Raymond Lam Gets Physical Therapy For Nerve Pain; Not Jealous of Kevin Cheng

Michael Miu (苗僑偉), Raymond Lam (林峰), and Ella Koon (官恩娜) filmed for new TVB crime thriller, Fight Crime <雷霆掃毒>. Michael’s good friend, Felix Wong (黃日華), had recently signed with TVB rival station, City Telecom (CTI). Despite Michael’s outstanding contract with TVB, he was also contacted by CTI in an attempt to recruit him to join the company. According to On.cc, Michael admitted that he had preliminary discussions with CTI, but their conversations has not advanced to salary negotiations yet.

Returning to TVB to film Gun Metal Grey <刑警> in 2010, Felix Wong  was dissatisfied with the company’s lack of promotion for the series. Felix’s infamous moniker for TVB, “Totally Very Bad” was widely reported. Despite recent Felix’s semi-retired state, he still exhibited interest in acting and chose his recent filming projects carefully. Felix’s decision to sign with CTI was therefore not a surprise. Commenting on Felix joining CTI, Michael Miu denied that Felix was unhappy while filming for TVB. Michael also supported the establishment of new television broadcasting stations in Hong Kong, which would allow artists additional choices in filming and employment opportunities. The audience would also benefit in possessing more freedom in program viewing.

Fight Crime star, Raymond Lam, was earlier plagued by extreme back pain triggered by the sciatic nerve. Due to the extent of the pain, Raymond had to take several days off from filming to rest. Raymond indicated that each week, he will attend physical therapy sessions to heal his nerve pain condition.

A pressing concern was whether Raymond’s ongoing back pain, while will not be healed in the short term, will lead to reduced screen time in Fight Crime. Portraying a police officer in the drama, Raymond filmed a chasing scene yesterday with costar, Ella Koon. The pair both cried out in pain during filming due to Raymond’s nerve condition and Ella’s muscle injury.

Since the announcement this week that Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) has joined Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG), the media wondered whether this will challenge Raymond Lam’s position within the music company. Dispelling rivalry rumors, Raymond professed that the pair can co-exist and share exchanges on music grounds with each other. Raymond smiled and even said that he did not mind if Kevin won the Jade Solid Gold “Asia Pacific Most Popular Male Singer Award”!  For the remainder of the year, Raymond is scheduled to film two movies and one mainland drama.

Image source: On.cc

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    1. Often people forget he is old, it is just he looks good for his age.

  1. Raymond has nothing to worry about. He’s not the best singer in the world, but he’s as sure as hell better than Kevin, who can’t sing to save his life.

    1. Raymond don’t have to worry because Kevin attract different fans and mostly from mainland China

      1. LF also has a lot of fans in China, maybe more than KC?

      2. he is indeed very popular and famous in china. saw his billboards everywhere in china

    1. let me rephrase: I don’t know whether Kevin can sing but he sure cannot act.

    2. I thought Kevin already received acting nods in GJ and BBJX? ROFL?

      1. to me you can receive tons of awards and that doesn’t prove one bit about his ability to act. it’s just me. i just can’t feel him & have watched numerous of his series, the latest w/ him & Myolie (forgot title).

    3. Totally agree! He can’t act at all actually, let alone sing a song.

    4. I thought Kevin started out as a singer… on wikipedia it says he started out with a record label before moving into acting which makes sense since he didn’t really start acting until his 30s

      1. He started very young with the hope of becoming a singer, then film something for TVB, then to Taiwan, come back to TVB, signed with Gold Label but failed with 8k discs sold only, then back to acting and now sing again.

  2. Kevin started out as a singer, he used to be with Polygram back in the early 90s, when he was dating Linda Wong.

    1. Jill,
      I remember Kevin as a very handsome singer in the early 1990s, although I do not recall any of his old songs.

      In his early career, Kevin was frequently compared to another Polygram young star at the time, Daniel Chan. Kevin and Daniel had even studied under the same music mentor, Dai Si Chung. Daniel had a good relationship with Dai, while Kevin eventually had contract disputes with Dai. Polygram also invested heavily in Daniel’s music albums, while Kevin’s albums did not get the necessary push.

      Perhaps it was the difference in Kevin and Daniel’s personalities which marked the difference in their early success. Daniel was much more outgoing.

      In addition, Kevin’s romance with another big Polygram star, Linda Chung, may have contributed to his early music career demise.

      1. I think she means Linda Wong or other Linda Chung, not the TVB Linda Chung.

      2. Yea, she means Linda Wong. Her relationship with Kevin was not favored or supported by many, even Linda’s father, Wong Yu, did not approve at all… I heard that their relationship lasted 8 years but still ended. Linda is now married and all so I hope that Kevin will find his other half one day as well.

  3. Can someone tell me why Michael hasn’t acted in any ancient costume dramas since he returned? HE was REALLY good in New Chor Lau Heung and Condor Heroes.

    1. I wonder the same thing… Maybe Micheal likes being in modern series more because they are easier to make??

  4. Really like Michael new look. cant wait to see this drama because of him.

    1. LF is suave and charming on stage. KC so so only

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