Mark Chao and Gao Yuanyuan to Get Married Next Year

Taiwanese actor Mark Chao (趙又廷) and Mainland actress Gao Yuanyuan (高圓圓) fell in love on the set of director Chen Kaige‘s (陳凱歌) Caught in the Web <搜索>, and have dated for two years. Mark appeared on talk show Kangxi Coming <康熙來了> and was drilled by Dee Hsu (徐熙娣) about his love life, in which he dropped hints of marriage plans.

Despite Yuanyuan being five years older than Mark, their love blossomed steadily and they were frequently spotted on vacations together. Since the relationship is going so well, the media often speculated as to when the couple would tie the knot. Last November, Yuanyuan was even reported to be pregnant and eager to have Mark’s baby and get married to please his family. The couple later denied the reports to be false.

On Kangxi Coming, Dee jokingly asked Mark whether she or Gao Yuanyuan is prettier. Mark was flustered, but did not hesitate to choose his own girlfriend. Pressed further, Mark then candidly revealed that he saw Yuanyuan as a marriage partner and that the couple has marriage plans.

Since Mark’s work schedule fully booked for the next few months, in which he is set to start filming a new movie in August, it is speculated that Mark and Yuanyuan will be tying the knot sometime next year when both their schedules free up.

Once romantically linked with Mark, Taiwanese actress Janine Chang (張鈞甯) readily issued her blessings towards Mark.


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  1. YAY! And Mark’s hard to please ex-showbiz dad apparently now approves too.

    A comfy, low profile couple. I like these two.

  2. There is no way she would have been spared in city of life and death. She epitomizes why the japanese was so brutal specifically to Chinese females.

  3. cute couple 🙂 she is beautiful and he is handsome ^^

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