Mandy Wong to Become the Next Tavia Yeung?

The TVB Anniversary Awards are fast approaching! Having a new voting system implemented for this year’s anniversary awards, it has become difficult to predict the ultimate top five nominees and winners. However, there is still one award category that may be the easiest to predict – the Most Improved Female Artist award. And who will win that honor? Mandy Wong (黃智雯), without a doubt.

L’Escargot <缺宅男女>, The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>, Tiger Cubs <飛虎>, and Divas in Distress <巴不得媽媽..> are all high-rated dramas that have aired in Hong Kong this year, and Mandy Wong has starred in all of them.

From portraying the socially awkward “quail girl” in Suspects in Love <搜下留情>, to the hateful “Kwan Yi So” in L’Escargot, to the overly determined houseman in The Hippocratic Crush, Mandy has performed commendably in her diversified roles. No other rising TVB actress this year has received the same amount of exposure as Mandy, and in a situation without any strong competitors, Mandy will no doubt snag this year’s Most Improved Female Artist award.

Mandy joined TVB after becoming a top five finalist in the 2007 Miss Hong Kong pageant. She graduated from the station’s acting class in 2008. The actress rose to prominence in early 2010 from her comedic role in the period comedy, A Chip Off the Old Block <巴不得爸爸…>, and earned further recognition from her “quail girl” role in Suspects in Love.

Along with “onscreen husband” Oscar Leung (梁烈唯), Mandy and Oscar became the couple that everyone loved to hate through their despicable roles as “Kwan Yi So” and “Kwan Yi Gor” in L’Escargot. The pair’s popularity surged, and they were invited to portray similar roles for the upcoming Hong Kong comedy film, Natural Born Lovers <天生愛情狂>, which stars Chilam Cheung (張智霖) and Annie Liu (劉心悠). Oscar Leung, as well as Mandy’s other popular “onscreen boyfriend” Him Law (羅仲謙), are both popular candidates to win this year’s Most Improved Male Artist award as well.

Regarding her guaranteed win for this year’s Most Improved Female Artist award, Mandy humbly said, “There are still many dramas that are not out yet! It might not be me!”

Mandy also thanked producer Poon Ka Tak (潘嘉德) for supporting her throughout her career. “I really want to thank Tak Gor for giving me so many opportunities. It’s a great honor to be a ‘regular’ in his dramas!”

Mandy is currently filming Nelson Cheung’s (張乾文) new drama, A Good Heart Goes Haywire <好心作怪>, which stars Michael Miu (苗僑偉), Joey Meng (萬綺雯), Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), and Niki Chow (周麗淇). In the drama, Mandy portrays a call girl and a con artist who has strong feelings for Bosco’s character. This controversial role may become Mandy’s breakthrough role in the industry, and may be the marker for Mandy’s future “fadan” status.

An insider revealed TVB has plans to market Mandy as the “next Tavia Yeung (楊怡),” and train her to become TVB’s next leading actress.

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      1. Her looks are just right. There is no need to change any of her facial features.

      2. nooooooooo!!! she is ugly so agree with Looooooooo, fat, short, bent nose. can not act at all, so fake especially in ‘A Chip Off the Old Block-巴不得爸爸.’

      3. jessie,
        i dont like her either hahaha but she is not THAT ugly, just plain. hahaa…LOL…dont see anything special w/her acting either.

    1. What she needs is to boost her boobs up to gain more attraction!

    2. please don’t do anything to your face .. u are pretty enough .. support u ! I think Mandy is better than Tavia

  1. sigh. that means i will be seeing more of her on tv?
    maybe its because she has been getting annoying roles like the one in the Hippocratic rush.
    but i really dont like her man.
    plus shes plain looking.

    im being 100% superficial here. but hell i watch tv for not just good acting.
    good looks too.

    1. Mandy’s acting is overrated too. She irked me in THC and DID and she has no leading lady face. Eliza Sam has more charisma.

