Miss HK Crystal Fung Almost Broke Up with Her Boyfriend

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Miss HK Crystal Fung Almost Broke Up with Her Boyfriend

Last weekend, current Miss Hong Kong titleholder Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) appeared at a press conference for TVB’s upcoming Miss Hong Kong Pageant for 2017. Lisa Ch’ng (莊思明) and Grace Chan (陳凱琳) were also in attendance.

The 2016 winner, who just celebrated her 23rd birthday, said her boyfriend gave her a beautiful pair of high heels as her birthday present. Reporters pointed out that giving someone shoes can be seen as bad superstition, as it means that the person wants to send the other person away.

After hearing this, Crystal said, “I didn’t know about this! He gave them to me because it’s a practical gift and I like the brand. If that is the case, then I must follow tradition and give him back $2 to pretend that I bought it!”

On her birthday week, Crystal and her younger brother went to Tokyo, Japan for a brief holiday. Her boyfriend followed soon after. Crystal joked that her trip to Tokyo was an adventure, as she nearly missed her flight back to Hong Kong. “I overslept that day,” she explained.

Sometime earlier, Crystal and her boyfriend were spotted locking lips in the streets, and their photographs were published on tabloid magazines. Asking if they had showed that much affection when they were in Beijing, Crystal said, “We were too focused on eating and shopping, but we did read about the kiss report. They took many photos of us from different angles. My colleagues even laughed at me for not noticing that I was being followed by so many people.”

2010 Miss HK second runner-up Lisa Ch’ng, on the other hand, was teased about her boyfriend Mat Yeung (楊明) for guest starring on the Miss Hong Kong commercial films without her. Asking if she’s worried that Mat would start eyeing the girls, Lisa said, “This is a beauty pageant! It’s something you would do!” (Would he talk to you about some of the girls he’s seen?) “I don’t think he’ll do that. He rarely goes out by himself nowadays anyways.”

Source: On.cc

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