Lynn Hung is Engaged to Ken Kwok

At the annual celebratory dinner held by her management company, Lynn Hung (熊黛林) revealed that she is engaged to businessman Ken Kwok (郭可頌). Although the couple only started dating last year, Lynn was ecstatic when Ken proposed with a three-carat diamond ring.

The younger brother of Kenix Kwok (郭可盈), Ken inherited the family business when their father, Kwok Dat Cheung (郭達昌), passed away in 2011. An entrepreneur himself, Ken currently serves on the executive board of five companies. The 37-year-old’s assets are valued over $100 million HKD. Previously married in 2012, Ken was divorced before he started officially dating Lynn last year.

The couple’s marriage rumors have been active for months, especially since Kenix has praised Lynn and openly treated her like family. When Lynn joined the Kwoks on their family holiday to Okinawa, Japan during Christmas last year, there was already speculation that the couple would get engaged.

Lynn said, “We have been engaged for two to three months. The proposal was really simple, with just flowers and a ring. He also made a very touching speech. It was very sweet!”

Praising Ken for being her “Mr. Right”, Lynn said, “He is very filial and is someone with a long-term perspective. He is full of sincerity and is willing to correct his flaws. For instance, he used to be very impatient with children but has now become much better. He is also very conscientious and always personally attends to his matters.”

As for details of the upcoming wedding, Lynn said that she is very busy with filming and is not sure whether the wedding will be held this year or the next. She expressed, “Everyone knows that work comes first. He is very understanding. It doesn’t have to be intricate. A simple and joyful event would be enough. But we don’t wish to delay for too long.”

Lynn also revealed that she and Ken both love children, “We will definitely have a child, but we’re not rushing. We’ll wait until we are married before having a baby.”

“Law of the Jungle”

was awarded “Artiste with the Biggest Breakthrough” for her participation in the Mainland Chinese variety program, Law of The Jungle<叢林的法則> (based on the original South Korean variety program of the same name). As a participant in the program, which forces participants to rely on rudimentary survival skills in the remote outdoors, Lynn could not brush her teeth or bathe for five days in a row. Lynn had another cause for celebration, as Ip Man 3 <葉問 3>, in which she played Ip Man’s wife, has been posting outstanding box office results in both Hong Kong and Mainland China. It was no wonder that Lynn looked radiant with joy that night.

Lynn enthused, “I’m really very happy about 2015, and have had a great year, as all the movies and variety television programs that I’ve been involved in have been well-received by both the audience and my fans. I hope that I will continue to have breakthrough performances this year…the program that I recently participated in, Law of the Jungle, has been really challenging! I had to go five days without brushing my teeth or showering. It was really a test of not just my physical limits but also my mental limits. Very exciting!”


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  1. Very happy for Lynn. I think she has wanted to get married for a long time, but, Aaron was not ready yet (Aaron always said he love kids and want to have a family, but, always said there are still things he want to do first).

    Now, she finally found a man who is willing to step into the next stage of life with her, and building a family with her.

    Congratulations! 😀

  2. she wasted 7 years on a man who doesn’t want to get married. but she has hooked another big fish. she is lucky.

  3. really happy for lynn that she finally found a good and family man for which i see she is a family woman too..

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