Michael Miu Blasts TVB for Airing “L’Escargot” in Poor Time Slot

Following Felix Wong’s (黃日華) criticism of TVB as “Totally Very Bad” and Golden Producer Lee Tim Shing’s (李添勝) complaint that Bottled Passion <我的如意狼君> was given a “PK broadcast time slot,” Michael Miu (苗僑偉) was frankly unhappy that his new drama, L’Escargot <缺宅男女> was aired during the Lunar New Year “cannon fodder” time slot. This resulted in the drama’s ratings hovering between 26 to 27 points.

L’Escargot was a realistic and tragic drama that did not contain any comedic elements. The content was not suitable to be aired during the festive Lunar New Year time frame. Michael said angrily, “During the Lunar New Year, series with happier content should be broadcast. I do not understand why L’Escargot was aired now! The Programming Department made a very unwise arrangements! I am really unhappy!”

Asked whether the broadcast schedule dragged down the ratings, Michael questioned whether the ratings results were credible. “The online and audience reaction have been very good. However, the ratings were affected by the broadcasting schedule! When Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) slapped Mandy Wong (黃智雯) in the drama, the ratings peaked at 36 points, but the following day, the ratings slipped significantly by 10 points, losing 600,000 viewers! The audience needs to chase the follow-up to the earlier episode! It is really off the mark!”

Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: The cast in L’Escargot is quite attractive. Hopefully the ratings will rise now that the Lunar New Year holiday is over. Michael did not have any positive things to say about TVB since Gun Metal Grey, but he comes across as a person with good EQ and less explosive than Felix Wong though.

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  1. I like this series so far and there are realistic elements being used, but I wouldn’t really consider their storyline very realistic.

    I do see Michael’s point that happier series should be aired, but I don’t think they had many options to choose from of the series that had been finished. It would have either been the Bobby/Myolie/Linda series which would have meant 2 Myolie series at once or the Steven/Linda/Ha Yu series and then Steven would probably say something about that series airing so soon. At least this series was about family which would kinda fit the new year theme.

    I think people just have to accept to different timeslots their series will have.

    1. I love the series, so moving so full of emotions, and didn’t mind crying during the CNY holidays! However, the title in English confused me.
      Doesn’t escargo mean snail in French?
      I think they are trying to say escrow which is a term in the property business, meaning “deposit or fund held in trust or as a security”. This is a 16th century French word “escroe” meaning “scroll”.

      1. I think it’s title is explained in the final minutes of the finale. Ie. the snail carries it’s home on its back its whole life.. very smart I think

  2. I thought Michael miu went to las Vegas for concert during new year

  3. Can you blame him? He does have a point. Personally, I like this drama. It’s realistic and nice to see the family sticking together even though at times they can get on each other nerves, very realistic. The entire cast gives good solid performances.

  4. Also, Michael Mui still got it, he’s one hot “chong sau lau” lolz

  5. Many online drama sites are not able to upload TVB series anymore, dueto copyright issues. I heard that Megavideo and Videozer/VideoBB all stopped uploading videos. 🙁

    1. I depend on that website to watch my dramas!! 🙁 What links do they have now then?

    2. yea! i knew megaupload was shut down, but i didn’t realize videozer would be affected too 🙁 darnit

    3. All the “top” name hosted direct download sites, got chicken out by the US government crackdown. Funk’d them! My friends are “not happy” about the current situation, its going to turn into Communist China like censor Great Wall Firewall for file sharing copyright download mecca.

      Hope there is future….. not. 🙁

    4. Yea, I heard about that.. Gosh, the US will become like China and I don’t find that good at all. My friend was trying to download some mainland china series from megaupload but it shut down, so she had to find another site. I guess they really want you to buy the actual series instead of just downloading them. But then again, there are a lot of pirated versions too…

  6. This show is boring. they should make it 20 episodes, rather than 30 episodes. Watching 30 episodes of him trying to get an apartment, with hurdles after hurdles is abit too much to stomach.
    it is not a bad show, just not fantastic and hence deserve the rating that they have.

    1. It is the hurdles that makes this series interesting to watch. And this series is not just about him.

  7. Micheal also has to keep his cool since he still works for TVB while Felix doesn’t really work for them anymore. I think he only did Metal Gun Grey partially because Miu asked him to.

  8. This is a very good series and one of Michael Miu’s and Laughing Gor’s best but yes a pity! However you know who will be perfect in Michael’s role? The one who would have blasted TVB to oblivion!

