong a few days ago. Cazes was seen introducing Bernice to his guests and business partners. When the dinner ended, he accompanied Bernice to the entrance and stayed with her while she waited for her ride. Before she left, Cazes hugged her and kissed her on the cheek.

Bernice has been frequently flying back and forth from Hong Kong to France. In a phone interview yesterday, Bernice admitted that she was in France for work. Bernice maintained that she and Cazes are only good friends, but she did not deny the possibility of being in a relationship with him in the future. “No one knows what will happen in the future. Right now, my focus is my work.”

Bernice added, “His knowledge of red wine is extensive. I have learned a lot. As for the kiss, that is French etiquette. It was a goodbye kiss.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. That picture of Bernice reminds me of someone….somebody help me out!

    Anyway, I seriously picture Bernice marrying a Foreigner now, i can’t picture her marry a Chinese Man…

    1. She reminds me of that wealthy model/actress who married one of the richest guy in HK? She gave birth to 3 kids. I can’t think of her name..

      1. I think you are referring to Gigi Lai since Isabella Leong never got married to Richard Li.

      2. I think she meant Cathy Chui. Gigi Lai’s husband is rich but not one of the richest guy in HK. Martin Lee’s father is.

    2. She grew up in Canada and looks very whitewashed so I’m not surprised if she marries a western guy

      1. grew up in Canada= whitewashed?
        a stereotypical statement.

        So Michael Miu’s sons and daughters = whitewashed as well? Bubblez born and raised in canada= whitewashed? list goes on and on.

      2. First of all, Bernice was different from Michael Miu’s son and daughter. She was not just going to Canada to study. She was born and raised in Canada so definitely her upbringing would affect her personality more than MM’s son and daughter who have been or were there for a few years to study. Secondly, even though she was born in Canada, it does not mean she would be whitewashed. She could be but we dont know. I am happy for her if she has met a nice and rich guy who likes her and maybe interested in her. Only time will tell. Wish her all the best.

      3. @Victoria: Bernice is whitewashed though. She’s very CBC. Not saying how all people born in Canada/grew up in Canada is whitewashed but Bernice is a good example. I am from Canada myself and grew up here. I’m not whitewashed…I’m more Chinese than Canadian. I think what great meant is she looks whitewashed from her appearance (which she does…she looks very gwai mui and especially in that picture) and in fact she does have a very gwai mui personality if you have seen her in any interviews before. She doesn’t talk or act like a local Hong Konger/Chinese person would. So the statement saying she is whitewashed could be true. She may not necessarily marry someone who is white but perhaps someone who is also CBC like herself or someone who grew up overseas to match her more western personality. She did in fact date Moses Chan in the past and Moses studied in Australia and speaks English. Moses also happened to marry a CBC wife Aimee Chan as well. And Bernice one admitted she dated Moses because they both grew up overseas and he speaks English that’s why. Bernice isn’t very “Chinese” so it’s no surprise to me if she dates/marry a foreigner who can communicate with her better as her Chinese really isn’t that great to communicate with a fully Chinese person…like a local Hong Kong person because she wouldn’t be able to understand some of things they say and they’d probably have some sort of communication problem.

      4. A simple way to tell if someone is whitewashed after spending a few years abroad is that accent. Those that hang out with Asians will keep their Asian accent. Bernice is not one of them.

      5. I’m always saddened to see how much racism still exists in the world.

      6. “I’m always saddened to see how much racism still exists in the world.”

        Totally agree!!! Some women prefer westernized men, who are “usually” less chauvinistic.

      7. Wow! What a terribly offensive comment! Just because someone grew up in the West, doesn’t make them “whitewashed”. It’s what you are inside that counts. And what does “looking whitewashed” really mean? Is it because she doesn’t seem obsessed with name brands like so many “Asians” are?

        I am an ABC, born and raised in a medium US city so didn’t grow up around many Chinese people. However I have very traditional parents so my values are very Chinese in nature; respect your elders, strong work ethic, etc. I didn’t expect to marry/fall for a Chinese guy either, as there aren’t many around. But here I am, to my surprise, fallen for a Chinese guy. So, you never know what’s going on inside someone. Just let people be whoever they want to be. Bernice seems happy so I’m happy for her!

    3. You should marry who you love and it should not be based on race,skin color or nationality. One of Chinese teachers married a Chinese man on her first marriage and he ended up leaving her. She then dated an American who really loves her. You should follow your heart and feelings.

      1. While I agree to marry the one you love over their ethnicity, I also wanted to point out “American” isn’t always Caucasian. American is a nationality, not an ethnicity. Chinese men born in America is also an American.

      2. Exactly. Totally agree with HeTieShou. Nowadays, everything is globalized. For some reason, a guy/girl’s work environment or education background or personal reference makes her/him meet someone who has a different background/race from her/him and falls in love, he/she should feel free and follow his/her heart without thinking about skin color/nationality.