      1. I like Eliza Sam too
        Mandy Wong face is very annoying, lips too thick. Not pretty at all! Natalie is better!

      2. Eliza Sam has more charisma and screen presence than both Mandy and Tavia.

      3. I agree! Eliza has more potential as a leading female than Mandy.

      4. Eliza is awesome n def have potential to lead in a couple of year

    2. Ive seen Mandy way too much. She needs a break for heaven sakes! TVB is trying to kill her.

    3. I Sooooo totally agree with u. She is plain looking bordering on ugly n I find her absolutely irritating!

    4. I agree! I actually don’t know what’s the hype about her…her portrayal of Kwan Yi So was the only good actin I’ve seen from her…
      But I do agree she is pretty plain looking but I fin tavia prettier if compared

      1. i agree. she irks me. dunno what is the hype about her. the only good acting from her is Kwan Yi So

  2. She sort of looks like Taiwanese actress Alyssa Jia Jing wen in the above picture…

    1. Yeah, she does. She is one of the better actresses in TVB bc most of their artists left can’t act anymore.

    2. She does, however, Alyssa is like 100 times prettier than Mandy. She just doesn’t have that feel or charisma to be the lead

      1. Alyssa has a more feminine image than mandy, however, if Mandy dolls up with better make up and hairstyle, she will look better too.

  3. What happened to Niki Chow? Why are there no pictures or news of her filming with Bosco and there are news of Mandy? I’m afraid Mandy will be over rated like Tavia!

  4. Nowadays, TVB really produce low quality product. Can’t compare with china and Korea…

    1. I agree to Korea that they have shows with better plots…as for China…they are behind HK except for the sets on location…

      1. I guess u r rite. Not every drama from china is ok. For me the best is bu bu Jin Xin, from there all the actors were impressive. I found the TVB drama lately boring… Disappointed.

      2. China has like thousand times the budget of TVB for every ancient drama.

      3. I found kdrama is best in term of good looking actors and actress who can act, good plot, good music, and fast pacing. Mainland production always contain extremely annoying bit and long winded, kinda like a fat old cow >_<, plus too many unbelievable elements that make the genre go out of wack. Tvb isn't too bad, the plot might not be new, they are still however fast pace, n you might not get the best but its ok to pass by.

      4. I do not agree that China is below TVB. If you are talking about modern series, I may agree but if you are talking about ancient series, then China is definately above TVB in every aspect.

      5. Not really. The fighting in China ancient wuxia series are too colorful and too many tricks, make it look less real than Txb’s, although Txb’s are also worsened recent years. I still can’t stand the fighting scenes in China ancient series.

      6. Oh yea, I forgot about the fighting scenes but it depends on the series. TVB’s fighting scenes aren’t so great these days either so whether they are above China or not is still debatable…

      7. HTS, I agree on the ancient series but TVB trumps because they know pacing well. Mainland drama tends to be either too slow or too fast or too dramatic or don’t care.

  5. Yes she has biggest chance in winning this year for Most improve Actress.

  6. I hope she doesn’t win. One Tavia is enough to wreck my screen. Don’t need another one.

  7. Mandy is prettier than Tavia and I think she deserved The most Improved female artist award, she is a good actress and has been given great exposure by TVB. Her chance in winning this year is very high. I start to like her since DIVAS in DISTRESS.

    1. I’m halfway thro watching DID and didn’t think Mandy was that fantastic. Her role was pretty ordinary, no emotions (er, sorry there were emotions but even you or I can do those sort of expressions). She’s not real fadan material.

      1. I enjoy the chemical between Mandy and Him in DID.. for especial characher acting, try to watch her hateful “Kwan Yi So” in L’Escargot.

  8. she is lookalike Chan Chung Leng… the actress that married to a Beijing guy.

    1. u meant Nadia Chan? well, i find this one plain as is but MW is a bit prettier than NC hahahaa… if i hv to compare that is haha LOL…both plain.

  9. i definitely think she has the potential to be the ‘next tavia yeung’ or even myolie or linda. but most definitely one of the very few rising actresses who despite entering entertainment through pageantry show great talent and passion for acting and that’s rare…these days hahaha. really hope she wins most improved award because SHE DESERVES IT!

  10. Mandy is a talented actress. She is also pretty to look at. She deserves the hype surrounding her.

    1. yes…i heard her sing very well…and her degree is in dance…she study the character hard enough before she act that character…she has heart on her job…she is pretty in normal way…LOVE her

  11. Her hype will fade away after she wins. That’s the case for past winners. TVB exposes you to the point where the viewers can’t take you anymore, lol Then, your series will be spread out.

