Miss R. Claims Aaron Kwok Cheated in Their Relationship

After breaking up with Lynn Hung (熊黛林)Aaron Kwok (郭富城) has been linked with several women. A mysterious Miss R. recently claimed she had dated Aaron for three months before he cheated on her with another woman. Besides revealing that Aaron frequently sent her suggestive messages and photos, Miss R. said Aaron possessed a habit of meeting young models online.

An exchange student in Japan, Miss R. met Aaron at a party during the summer. According to her account, Aaron subsequently cheated on her with a pseudo-model named “M”. Although Miss R did not give the actual name, the model is speculated to be Milla Ching (程芷渝), who was once romantically linked to Stephen Chow (周星馳).

Aaron Kwok Uploads Thousand-Word Essay

In response to the negative rumors, Aaron’s manager Siu Mei (小美) expressed, “The claims in the reports have become ridiculous and uncontrolled. That’s why there is no response. Let’s hope people will have a better conscience in the New Year. I wish everyone a Happy New Year.”

After Miss R’s accusations surfaced, Aaron uploaded a 1000-word essay reflecting on the past year and urged the defamer to let stop creating malignant and hurtful news. Although Aaron would not hold any grudges against the rumormonger, the singer expressed his disappointment.

Aaron wrote, “I’ve faced a lot of defamatory news and I’ve chosen to remain quiet every time and didn’t want to explain. Silence doesn’t mean I have nothing to say; I just don’t want to be entangled in false accusations and let the hurtful person continue with the story. I don’t know what benefits the person will gain by hurting me. Now that you’ve gotten what you want, please let it go and do more good for everyone.”

Hoping 2015 will be a fresh start, Aaron expressed, “I will continue to put the highest level of enthusiasm in my work and hope every day is a good one. I will not change my hardworking mentality. My productions will speak for me. Happiness is just in front of you!”

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Strange, I’ve always thought he was gay but it seems he likes PYTs. Is it just a front?

  2. I was wondering when this would be posted lol. Anyway, I actually belive him since there’s nothing to substantiate her claims.

  3. If I’m rich. I’ll do the same. He’s not married, no wife.

  4. Well, he definitely has what it takes to be a womanizer. It’s not his fault if he choose not to settle down. It’s everybody’s choice, besides it’s the women who are the willing ones…not him. So I think the feelings are mutual.

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