      3. But I have to say, it is easy to love someone regardless of race and skin colour. But people can fall in love as well as fall out of love. When it comes to marriage and living together harmoniously for the rest of your life, it may be easy to find someone with similar values (not based on race but on lifestyle). Love sometimes does not conquer all, but no point in marrying someone for the sake of their appearance where inside, the two have totally differences views and attitude to life.

        There are many exceptions where interracial marriages are very happy so I guess as long as long as the two involved and maybe their families can get along with each other, then interracial marriage is good. But their families are going to fight with teeth and claws, then maybe they should elope or step in and tell the families to beat it and leave them alone.

        I think Bernice should be OK marrying whoever she wants to, as long as she is happy and the guy is happy.

  2. I think this guy will marry her. Otherwise, he will end up being alone forever as
    I don’t think anybody in France or any western countries will want to marry him despite him being rich. He should go to China.

    1. How do you know that for sure? What is wrong with him that no one in France will marry him? If you think it is because of the way he looks,then you are very shallow.

      1. Called me shallow, but I just made my comment based on the western standard of appearance and beauty.

      2. What is the western standard of appearance and beauty? I do not get that even though I am born and raised in the US. Can you explain that??

      3. I’m not going to waste my time and explain it. You go and do your own research.

      4. I do not think that standard exists but is just based on your own opinion so there is no point in wasting my own time to do any research. It is not important anyways.

    2. qwerty,
      All the older people told me that, the majority (NOT ALL) of women need to look at least above average to get husbands but the opposite for men. All men need are money to get women. Thats why we see a lot of super old and sometimes even short and fat or even bald but still date or married to super hot and young women. Thats why they always tell my male cousins to study and get good jobs cause girls would come to them haha. I think its true ;-). Older and wiser right?

      1. All men need are money to get women.

        so stereotypical.

      2. It might be stereotypical, but it holds some truth, for it really depends on regions and cultures as well. If a woman lived in a poor country, like China (don’t be blinded by all the China-economy-rising news), then the woman would normally go for a rich guy despite his ugliness and fatness. But if a woman lived in France, the woman would probably go for love.

        I think Bernice Liu wants to marry a rich guy. She is not from a poor family, but who knows what this asian woman thinks?

      3. I was once naive and innocent like you Tammy. You will live and learn. I once thought Anna Nicole Smith really loved her super rich husband. I believed that she married him because she loved him not his $$$.

      4. Sophia,
        What you said really reminds me of the old saying that my parents always tell me. Guys like “se”(womens’ physical beauty) while girls like “cai”(as in talent/money. My parents actually argued over that because my mom said cai as in talent while my dad said cai as in money. I think I agree with my dad more).

      5. HeTieShou,

        I’m so sorry to say this, but your parents are very stereotypical. Not all people are like that.

      6. Qwerty.
        Of course not all people are like that,but many are like that. My parents did not say everyone but were talking about the majority and that applies to the people in the circle even more.

    3. I saw other pictures of him and he doesn’t look bad at all. If he is rich like the article says, I’m sure there are many women out there whose willing to married him.

    4. That’s a big shallow presumption that no one would marry him based on just a photo. He’s not good looking, but I’ve seen uglier people who got married and live happily with their wives and kids.

      1. Well said Puff!! Totally agree with you and there is way more to anyone rather than just physical looks.

  3. I think this guy will marry her. Otherwise, he will end up being alone forever as I don’t think anybody in France or any western countries will want to marry him despite him being rich. He should go to China.

  4. she looks very pretty! glad that she is becoming stronger and even more luminous even in the face of continuous media scrutiny 😉

  5. I really like Bernice Liu. She has the sexiest body of all the TVB’s actresses: curvy and healthy, not too thin. She is pretty tall too. Her face is a little chubby sometimes but she still looks gorgeous regardless. I have no idea what happened between her and Moses Chan so I can’t judge him/her. He is happily married now. Lets wish her find her other half soon.

  6. hope bernice find someone she loves and that loves her back. anyways this guy is not the best looking guy around but if they love each other then yeah!

  7. Looking at how happy Moses and Aimee with family life, baby and all, I think Bernice wasn’t the right woman for him. Moses seems ready to settle down, and works hard to support the family; Bernice seems more into the high social life. But whatever the case, glad they both found happiness in their lives. And haha, we all know Moses loves coffee. But looks like Bernice is into wine 🙂

    1. we all know Moses loves coffee. But looks like Bernice is into wine 🙂
      That is probably why they did not end up being together. Good and true comment!

      1. Primrose,
        You were so right. She is into wine. One red wine glass a day is pretty good for your health ;-).

  8. She looks different and has been away for too long. She left little impression.

  9. If she is happy doesnt matter what race they’re. Bernice looks great!

    1. Oh wow awesome. Thanks for sharing Bubblez !!
      Wish her all the best.

  10. He’s not ugly. However, that’s not a comfy or at ease look! Then again beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. …! My two nets worth

  11. It’s really interesting how Chinese people judge people based on looks a lot of the time. I’m Chinese, that’s why I’ve noticed this. Character and personality are much more important. Not saying his character is good, I don’t know. But reading all these comments about how ugly he is, really have no basis.

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