Luo Yunxi Suffers Facial Injury on “The Light of Life” Set

Soaring to stardom after Ashes of Love <香蜜沉沉燼如霜>, Luo Yunxi (羅雲熙) has been in high demand and filmed one drama after another. Currently working on his newest project The Light of Life <追光者>, the 32-year-old actor suffered a facial injury on October 14.

His agency immediately confirmed, “Luo Yunxi was accidentally injured during filming. When it happened, a doctor was arranged for emergency treatment at the scene.”

While filming for The Light of Life, actor Ji Huanbo (紀煥博) was too immersed in the role and accidently punched Luo Yunxi with his fist. Ji Huanbo posted an apology on social media and even admitted to slapping his own face for the mistake, but failed to calm outrage among Luo Yunxi’s fans.

As for The Light of Life crew, they also issued an apology to Luo Yunxi and his fans. “We are deeply sorry about the situation.” As per the script, Ji Huanbo had to punch Luo Yunxi but due to failure in maintaining a safe distance, the latter was injured even though the drama was wrapping up its filming. 

Luo Yunxi responded calmly to the situation and said, “As an actor, there are inevitably some accidents during the filming process. This is the particularity of this profession.” The actor is grateful for everyone’s concern, and assured his safety and that there is no major problem after receiving medical treatment.

Sources: ET Today; World Journal

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  1. I have to say Ji Huanbo is a very well built actor… I really hope the injury is not too serious as a punch from his fist will not land lightly… Glad to read Luo is recovering. I hope there are no facial bones chipped.
    But accidents do happen and especially when they are trying their best to act out realistic scenes.

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