Moses Chan Does Not Want the Momo Challenge to Scar His Kids

As of late, an Internet hoax called the Momo challenge has been causing global panic within the parent and student community. The challenge supposedly involves a user named Momo enticing children to partake in extreme acts including violence and suicide. It is reported that kids were contacted through social media and messaging services, such as Facebook and WhatsApp, by a bug-eyed girl slightly resembling Voldemort with cleavage and supersized chicken legs.

The Hong Kong media took the chance to ask artist Moses Chan (陳豪), a father of three, if he was aware of the challenge during a charity dinner. He expressed he saw it after someone forwarded it to him. “[Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) and I] try to be more careful regarding this aspect because our kids are really young. If children see something that’s traumatizing, they’ll have frequent nightmares and it won’t be good for their development,” he said. “I hope kids can have an innocent and happy childhood, so it’s important for parents to share these things with one another and don’t let kids go on the Internet to watch stuff.”

For the charity event, he revealed he will sing two English songs and When Heaven Burns <天與地> theme song “Young and Ignorant” <年少無知>. He shared he did not have time to practice singing to wife, “I was a in a rush and I have confidence if it’s singing since I debuted as half a singer,” Moses joked. “I don’t sing often. I usually only sing at shows abroad. My daughter loves to sing, even in all languages. Her Mandarin is better than mine.”

Source: Oncc

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  1. Stupid questions from the Hong Kong media and pointless article. How did they expect Moses to answer?

  2. It’s already been announced in the news that this challenge was just a hoax. Fortunately, no child has died due to this challenge.
    This hideous creature was created by a Japanese artist as a movie/tv prop. However, the positive outcome of this is that many schools around the world, (including my child’s school) immediately educated the children and parents on the importance of internet safety and being vigilante in monitoring their child’s activity on the internet.

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