    1. From this thread, it sounds like she’s already experiencing the backlash that comes with being hyped.

  12. No offense but the next Tavia is not exactly a good label. I would rather be the next Charmaine or the next Ada or the next Kenix or the next Sheren or the next anything. Because I am still doubting Tavia’s ability to lead a series. Which in a way I suppose is her similarity with Mandy Wong.

    1. Maybe I have been living in a cave but seriously when did Tavia become like the “big thing” as in top number 1 fadan in TVB? All I can see is hype upon hype but serious number 1 fadan able to carry a series AND is a ratings grabber? When? Is TVB so lacking in fadan power so to speak?

      Not to demean Tavia but when?!

      1. After the “car incident” which caused 620 to save her from disgrace which led to the fastest press-con & lawsuit in TVB’s history.

        TY is now TVB’s 1st lady, LOL

      2. The calendar placement shows that Tavia isn’t the top fadan. She also hasn’t win her BA award yet.

      3. she may not be all TVB top fadans, but she sure is 620 top fadans.

      4. Tavia is the BIG THING this year because the TVB hype vehicle wants her to grab the BA award. That’s all there is to it.

      5. Totally agree with you-Funn. I love Mandy and want to see her improve and success to the Top…not compare with Tavia…I really not Tavia’s fans (not to upset Tavia’s fan)…

    2. My opinion on TY is slightly different than your Funn. I think TY can lead a series in a convincing way. LOL..

      1. Name me a series which she did lead and I can tell you she is Moses chan.

      2. MOL is Raymond.

        THC is Kenneth.

        In either role another actress could have played the roles. Audiences didn’t turn in to watch her. She didn’t lead bona fide.

      3. I did not finish either of those two series Linnh named, because she is too boring. Not even Raymond and Kenneth can save the series.
        Myolie and Linda are much better leads.

      4. Yes in both series her roles can easily replaced by any other actress.

      5. @Funn,
        “In either role another actress could have played the roles”

        Who (from tvb) do you think can play her role in THC? I’m a little curious because I think she’s perfect for that.

      6. @bee7 im with you on that, I actually find TY’s role in THC perfect for her, i actually think she did show her acting as Fan chi Yu, maybe TY fit to play those high educated women.

      7. Name me any actress of about the same number of years in experience and I can say they can play the role. She didn’t make the role unique. The only one I feel I grow to like her in is Mavis and even that role I can see a few other actresses who has left TVB who can do it. Question is will they do it better than her? I find her performance in THC competent but hardly groundbreaking or that she owns the role. She doesn’t which is why I said any actress can play that role because I thought the role and her performance is pretty generic.

      8. Tavia should have been nominated for TOT instead of the sushi series last year. She most memorable in TOT.

      9. Ada Choi is the best choice of a doctor. She can do Fan Chi Yu 10000% better than Tavia Yeung. I agree with Funn Lim Tavia Yeung can’t lead a series. She doesn’t have the charisma.

    3. I agree that being the next Tavia is not a good label. But in Mandy’s case, I actually see it. Both in terms of looks and acting. Just wait, in another five years she might find herself a “HimHim” too, lol.

      Mandy has decent acting chops which helped her initial surge of popularity. Now she’s receiving the backlash that comes with the territory. However, she’s a bit plain-looking and I find her acting to be grating in too big doses, so I definitely question if she can make it to become lead material. But the biggest danger is probably TVB’s track record of over-working their stars and repetitive scripts that lead to most of their artistes’ stunted acting skills.

    4. Because I am still doubting Tavia’s ability to lead a series.

      As of now, I don’t think Tavia ever even lead a drama. The only one I could think of is The Other Truth, but in that one, she “co-lead” with Ruco Chan and Raymond Wong, and Ruco definitely stole the spotlight from everyone in that one.

      1. My favourite Tavia lead performance is actually The Building Blocks of Life, which I suspect I’m probably the only one who has ever watched it.

  13. Well, I do think tavia is my best TVB queen. I like Mandy too, maybe she’s just a way too new for me.. Personal view only

  14. Both Tavia and Mandy are ok actresses. I like both. Mandy is stil young…? Plenty of chance ahead her future. Well, at least she isn’t found ‘resting’ on some guy’s lap in a car? LoLz!