    1. Funn,
      I think Felix is overall a better actor than Michael Miu. Due to Felix’s dissatisfaction with TVB, I doubt he would film for them again. Most veterans sound discontent with TVB’s recent management. The artists who are saying good things (or keeping mum) about the company are the artists with several years left in their contract and heavily used by the company.

      1. But 3 gor is more handsome. If sonija was paired up w/ Felix, I wouldn’t believe it.

      2. I think Felix has been discontent about TVB for years, but it seems that it has gotten worse in the recent years. I think Miu and Felix are both good in their own right, but of course who is a good or bad actor/actress is up to each person’s opinion. I agree with Jayne that the artists that are saying good things or not saying anything bad probably still have many years left in their contract. The ones that are speaking up are the ones that have left the company or will be leaving soon…

      3. @Jayne:Not true about “artists who are saying good things (or keeping mum) about the company are the artists with several years left in their contract and heavily used by the company.”

        Steven is on the way out but he has only gratitude for all that TVB had done for him through the years. He diminishes what tvb didn’t do for him but magnifies what they did do for him. That’s gratitude for you. Reporters tried to get him to say something negative about tvb but all he deigned to say and repeatedly say is: “TVB is my maternal home.” In other words,”I’ll not air the dirty laundry in public.”

        Steven weibo
        1/25 21:18 3rd day of CNY. A sudden stirring of emotion, but, very happy these past 18 years a place that will always be my maternal home, my alma mater forever; a place that has nourished me and taken care of me during my maturation in the entertainment circle; where many people love me, and many more I love. Fate emerges, fate extinguished; fate ends, fate begins; can’t clearly explain, can’t clearly fathom. Gratitude, I ingrained in memory; feeling, I remember with affection. Termination does not mean ‘severed’; leaving does not ‘the end’. As long as feeling still exists, everything will still be beautiful. As long as fate has not dissipated, everything will still be fine. Wishing all those who are fond of me and those I am fond of, and the decent and righteous, peace, good health and happiness.

        Steven writes without the use of punctuation so that readers can punctuate his words according to their own interpretation of his words. Below: With my own inserted punctuation, above is my interpretation.

        年初三 偶有感觸 但 很快樂 十八年 一個永遠是我娘家 母校 孕育和照顧我在演藝圏成長的地方 太多疼我 更多我疼的人 緣起緣滅 緣終緣始 說不清 道不明 恩我銘記 情我惦念 結束不代表了斷 離開不代表終止 只要情還在 一切都會美好 只要緣未散 一切都會完滿 願疼我和我疼的 善良和正道的 都平安 健康 快樂

      4. urgh! Hate it when there are mistakes in my post.

        Above: With my own inserted punctuation, the translation is my own interpretation of Steven’s words.

      5. Claimine,
        Employees usually leave because they are discontent with their current employers and think they can find better opportunities elsewhere. Inherently there is dissatisfaction, but overall the length of employment may also be a good indicator that the positives had outweighed the negatives in a work situation. I guess the media and most people’s attention focus on the louder complaints from dissatisfied employees.

        Both Steven Ma and Charmaine Sheh handled their exits from TVB graciously, which is the right thing to do for most employees. The company was responsible for turning them into big stars after all. Perhaps in the future, years down the road, their paths may cross again.

      6. Though Steven has collaborated with TVB for 18 years, he is TVB biological son for slightly less than 6 years.

      7. I got the feeling that Felix is voicing his TVB concerns loudly because he loves it so much, rather than hating them and wanting to tear them down.

        I remember reading that the only reason he went back to filming this one series was because 3gor asked him. He makes enough money due to the popularity of his Condor Heroes character so I’m sure he’s grateful to TVB since that one series still makes him money!

    2. @ Funn

      I agree. I haven’t been as interested in TVB show for a while. In particular Michael Tse, stands out imo. I was very annoyed by his coasting of Laughing fame and thought he was awful in LOO. But he’s making me like him again in LE.

      I could watch Felix is anything, but I like MM with Sonija. I always thought Sonija was beautiful – but quite mature-looking, so she looks best with mature men. That said, I’m sure Felix could have created sparks too.

  9. The casts are good so far and I like Michal Tse in the drama. I nearly forget he was laughing gor.. which is great!

    Seeing Ron and Linda in OL suits are comfortable and their pairing is nice

    1. Norika,
      “The casts are good so far and I like Michal Tse in the drama. I nearly forget he was laughing gor”

      Overall, Michael Tse is a good actor. In his recent roles, I feel as if he is trying too hard (the burden of success), being too chok, trying to look too cool. His acting has become more deliberate than in his past shows, such as Virtues of Harmony.

