Mandy Lam, Jack Hui’s Advice for Dating Couples

Jack Hui (許家傑) and Mandy Lam (林淑敏) have catapulted into the spotlight with their successful partnership in Love Come Home: Lo and Behold <愛.回家之開心速遞>. With Lunar New Year festivities in progress, Jack and Mandy share their tips for dating couples on how to earn the approval of the other half’s family.

Mandy shares that it is important to be genuine and authentic in interactions with the family; material gifts are not as important.

On the other hand, Jack feels that for men, the hairstyle is the most important. “Men need to gel their hair. If your hair is all messy, the family will feel that you don’t respect them and the occasion!” Of course, other things like pouring tea, paying respects, receiving red envelopes, and helping with chores are not to be forgotten as well.

Looking back at 2018, the two are grateful for increased work opportunities. Mandy also won Best Supporting Actress due to her role in Love Come Home: Lo and Behold. She is extremely grateful and indicated that she was representing the entire cast in accepting the award. When asked if she would be more generous in her red packet amounts this year, she laughed, “My income has increased a little bit since last year but it can still increase a little more! I always give large amounts for my red packets and I hope to maintain that amount.”

Since Jack’s Chinese zodiac conflicts with the pig and he is planning on giving red packets totaling five digits in sum to hopefully deflect some of the bad luck. “This year is my 10th anniversary in this industry and there are a lot of people I want to thank, so the red packets will be a token of appreciation as well.” He hopes to be able to try new roles and show a fresh side of himself to the audience as well as winning the Best Partnership award with Mandy in the New Year!

When asked what their plans are for the New Year, Jack immediately tried to make plans with Mandy to pay their respects together. Mandy jokingly declined, “No way, I’m not going to be free. Don’t we see each other every day?! I need a break!”


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