Moses and Aimee Chan Name Their Son “Aiden”

Although Christmas is still four weeks away, Moses Chan (陳豪) and Aimee Chan’s (陳茵媺) “biggest present” has already arrived! Their son, Aiden, was born on December 3 and weighed six pounds and eleven ounces. Moses said, “The baby does not look like me. He is already very handsome at birth!”

Aimee Chan babyOn Tuesday, Moses was scheduled to appear at a TVB event, but Aimee showed signs that she was ready to give birth. The couple rushed to Canossa Hospital and Aimee was in labor for six hours. Beside Aimee in the delivery room, Moses recalled, “She was [in a lot of pain] as it’s not easy to give birth. She was very strong and in good form, which made the process go smoothly. I was very nervous and couldn’t really help her. She had to rely on her own strength.”

Moses cut Aiden’s umbilical cord and said, “The feeling was very moving and wondrous. But I didn’t cry because I was too nervous.”

Aimee is still recovering in the hospital and will be breastfeeding the baby. Although she indicated interest to continue her acting career after becoming a mother, it is not clear when she will resume filming with TVB. Moses said he will be supportive of Aimee’s decision. The couple will enjoy Aiden’s first year of life and consider having another child later.

Moses plans to decrease his immediate workload so he can spent more time with Aimee and Aiden over the next few weeks. In order to provide for the family, Moses may have more ambitious career plans ahead. In January, his management contract with TVB is set to expire and rumors claim that Moses will head to mainland China to film for Jonathan Chik’s (戚其義) new drama. Moses answered discreetly, “I’ll talk about that later.”

After completing his work yesterday evening, Moses, his mother, and elder brother went to the hospital to visit Aimee. Moses’ mother was visibly excited by Aiden’s arrival, but Aimee’s parents have not flown in from Canada yet to meet their new grandson.

Bernice Liu Will Not Send a Gift

Moses’ ex-girlfriend, Bernice Liu (廖碧兒), heard from the press that Moses and Aimee’s son was born two days ago. Since she just returned to Hong Kong, she has not seen the baby’s photos yet. Asked whether she will call Moses to congratulate him, Bernice said, “I’ll offer my blessings through the press.” Asked if she will buy a gift for the newborn, Bernice said that “the most important thing is to send blessings” and she wished good health to the baby.


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  1. Congrats again to them and my nephew has the same name, Aiden. What a cute name! I wonder what his Chinese name is?

    1. My nephews name is Aiden and same spelling. I guess it is one of the top 20 names for 2013.

      1. Wow, I did not know the name Aiden was so common. My nephew was born in 2012 though.

    2. Aiden – a very nice name. I remember the name of the boy that played the role of Moses Chan’s son in Healing Hands 2 (妙手仁心II) is also Aiden.

  2. Congrats! Aiden is a cute name.

    Srly, when will the press stop linking Bernice to Moses? Poor gal.

    1. I know right? Why would the press asked if bernice will call moses/send a gift? Rubbing salt on the wound

      1. That’s what I was thinking. Gosh, how stupid can the press be?? It is painful to ask an ex girlfriend to give a gift to her ex boyfriend’s new son?? Oh goodness…

    1. Totally agree. Why can’t the media just stop pulling her into every Moses-related news?? It’s so annoying.

  3. once hawick and his finace get marry… the press will quiz on her again LOL

    1. It’s just disgusting how the media keeps bothering Bernice with all these news about her exes. They’re exes for a reason! Celebrities need such high IQ in dealing with these pesky reporters -.-. Aiden is a cute name, but also very popular right now so quite common too.

      1. Agree 100%. Those paparazzis wouldn’t react so calmly like Bernice if they were asked about their exes.

  4. I think it’s cute how Aimee and her son both have names beginning w/ “Ai”

  5. omg why do they have to drag Bernice into this.

    Congraz Aimee n Moses!

  6. Congratulations to Aimee and Moses! They must be thrilled to bits with this new addition to the family.Baby Aiden looks so cute and I’m sure will grow up not only handsome but intelligent and kind.

  7. Film for Jonathan Chik?? The last 2 dramas he produced for TVB received poor viewership rating and Serene Tang complained bitterly about an unfinished script when he started shooting Beauty at War II. Not a smart move for Moses if he chooses to film in PRC, he doesn’t have the language and acting skills to make it big.

    1. If he is still single, he can take the risk. But now he is a father and husband, it is more risky for him. Moreover, he will have to leave his family in order to film drama series for Jonathan Chik in Mainland China. Not sure if he wants to do it.

      1. If he needs the money then he will have to eventually, especially if he will be the main breadwinner. I think that now he has a son and wife to think of, he may have to whatever it takes to earn more money. Unless Aimee can really help earn more but with her acting skills, you really wonder?? But hey, who in this e circle is truly talented?? Maybe she will get lucky or lets see if Moses gets lucky??

  8. I have always thought to name my son Aiden, but my husband didn’t like that name. Still one of my favorite names for a boy.

  9. Sad that Bernice kept being dragged into headlines that involves Moses and his relationship. Move on HK media, it’s old news. People have moved on, why are you keep pulling out the past and try to link them for a story?

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