  15. Tavia is my fave TVB actress at the moment but I think Mandy is much prettier. Tavia looks so normal without her fake nose! Her sister is much prettier I think.

    1. I disagree. I think Tavia was quite pretty before she messed with her looks, while Mandy is rather plain.

      1. Agreed in regard Tavia’s looks. She was much prettier before she decided to mess things up.

      2. Are you kidding me? Google for Tavia’s pictures around 10 years ago. If you call that pretty, then Mandy is Goddess.

      3. Tavia and pretty shouldn’t be in the same sentence. Whether its the present or the last. She’s just not pretty. She’s probably the only girl that got uglier after so much work.

      4. I guess what I should have said was that Tavia looked better before she decided to mess things up 😛

    2. Both Mandy and Tavia are plain to me (pre/post Tavia’s nose although the nose is a good conversation topic), though I agree with Jen that Tavia’s sister (Griselda?) is much prettier, and has a face with character.

    3. I always say the same thing, Griselda is more of a beauty.

    4. She needs more nose jobs before it touches Him La’s weapon whenever she sucks it

    5. yes, Griselda Yeung is looking SO good in that sitcom that’s airing currently. Much younger and prettier than Tavia. She has a small oval face, large eyes and normal nose. Tavia has big long face and long nose.

    6. I dont like her fake nose, too sharp and bony make her look old

    7. Tavia does look old in her latest appearance at lighting ceremony. I don’t think it’s a something to proud of for Mandy to be called the next Tavia Yeung. I don’t really see Mandy as that much outstanding either.

    8. Tavia looked good in ancient dramas like Sweetness in the salt. When I say she looks normal, I’m referring to dramas like The Academy.

  16. I thought she looked like Tavia at the function she attended with Him Law. She may have a lot of series this year but IMO her roles are quite the same.

  17. IMO then I think Mandy has been doing it great in all her roles untill now, she has a lot of potential to become a really really good actress. I think she will beat TY, no offence, I do like TY myself, but the way mandy plays her roles, makes people paying attention to her. I do hate her in series when she actually play a role where you suppost to hate her, and I do love her in series where I should love her.

    1. Well said. I liked her in COTOB and SIL, hated her in LE and THC, and loved her in DID. In between that, she also caught my attention in Home Troopers and Sergeant Tabloid.

    2. Mandy has a good start in ACOTOB (her first series) and so on, she has the quite consistent acting in the other series I’ve watched. However, Mandy is still lacking a bit of the feel of an actress. In other word, she is staying in her safe self too much and hasn’t expanded herself in different roles yet.

  18. “next Tavia Yeung (楊怡),” sorry… i’m not understand this.. mean what??? why promoting Mandy is relating to Tavia?

    Feel pity for Mandy.. If there anything about HIM Law, sure will direct or indirectly drag to Mandy.. And now Mandy will become the second Travia!!!!??? Hahahaha.. need to accept the fact that Mandy really got fate with Him.. Lol. I noticed and not like Mandy at L’ecargot, then THC, and she as Madam Kill.. That time, i tot, this girl very “geng”.. wishes her get the the best newbie award, even i dont like her.. hahaha.. But start to love her at Divas, then only know, she is not a newbie anymore.. She look like my favorite “Nadia Chan” and sometime she also look like Tavia.

  19. Mandy is a lot better than the other new girls. That’s why she has more deserved exposure.

    Loved her the most in ACOTOB, though. Her role was nice and funny. 🙂
    Hope she wins Most Improved this year. 😀

  20. to think that Aimee Chan and Sire Ma won this before Mandy, it just sucks! hahaha!

    1. Aimee Chan was a laugh that year. Sire Ma isn’t too bad, although I can’t remember who her competitors were that year.

      I do think Mandy has a high chance of winning this year. Judging from the amount of series she’s had, even if the audience seems more taken with the likes of Eliza Sam these days.

