Moka Fang Makes First Post-Pregnancy Appearance

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Moka Fang Makes First Post-Pregnancy Appearance

Moka Fang (方媛) has made her first post-pregnancy appearance! On October 13, Moka and her husband Aaron Kwok (郭富城) attended a Buddhist rite hosted by the Sakya Trizin to receive blessings for their daughter. Although it’s only been a month since her pregnancy, Moka is looking fresh and already back in shape!

In early September, Moka and Aaron quietly welcomed their daughter in Hong Kong. Aaron spoke up about his daughter for the first time in late September, when he called his daughter “a mini Aaron Kwok.” At the time, the 51-year-old Hong Kong singer-actor said becoming a father was a “magically feeling”, and that his daughter has changed the world for him.

The couple made their appearance wearing matching blacks to keep a low profile. Other celebrities who attended the rite include Anita Yuen (袁詠議) and Chingmy Yau (邱淑貞), both devout Buddhists.

In addition to the rite, Aaron and Moka also met with the Sakya Trizin privately and snapped ap photo with the Buddhist leader.


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    邱淑貞 devoted Buddhists? Was she devoted prior to all the nose bleed movies?

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