Actor Liu Feng Passes Away at 25 From Heart Attack

Just starting to make himself noticed with roles in dramas such as Lost Track of Time <覆流年> and Twenty Your Life On 2 <二十不惑2>, news broke that 25-year-old Chinese actor Liu Feng (劉峰) has passed away from myocardial infarction.

The young actor was signed on to 199 Love last December, and had just started work on the drama, which also stars actress Yang Zi (楊紫) and actor Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞).

Worked for 20 Hours Straight
His family has confirmed rumors of his death via a solemn announcement, which stated his time of death as 21:31 on February 27 in Beijing, with his farewell ceremony scheduled for March 5. According to industry sources, Liu Feng was ten minutes into a gym session when he suffered a heart attack. Despite being conveyed to the hospital promptly, he was pronounced dead. Insiders revealed that he had just recovered from COVID-19. Yet to recover fully, he had drank and gone to the gym, where he suffered a fatal heart attack 10 minutes into the session.

A classmate of actress Guan Xiaotong (關曉彤) at the Beijing Film Academy, the actor had been working on 199 Love prior to his untimely demise. It is understood that he had filmed continuously for 20 hours the day before; he had also interacted with fans and posted online updates.

Tribute from 199 Love Crew
The 199 Love crew also posted a Weibo tribute tagging the actor on March 4, along with 2 beautiful photos.

“Being able to have you on 199 Love is the production crew’s honor. During our short time spent together since filming started, we’ve felt your passion for performing and your serious attitude toward your role. When you bade us farewell, you smilingly said “See you”, but regrettably we will never await news of your return.

You will always be a part of 199 Love, your professionalism and loving kindness will forever be in the hearts of the cast & crew, everyone misses you much. We will remember the day you ran wildly and smiled handsomely beneath the sun. We will honor your memory in a special way.”

Source: WorldJournal

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  1. Too young for heart attack so it means he had an undiagnosed co during. Much too young.

  2. That’s awful. I wonder if he had congenital hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or perhaps Covid related cardiomyopathy. So unfortunate.

  3. So sad. Recent upticks in young people passing due to heart attack, I wonder if covid and or covid vax play a roll?

  4. This is so sad and he was so young! I had a feeling it was a heart attack as anyone can get that at any age and pass away quickly. It may have been genetic as I knew a family friend who passed on her sleep due to a heart condition that was inherited from her father. My deepest condolences to his family, friends and fans.

  5. There was another actor who had a heart attack while filming a reality show not too long ago. Both cases are where they seemed to have worked for long hours then performed intensive exercise. I think young men need to be wary of the body’s limits as you can’t get away with scrutiny just because you are young.

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