    2. The award does seem to have lost its meaning. I personally feel that TVB is neglecting certain stars who should be nominated for the award and instead nominating newcomers who hardly even have a chance to improve. If they keep nominating newcomer actresses, the competition will always be weak. I think TVB should nominate actresses like Selena, Elaine, Nancy, 2nd line actresses for the award as a method to promote them to lead actresses.

      1. The matter: They are no more newbie and Nancy won it before, if you’ve checked :P. I think the idea of nomination for real newbies is better than nomination of artists with experiences. It’s the award for newbie.

      2. Not Nancy. Then even Yoyo, Queenie, etc. And even Mimi Lo has been nominated for the award and she’s not new at all. The award is “most improved”. Not newcomer.

      3. But it’s supposed to be for newcomers :). But its winner is getting older and older each time.

        Nancy won this Most improved one before.

  21. who knows TVB pulls out the magic wand and be the Harry Potter and make Christine Kuo as the most improved award! hahahaha…

    1. Heey at least it would be funny, and the tabloids would make a big thing out of it. More PR to Christine, and confused though to us audience.

  22. I like Mandy… do not mind seeing more of her at all. Same for Tavia. Big fan of her!!

  23. Not a fan of Mandy… don’t know what many see in her acting.

      1. Just to clarify in regard this… I have said that Christine’s accent doesn’t bother me. In regard her acting, I said that it’s rough and can improve. I think she has done ok, but in the awards thread I also stated she’s far from anything.

        The difference is that Christine gives us something to look at. She has a very elegant look and a nice smile. You can’t teach looks. Pronunciation and acting can be taught if she is willing to learn.

      2. You can’t teach looks, but there’s something called plastic surgery as Viann Zhang and Angelababy can testify to. And Mandy definitely doesn’t need as much work as either of them.

        There’s also something called innate talent that can’t be taught. There are many things that can be taught, but if one is not talented in something, how much they will learn is limited.

      3. Giving you something to look at? Like horrible acting with an average face? I’d rather see someone with good acting skills act. That’s why it’s called ACTING. You want to look at pretty faces go read a magazine or something. You might gain a thing or two out of it.

      4. I don’t find her acting all that horrible. Just because YOU do doesn’t mean everyone does 😛

        it’s called a difference of opinion, and people have been known to have it once in awhile.

      5. Seems like the majority of people will disagree that Christine’s acting is “ok”. She’s by far the most hated actress, just read the comments about her on Weibo or this forum. Mostly negative.

  24. Acting wise maybe better than the new Fadans but, appearance wise,big No.I mean, she’s not bad looking but IMHO she’s not pretty enough as compared to them.
    I hate her character in Sergeant Tabloid at very first few episodes. Very ugly hairstyle and annoying!

  25. I’m not a fan of mandy as well…Tavia will always be my favorite actress

  26. tvb should better promote eliza than mandy.mandy’s acting isnt bad but she isnt pretty enough and no sex-appeal to become the first-line fadan,at most the second-line.tavia is more refined and prettier in her younger days,but still a hot.

    1. they will promote Eliza, she is the next Bernice Liu of going to acting, modeling, singing, mcing, etc.

      1. yes she is a pretty girl with the right hairstyle, but i dont like her short hairstyle now that cover half of her face.

      2. Tavia is pretty with Long hair, is just the nose that is irritating.

    2. Hehe, I rmb that you mentioned of acting and not the look, but now you are basing on the look to say that Mandy shouldn’t be promoted? Oh well…

      1. i dont say that you mistake me with other person,hehe.yes you got me, im bashing mandy’s look not pretty enough for first-line fadan,that’s right,hehe.but her acting is good,good enough for the second-line fadan.

      2. With different ava but same username, maybe you have twin sister(s)?

        Being in first line dun need to be pretty. Lolz, among the top 5 of Txb actresses now, not all are beauties :). So Mandy, if wanna step to first line, dun need to be pretty at all. Maybe good acting is an advantage for her. However, if she wanna go quick, she should do something to her face, but it can also ruin her face and acting, like it happened to some Txb fadans.

        So I hope Mandy won’t change her face or inject anything to it to make her face super fake and witch-alike.

    3. to be a hot, she first has to be a mother. but she already looks like 40 without being a mother. I wonder how old she will look after she has kids.

      1. why are there so many tavia haters here? whats wrong with her? she is ok in my opinion.