      Michael is actually a great comedian (dark humor such as Dayo Wong Chi Wah). He would have great chemistry with Bosco Wong in a comedy.

      1. I really wonder if Micheal’s long break from the circle affected his current acting?? I know that he has been back for years now, but how as his acting when he first came back??

      2. Michael tse’s character Jim reminds me of Richard gere in “pretty woman”. So rich and charming, can’t blame Linda for being seduced.


        Not sure if u clicked on the wrong comment but we’re talking about MT here, not MM.

      3. @Josie,
        Oh sorry, I thought you guys were talking about Miu…

      4. yeah I remember Michael Tse was in a sitcom (or similar) with Chiu-Hok Yee. A sweet and funny couple.

    2. Sorry I think Michael Tse is still too chok in this series. Michael Miu is the one improving.

  10. I agree with Michael Mui, with this cast it should have aired later ..

  11. This drama is Better than Myolie Wish and Switch ,however i agree with him ,TVB shall air Kenneth Ma Return to the 3 Kingdom which is more a comedy history drama for Chinese New Year.

      1. June is much better than new year time. It’s good for LF and Kenneth.

      2. I guess this really shows that timing is important even for a series to air…

  12. Yeah! I concurred with Mike Miu. I like this drama very much. Actors & actresses act super well.

    1. I also like this one and the cast. But Linda here reminds me of why I dislike her when she first started. I thought she got better but maybe she is inconsistent. JJ looks pretty but quite bad acting. Maybe I should use the term first time having big role to excuse for her

      1. Agreed. I don’t like Linda in this too and JJ is plain bad acting.

      2. I like this series overall…I disagree that JJ looks pretty..she looks annoying and rather sickly (everywhere) but I guess that’s my opinion.

      3. I agree JJ is pretty, but her character is way too inconsistent.

  13. Michael Miu’s aviator glasses remind me of Patrick Tse (Nic Tse’s father) in the photo. 🙂 Even his gesture reminds me of Patrick.

    1. Michael Mui was son of Patrick Tse in Legend of Condor Hero ,Michael is Yong Hong while Patrick was Yong Tik Sum ,am i right?

      1. Yea, Miu did play Patrick’s son in LOCH. What a coincidence… I almost forgot about that… That was a good casting then.

  14. Well someone has to have this time slot. I personally watch dramas all year long, and I don’t live in HK so timeslots don’t affect me. But thought this series has a lot of realistic components, the storylines is not at all that. What kind of family goes through so many money problems and get them solved all the time…

  15. Yep, in the picture, Micheal Miu looks like Patrick Tse.

    “L’Escargot” (the name) is a little bit hard to remember, but overall, it’s a good serie. I like it especially Micheal Miu and Sonija; Ron and Linda.

    1. Why is the drama called “L’Escargot”? what does it mean?

      1. It’s actually cook snail.

        TeeVeeBee has poor English titles to choose.

      2. Thanks, I have also search for the meaning of it too but I can’t understand what it has to do with the drama. ???

      3. Not all TVB series have a bad English title… Many of them are very fitting and unique.

      4. Summer:I guess the French title “L’Escargot” = the snail = 蜗牛 (snail)= 蜗居= the humble abode. And this series is about the tight living space/condition in HK, right? Just like people living inside the the tiny, empty shell of a snail.

      5. Will MM and Sonija at the end buy an apartment “L’Escargot” in the Hong Kong Island area?

  16. I personally never base whether a series is good or not on ratings since I don’t think the ratings necessarily indicate if a series is good or not.

  17. Stupid US government (I am very mean it), taken away a the fun 🙁

    1. Yeah, don’t the US Gov. have more important issues such as fixing the economy and fighting terrosism?

      Seriously you don’t take away the free entertainment the population have. This will cause problem for the society. This will not help increase the revenues for the entertainent companies!

    2. I agree that the US has way more important issues to worry about. I think they know that the economy is down and people can’t even afford to eat, pay rent,etc.. so where would they have the money to spend on entertainment and other pleasures of life?? By taking away the free entertainment will just make people more depressed and cause even more serious problems.

  18. I don’t blame him. TeeVeeBee’s fault for not promoting this series left to right.

    Unless TeeVeeBee cheat the ratings numbers by adding myTV ratings viewership to make it realistic,

  19. Ricky Wong: Welcome to City Telecom I promise you the best timeslot and a increase in salary. All TVB care about is their “son” god of chok, hahaha…

  20. I’ve seen a lot of actors complain about bad timeslot. But if they dun want their series to be aired during this time, whose should?

