Michael Tse’s New Movie to Feature Felix Wong & Francis Ng

TVB’s new movie based on Michael Tse Tin Wah’s “Laughing Gor” character in “Emergency Unit” will begin filming shortly. At an event yesterday, the audience were invited to submit ideas for the movie characters. Aside from Michael Tse, the film version will also star Anthony Wong Chau Sung, Francis Ng Chun Yu and Felix Wong Yat Wah.

The audience were allowed to film short clips and select their characters of choice. Michael Tse, Ron Ng, Chen Shan Cong, King Kong, and Michael Miu Kiu Wai attended the event. TVB executive, Virginia Lok, and Producer Leung Ka Shu were present as well.

Over 10 groups of Internet-formed “Laughing Gor” fan clubs appeared at the event as well. Boosted by the crowd’s support, Michael Tse appeared a bit smug and acted as if he were really living the character of “Laughing Gor.” Michael wore a beige suit and shoes to match his character’s style. The fans laughed that the movie should incorporate a chauffeur for Michael, since his driver’s license has been suspended in real life due to drunk driving.

Michael Miu teased Michael Tse, “It was worth it for you to die! The earlier episodes [of “Emergency Unit”] did not have high ratings. But once your character died, many audience members tuned in. You should have died earlier!” Michael Miu expressed full confidence in the new film version, since Internet “Laughing Gor” fan clubs have attracted more than 15,000 members. This number even exceeds the total Hong Kong Police force. If each of the fan members purchased a $100 (HKD) in tickets, then the box office would amount to $1.5 million (HKD).

Michael Tse was surrounded by fans at the event. He prepared autographed photos in advance and distributed them to fans. The female fans appear to be intoxicated by Michael’s presence. Michael laughed and said the women did not look at him with “intoxicated eyes,” but rather, they were just excited by meeting him for the first time. Later, he will meet with fans in private gatherings and will not assume his “Laughing Gor” persona.

Since the movie will be a prequel of “Laughing Gor’s” character, Michael Tse indicated that it will be difficult to have all the recruits in “Emergency Unit” appear, otherwise the story’s time line may be in conflict.

Will there be a “Laughing So” featured in the film? Michael Tse laughed and said that “The normal feelings of men should be addressed, otherwise the story will be very dry!” Allegedly, Anthony Wong, Francis Ng, and Felix Wong will also appear in the movie. Michael Tse is very pleased to work with the other established actors.

The new movie will not feature Ekin Cheng nor Jordan Chan Siu Chun; otherwise the audience may get confused with the “The Young and Dangerous” movies. Since Michael’s driving license is currently suspended, he is unable to drive any vehicles in filming the movie, unless there is a towing vehicle doing the true driving. Michael indicated that it was necessary to respect the law and follow the judge’s orders.

Ron Ng joked that he will have to play one of the orphans in Michael Tse’s orphanage. Reporters teased that Ron’s young female fans have all converted to become Michael’s new fans. Ron smiled and said that Michael’s attire and aurora truly reflected his “Laughing Gor” character.

Source: Wenweipo

Jayne: Sounds like a nice cast ensemble for the new “Laughing Gor” movie. Would love to see Felix Wong and Michael Miu together on the big screen again!

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