      2. because she works hard and thin! Not like some of you just stay in front of the computer and grow fat. If she grow a bit fatter I bet u guys will say ‘why is she someday nowadays make her nose obvious!’ or other stuff like that!.

      3. Wow, works so hard so she’s thin. So no one else works hard. So you think Elena Kong, who is like 8 years older than her, and looks so much younger with plump dewy skin, doesn’t work hard, because she’s not thin and haggard looking? The only way you can prove that you are a hard worker is getting so thin and haggard like a witch? HAHAHA
        The cult has to make everything into something AWESOME about tavia. She looks THIN AND OLD because she works hard, and all of us are YOUNG AND FAT because we are not hardworking!!

  27. Mandy is average?!?!?! I guess we are all models, or we are dating models. The above picture is an unflattering Mandy, whoever approved that picture needs to get ………….. another picture.

  28. I’m not a fan of Mandy but her acting is good. She has the still but not the look, she isn’t ugly or anything. You can’t compare Tavia and Mandy, no offence.

  29. To me, Mandy doesn’t have the charisma or looks to keep me interested, i keep wondering why she keeps appearing so much in dramas. i cant get into her romantic scenes, she just doesnt fit with any of the guys. her acting is mediocre. i dont have the urge to watch her like i would others. pass.

    1. Yea her romantic scenes with Him Law in DID were unconvincing and awkward to watch. I don’t see any chemistry. This pairing is over rated!

      1. It was pathetic to watch those couples, poor script line and poor song choices. Overrated indeed.

        TVB you freaken genius!

  30. I am not sure who else is nominated for Most Improved but if Mandy gets it, I think she deserves it. As for TVB making her to be the next fadan… even thought she is not pretty but I prefer seeing Mandy (who at least can act) than Christine Kuo, who doesn’t know how to act AND not pretty at all!!!

  31. The “Most Improved” Award is basically an indicator of who TVB is going to promote in the coming year, right?

    1. Like that. Actually it isn’t a confirmation to the promotion of Txb because you can look at Nancy as an example.

      1. True, but how long has she been an actress? untill today she still play supporting roles, that’s sad.

      2. Nancy? From 2001 with TITS. Her first series after winning Txb’s mag cover girl award.

  32. It’s everyone’s personal preference, but the minute I saw Mandy act in Chip of the Old Block, I knew she was going to become famous. Out of all the newbie actresses coming up, shes the only one that can actually act. I personally think shes pretty, obviously not as extravaganza as most of those actresses out there, but her talent makes up for most of it. Think about it, most of the newly stars are all from Miss. HK and most can’t act. I absolutely detested Christine Kuo; Eliza Sam has potential as she did fairly in the drama as a leading actress, but she needs to work on her canto and emotions.

  33. I am so happy. I LOVE Mandy. I agree she is not extremely pretty.. But She is pretty, at least she is real, very good in singing, danceing and good at acting…I LOVE her….I am so glad that TVB will give her chance….yes..girl…you are do it…ROCK!!!

  34. Mandy is just very tom-boyish it seems. But if she were to dress up, she would be drop-dead gorgeous. TVB is not stupid; she must have something special for them to want to promote her like that.

    1. tvb is stupid sometimes. there are better looking actress to promote.

  35. Mandy and Tavia look sort of alike in the picture at the top!

  36. NOOO! Not that I hate her, but I’m not a fan. I love Tavia way more

  37. love mandy ….at least she doesnt have a pinocchio nose like tavia

  38. If people are raging on Mandy because she’s not pretty enough to be a fadan. I don’t believe Jessica Hsuan or Flora Chan or Tavia Yeung are very pretty.
    And the first two at least are very successful and popular fadans. Looks are not everything.

    1. I agree with you! Out of the current 5 fadans, only 1 of them is pretty. Mandy is average looking, and if she dresses up, I think she would look prettier. It’s just that none of her roles so far are “pretty” looking. Her acting is good enough and another thing I like about Mandy is that she’s not too skinny or too big. I’m happy that she is getting promoted, but I doubt she will have a lot of screen time with her current drama. However, I hope she will shine in her role.

