Mandy Lieu Pregnant With Second Child?

Macau business tycoon Alvin Chau (周焯華) and Hong Kong model-actress Mandy Lieu may be expecting their second child together. The news was revealed after Alvin’s wife of thirteen years, Heidi Chan (陳慧玲), announced that she was filing for divorce.

Alvin and Heidi first met in 2000, when Heidi was only nineteen years old. At the time, Alvin was going through a divorce with his ex-wife; they had one son together, Pakco (周柏豪).

The Macanese tycoon’s business reached new heights after his marriage with Heidi in 2002. Besides successfully expanding his casino business, he also co-established an entertainment agency, Sun Entertainment Culture Limited, which manages artists such as Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣), Fiona Sit (薛凱琪), and Andy Hui (許志安). Heidi had an executive position within the company.

Alvin’s extramarital affair with Mandy was exposed in August 2014, when they were spotted attending multiple dinner gatherings together. Heidi initially refused to comment on the matter, but she ended her silence in March 2015, when she called Mandy a “casual fling” for Alvin.

But things took a dramatic turn after both Heidi and Mandy gave birth to Alvin’s daughters in May 2015. Unable to get over Alvin’s infidelity, Heidi suggested divorce. Allegedly, Alvin had refused to separate, but Heidi was persistent. On December 18, Heidi confirmed in a phone interview that she has filed for divorce from Alvin; this announcement came after photos of Alvin holding Mandy’s hand in public were published by a gossip magazine.

On December 20, Alvin was spotted at the Hong Kong International Airport with son Pakco and eldest daughter, Virginia (周梓潼). Alvin shared that they were going on a family trip to Japan. Heidi, however, was nowhere in sight.

Alvin refused to respond to questions in regards to his ailing relationship with Heidi, saying, “There is nothing to say.” Asking if Mandy is indeed pregnant with her second child, Alvin said, “I don’t know.”

Source: IHKTV

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  1. All these reports showing Mandy being the mistress and ending a marriage is disgusting. I mean, I hate judging her without actually knowing the whole situation but you continue to leave a nasty impression on me. I’m sure you can care less what others think but honey, if you choose to be a homewrecker as your career then you keep doing what you’ve been doing.

  2. Perhaps growing up in poverty that’s what makes her do what she has been doing. Becomes a mistress, lies about not knowing the man is married, gets herself pregnant intentionally or not (idk). Claiming did it out of love, yes, she loves him, loves what he can give her in terms of money, financial security. A disgrace to all women! As for this dude, I don’t see any good things about him beside being rich.

  3. Ï don’t know basically equals=, “Yes, but I am not going to admit to you”. If Heidi was the reason Alvin divorced his previous wife, then she is getting her comeuppance, cause what goes around comes around a karma is a witch. If she was not a third party in his last marriage breakup, then she should have divorced his cheating low life loser butt ever since. He is a dog and Mandy is one too. It takes two to tango as several commenters here are known to say. Alvin and Mandy chose to tango although both knew he was a married man.
    I believe Mandy is trying to crank out as many babies for Alvin to increase her chances of big child support payouts when he leaves her. Surely she must be aware that Alvin will leave her when he finds a younger, prettier thing that he fancies., cause that is what is going to happen eventually. An adulterous leopard cannot change his spots. As for the Mandy, her disgusting ways will come back to haunt her. Karma.
    What bothers me is just how sick Alvin is to think that in this day and age, a woman is going to stick around while he services two women, build two separate families and the wife is expected to keep quiet like a programmed ÿes” woman, a loyal puppy dog subservient spouse, while he makes a mockery of their vows and shows nothing but disrespect towards her and his children. There are a lot of men like that in this world. I find there are a lot of Chinese celebrities and business men who have adopted that way of thinking in their family life. Alam Tam is a prime example.

  4. Kinda stupid too to be a baby factory to “crank out as many babies as possible” for child support reasons.

    (1) her body will become less taut and nubile, post-effects of each pregnancy

    (2) unlike Cathy Tsui, who has her FIL’s backing even if her husband strays after she churns out so many kids … her baby factory products will get significant inheritance from old man Li. plus Cathy Tsui needs to churn out so many, to compete with her brother in law’s artificial insemination male babies. fairly obvious move.

    Despite whatever Mandy’s stories for sticking with this man – this is not a dependable dude to stick with – there’s NO victory in gaining this man.

  5. this couple is a disgrace to the society and Mandy being the 3rd party really disgust me. This divorce will only benefit Mandy to become officially the main lady!

    Hope Heidi can win and get half of he fortune!

    1. @vodka even if Mandy succeeds to replace Heidi as wife, Alvin is a shameless flirt. If he gets bankrupt one day, he will have no money to pay for child support. Who suffers? A silly woman who thinks she can secure a lifetime blank cheque.

  6. @ Nomad, @Vodka, both comments are very well said. The Li situation is different. Yes this kind of shameless affair is a disgrace from this couple.

  7. Cathy tsui is different…her father in law is super rich, all she has to do is churn out as many children as possible…even better if they are boys. Her status as Mrs Lee is cemented unlike Mandy who will just be a mistress. When Alvin is tired of her, she will be kicked aside. She has eyes to see for herself.

    1. @janet72
      Very true. Cathy Tsui even if you guys call her a golddigger at least she’s an educated golddigger and did it all legitimately? haha LOL…
      Unlike all these mistresses or they call themselves girlfriends just pop out babies out of wedlock.
      No shame and still have the nerve to say I didnt know they were married. Sure you don’t lol….and you are just attracted to their ugly old face but fat wallet. LOL

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