Moses Chan Makes Christmas Plans

The pandemic has not dampened Moses Chan‘s (陳豪) enthusiasm for Christmas this year. For practicality and safety, Moses and his wife Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) are keeping their holiday celebrations simple, but filled with fun activities their three children are guaranteed to love.

Appearing at a Christmas event for a local shopping mall and touring the four main attractions there, Moses exclaimed that his children would love the train and helium balloon and proceeded to take selfies to share with them. The interior of the 10-foot helium balloon resembled a fairy tale, which made Moses certain that his children would dance in excitement if they were there.

Due to the pandemic, the family will will not be able to travel overseas this year. Sticking with local attractions, Moses has plans to take his children to experience the Christmas festivities at the mall. “They would probably be so happy and refuse to go home. We have much more to be more grateful during this year’s Christmas, and we should also encourage care for others. Nowadays we don’t have many chances to see our friends, so we should reach out more often and check to see how they’re doing.”

When asked what Christmas gifts he prepared for his family, Moses would need to see what their needs are. If they want something more extravagant, then he could get them cell phones. Otherwise, chocolates and cookies are great choices because they can be shared among the family. He also disclosed that Aimee is great at making turkey, and she gets better at it every year.


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