    2. True. Jessica, Ada, Flora, Charmaine are not great beauties if you ask me. But this a very subjective opinion as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But we are not living in the past and in the current TVB line up, Mandy is one of their best bet who can act, sing and is pleasant to the eye. I thought her duet with Oscar in the MHK 2012 show was really nice.

    3. they’re not

      tvb needs to recruit some 10/10 beauties for lead roles that can act.

  39. That is just sad. You can’t compare Mandy with TY … I do prefer Mandy over TY.

    1. i prefer Mandy over Tavia too.. i get annoyed with Tavia and i don’t like her nose

    2. Definitely like Mandy way more than Tavia too. At least she actually looks human and normal. Tavia looks weird.

      1. It’s hard to forget the car shaking incident isn’t it.

      2. Omg! U all are pretty and not weird noses that is so cool! U guys are all talented and have good looks! That is so cool too! U guys are a model, a princess, a prince, a secretary, a singer which is unknown, or just someone ugly that is jealous of people having more money than u. In that case u would ‘loathe bill gates a lot.

  40. Mandy’s series this year, The Hippocratic Crush & Divas in Distress received high viewership and Tiger Cubs & L’Escargot received decent viewership. It’s not surprise tvb is trying to groom her to be the next leading lady. Mandy is a viewership Magnet. I don’t know what is with the comparison between eliza and mandy. The acting path are different. It’s kinda idiotic to compare eliza with mandy to be honest.

    1. Wow this is arrogant thinking by Mandy’s fans. Decent viewership for these series doesn’t mean Mandy is ratings magnet. There are a lot of factors for a series to receive high viewership.

      Eliza shines in a stronger light than Mandy in DID.

      1. I kinda disagree, Eliza was a huge RISK. It may pay it off because she’s new and ok; but she still needs to gain more experience in acting, she only has very few roles. A long long long way to go for her career to be the best of the best.

      1. With Wilson, I mean.
        It’s not an issue of arrogance but how can one compare the acting standards of Mandy with that of Eliza?
        Don’t get me wrong, I like Eliza and think that she had potential but her acting is still raw.

  41. to Flora. Ahem, i am not a mandy fan. I am just stating what i think. If it offends you, sorry. It’s been very clear mandy is the female actress that tvb is gonna groom afterh er success in L’Escargot. Eliza indeed did stole the limelight but hey, her role is bigger, and she got a comedy role plus the fact that she is a fresh face, of course all attention will go to her. Mandy’s role in did is more of the bland type, you can’t expect viewers to fully focusing their attention on her right? Acting wise, i don’t think eliza beat mandy.

  42. If Tavia n Mandy were considered plain n ugly then I must say the world is hugely populated by ugliest people. If not, the critics themselves must be great beauties. I am not their fan but it irks me to read scathing remarks about their looks and acting.

  43. I am not compare Mandy with other actress…Each actress has her fans and her character….i can only say.. I am Super happy TVB give Mandy a chance to the next level….She has the power, star sense, prettness that I really like…I LOVE her…

  44. The thing about Mandy is -> low charisma and screen presence.

    Why Eliza Sam? Because she’s bustling with energy and although with raw acting, she’s pleasant to watch. I also find Rebecca Zhu and JJ Jia more pleasant to watch than Mandy onscreen.

    1. This doesn’t mean I think Tavia is good either. To be honest the current TVB familiar actresses are not having enough charisma and star feel. Not even Tavia or Myolie. Nowadays it’s the mainland China that produce better and more charismatic actresses such as Yang Mi, Betty Sun and Liu Shishi.

    2. With this, I hope the new generation of Eliza, Rebecca, JJ Christine can offer better in terms of charisma, looks and acting than their seniors.

    3. I thought Mandy did really well in ACOTOB and SIL. When I first watched her in those, I actually thought she was a film-turned TV actress.

      But she definitely didn’t do very well this year, IMO. Maybe it’s her roles? I also didn’t think she was that outstanding as Kwan Yi So.

      I haven’t seen Rebecca Zhu in anything, so I’m not going to comment on her. Eliza and Christine are both very stiff actresses, but out of the two, I prefer Eliza.

      1. I’m quite interested to watch Rebecca in SSSS, but I’m not interested in the series itself. How?

  45. Mandys acting is ok, buther voice can be super high pitch and annoying

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