Lynn Hung Finally Becomes Mrs. Kwok

After dating Cantopop King Aaron Kwok (郭富城) for seven years, Lynn Hung (熊黛林) was desperate to get the commitment-phobic Aaron to settle down. But her insistent attempts backfired, and the couple broke up on less-than-happy terms in 2013.

However, the 36-year-old model has finally found her happiness and fulfilled her dreams of becoming Mrs. Kwok, albeit to wealthy businessman, Ken Kwok (郭可頌). In March of this year, Ken successfully proposed to Lynn after dating for two years. When approached with questions regarding the wedding date, Ken remained mum and merely stated that they intend to get married at the end of 2016. Holding true to their words, Ken and Lynn officially tied the knot and signed their marriage license earlier this week.

The ecstatic bride announced their marriage on social media and shared photos. The newlyweds kept things simple, with Lynn in a casual white dress and Ken wearing a blazer with jeans. It appears that none of their family members were present either, as only Lynn’s manager was seen serving as the marriage witness.

Ken’s older sister, Kenix Kwok (郭可盈), was unable to attend due to her husband Frankie Lam’s (林文龍) filming schedule. Preparing a sentimental gift for the newlyweds, Kenix said, “Now we’re a family. I’m very happy. They’re really compatible together. I wish their love blossoms, grow old together, and form a joyous family.”

Kenix also revealed that Ken and Lynn will hold a simple wedding dinner, inviting only close family members. The couple prefers to keep the celebration simple and will not hold a large banquet.

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  1. aaron also bored playing le then duno why this millionaire so enjoy until wanna marry her.. lol.. Sometimes the world is very complicated. Maybe she very skillful on the bed?

  2. Congrats to the newly wedded couple. I wish them well in their life journey as a married couple. It is refreshing to see a rich businessman like Ken and an established Asian model like Lynn have a simple wedding
    I recall some people being nasty and critical of Linda Chung not having a big, fancy wedding
    Lynn’s wedding was even more low keyed. Just because a couple is a celebrity couple does not always mean they want a huge wedding. To each his or her own. Again, I wish them well
    Maybe Aaron will marry his coffee mate, or maybe not
    I heard they are done but they haven’t announced it yet to the public

    1. @bubbletea but linda chung’s wedding was really done haphazardly and rushed. it reeked of bad planning.

      lynn’s wedding is low key, but i’d rather linda’s wedding be like that than how it was.

      1. @coralie linda chung’s wedding wasn’t a fancy wedding but one put together as a last minute affair. her chinese wedding costume looks so cheap.

        it’s surprising lynn hung would have a low key wedding when it is her first time. but then, not everyone would want a tavia/him law’s ritz big party.

      2. @janet72 yeah linda’s wedding was rather…tacky. i’m sure the intimate affair was very sweet and simple, but it was still really tacky due to the short notice and lack of preparations.

    2. @bubbletea

      Yes…another well-off couple with a low keyed wedding. I wonder how people will react to this one…lol

      I would feel pity for Linda if people are acceptable of this wedding, yet being nasty of Linda’s wedding…maybe just because she was pregnant and has a shotgun wedding. But after all, it’s her own business.

      Anyway, happy for this couple…it shows that Lynn is not as materialistic as some girls who want a grand wedding when they managed to catch a ‘big fish’…haha

      1. @diana80 Well said. I totally see nothing wrong with Linda’s wedding. Yes, it was rushed but we know why. She wanted to be married before giving birth, so what. That is her and Jeremy’s decision. Whether it was low profile, simple, or whatever, it was her day, their day to plan as they choose. Many celebs has quick , quiet low profile weddings and the bride was not even pregnant.

  3. Happy for her. I like her simple white dress and also like that they are keeping things simple! Congratulations to the couple!

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