  21. ROFL! After Lee Tim Sing now another veteran blast TVB for airing their series in poor time slot! ROFL TVB is totally very bad! 😛

  22. I blame this on Megaupload owners for ruining us, if they didn’t live a fantasy-type lifestyle, the feds would not be closely watching them. They live and work in a castle and have over 30 top-of the line Benzs. And Mark Zuckerberg who is worth 10X more than the guy, drives an Acura and lives in a modest house for someone who can afford to buy an island. So long Megaupload and Napster!!!

  23. i really like this show, it talks abt the reality of life and it really makes us think how lucky we are when you live in a bigger place. ppl often moan abt how small their homes are in uk, but when you see this sort of situation ppl need to think and realise how lucky that we are all!!
    thank you for this good show, we watch in uk everyday!

  24. I’ve been watching Wish and Switch and haven’t given this show a chance. From the first 3 episodes it was very, very boring.

    Should I keep on watching?

    1. This series is kinda slow. At the start i was really just thinking when are they going to switch? i think it took till ep 5 or something for them to get into the main plot – Myolie and Selina switching. Ive stuck with the series and if your wanting a epic drama this isnt it but if your bored like me its watchable. Myolie’s family is the comic relief in the story except for her father in law who is a drunk… couple wise i like Selina and Vincent i guess Vincent is like those typical Korean drama male leads cold/a–hole at the start/outside but then as time goes by you see a more softer side.
      Johnson and Myolie dont match i see no chemistry and IMO Johnson isnt a leading actor material. Supporting + comedy = Johnson’s best work.

      1. Oops sorry I meant “this series” as in L’Escargot. I love Wish and Switch and I think it’s hilarious but it hasn’t been getting great reviews and L’Escargot seems like the more popular of the two that are airing.

  25. I like the series mainly when its about the family – Micheal Miu’s family that is.
    The whole Micheal Tse side i find… fake? Like his trying to be that suave/cool guy im just not buying it, his kiss with Linda was AW-KWARD. I dunno.. Micheal Tse was good at supporting roles eg Virtues of Harmony, Legal Entanglement etc (So i guess comedy?) but as a lead its a bit… =/ Has Laughing taken over the old Micheal Tse? Dunno but def not liking the suave/cool and dare i say “Chok” image
    Joyce OMG… every time i see her i feel like chopping that fringe of hers! lol it bugs me so much its always in her face and it seems so heavy cos shes always got her head to the side so it doesnt cover half her face lol =P
    Joyce with the whole soft spoken goody elegant thing is weird to watch? i dunno how to explain it… its just weird
    And JJ.. is she anti social or someone with a mental capacity of a 10 year old?
    I myself was (and i suppose still a little bit) anti social and i never talked like i had a stutter or child like. I mainly gave one word answers.
    I dont know if that is the same for all but i do not relate to JJ’s character apart from the avoiding people/not socializing with people much.

    So yeah i like Micheal Miu’s family there great to watch.

  26. I havent seen the drama myself, but everyone has been raving on about it. Whilst I understand the frustrations of the actors and producers when they see TVB not treating their series with the recognition it deserves, I much admire those who accept it and reflect on the good and appreciate the audience’s good words > all these ratings. It makes it seems like they’re all fussed about the ratings, when really if they’ve given it their best or are working on improving, then they should be happy no?

    Regarding the actors, Michael Miu is a good actor, however, I find him much more suitable to dramas. He doesn’t suit comedic roles at all (the one with Maggie?). This reminds me, this is his second collaboration with Michael Tse? Nice. I liked Michael T since Virtues of Harmony days, but he was very much overlooked n those days. I’m glad he’s had a lot more opportunities now, and I know he’s worked his way up and consistently stayed and worked for TVB so I think it’s nice that he’s gotten meatier roles. I hope many other actors who are overlooked like this (Fred, Oscar, Stephen etc) can break through the way he did. Sure, he is overpromoted nowadays, but at least he shined through with his acting not so much his looks or through TVB’s marketing. I’m glad.

    1. I don’t think there are anymore downloading sites since they have all been shut down, so you don’t need to worry Jayne.

    2. Sorry!! Didn’t know that you don’t want us to do that.

  27. If this was aired last yr, Mandy would definitely have gotten the most improved actress.

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