Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong’s “Sweet Combat” is Turning Fans Away

The K-pop turned Chinese idol singer Lu Han (鹿晗) has one of the biggest fandoms in China, yet even his fans are saying they might have to skip this one out.

Sweet Combat <甜蜜暴击> is an upcoming school-ground idol drama produced by Mango TV and Jinxi Entertainment, a subsidiary of Huace Film & TV. At around 38 episodes—relatively short for a Mainland Chinese drama—Sweet Combat stars real life couple Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong (关晓彤) as university classmates who share a passion for boxing.

Despite the couple’s popularity, the anticipation for Sweet Combat is surprisingly low. Lu Han may be a music best-seller and a ratings guarantee, but his performance in his last TV drama Fighter of the Destiny <择天记> has been quite controversial, and his acting was heavily criticized.

When Lu Han’s and Guan Xiaotong’s characters were introduced through Sweet Combat’s recent trailer, many netizens disliked Lu Han’s “weak” character, who has to rely on his girlfriend to protect him. Netizens commented Guan Xiaotong takes on a man’s role in their relationship, sarcastically saying that even his girlfriend seems manlier than him. Netizens also agreed that Lu Han did not look very convincing in the role of a boxer.

Sweet Combat is Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong’s first drama together since admitting their relationship last year. The hype is there, and Sweet Combat may turn out to be successful, as Lu Han’s large fandom was one of the reasons why his last drama, Fighter of the Destiny, scored high ratings. But with criticism already filling up discussion boards before Sweet Combat’s premiere, the future looks pretty bleak.

One netizen said, “I’ve been a fan of Lu Han for five years, but I will not watch this one even if you kill me.”

“The story seems so outdated, like it’s from ten years ago,” another netizen observed.

“Sweet Combat” Trailer


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  1. Any girl would look manlier than Lu Han and that’s a bad thing xD

    His acting still seems pretty bad. Seriously don’t know what the girls see from him >_>

  2. He has a pretty cute face. He may look more manly as he grows older. Right now, hard to believe him as a tough guy unless make up artist can do wonders.

  3. Lu Han is one of the controversial ‘little fresh meat’ who is drawing much disdain in China as being overpaid for poor acting skills.

    1. @msxie0714 and they are deserving of it I’d say. Sick of these talentless hacks getting paid so much for just looking “pretty”. Maybe I sound bitter but whatever lol. Idol worship is hell of a disease in Asia it seems.

  4. i like this trailer, it gave out the whole story. hehehe
    it’s not very difficult for a girl to look more manly than luhan, he has a pretty face and if you put a long hair wig on him, he’d just look like a girl.

    1. @m0m0 the problem with Lu Han is if he puts on a wig, he will be a just ok girl. Not stunningly beautiful girl, just ok girl. Also, if he was 15, I can get that face, but he’s 26? In anyway, I can’t see him as a man >_> dk why he’s so popular, and yea this idol worship need to go >_>

  5. It appears the current taste for idols are young pretty and affeminate men. I remember those old old days, those ‘handsome’ did not look affeminate eg Chin Han, Chin Hsiang Lin… Even more recent handsome dudes before K-pop looks like Jerry Yan, atc do not look as girlish. It may be the make up and plucked eye brows, hair? Shaved them bald and we can see how good they look?

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