Moses Chan Promotes “Fashion War”, Will Not Reveal Sex of Baby

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Moses Chan Promotes “Fashion War”, Will Not Reveal Sex of Baby

The cast of TVB’s upcoming drama Fashion War <潮流教主> held a promotional event this past weekend. True to his character, “trendsetter” Moses Chan (陳豪) wore a sophisticated white jacket while escorting costars Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) and Jeannie Chan (陳瀅) down the catwalk like in a runway show.

Fashion War, set in the modern Hong Kong fashion industry, stars Sisley Choi as Yan, a college graduate who lands a job as an assistant to MODES chief editor Yip Long, played by Moses Chan. Under the mentorship of Long, Yan learns how to navigate through office politics while working her way to become the industry’s top fashion editor.

At the series promo, Moses emphasized the importance of word-of-mouth over viewership ratings. However, he said he is confidant that Fashion War would be a success, expressing that the drama’s topic is refreshing and bold. He added that the younger cast—which features relatively newer actors—gives the drama a unique new look.

“I’ve said before that new collaborations produce new fireworks, and I still stand by that,” said Moses. “The audience needs to see something new every once in a while.”

In addition to the refreshing cast, Fashion War also provides a refreshing story setup. Despite being the lead actor, Moses said his character, Yip Long, does not have a romantic side-story. He pointed out that this could be the producer’s [Dave Fong 方駿釗] style.

Sisley also said she does not have a love line in the series. Her character Yan shares a familial bond with her mentor Yip Long, and has a platonic relationship instead of a romantic one with fashion editor Francis, played by Him Law (羅仲謙).

Moses Will Not Reveal Sex of Baby

Moses’ wife, actress Aimee Chan (陳茵微), is currently pregnant with their third child. The couple have two sons, Aiden and Nathan. When asked if they have already determined the sex of their baby, Moses said, “We know, but we will not announce it. We’ll wait until it’s born.”

Aimee is expected to deliver in May. Moses said he would be busy shooting You Who Came From the Meow Meow Star <來自喵喵星的妳>, which stars Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) and Nancy Wu (胡定欣), during that time, but would try his best to make time for Aimee.


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    1. janet72 says:

      first serious drama of the year and moses had to take lead role. sisley had to be in it too.

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    2. mulder99 says:

      Actually don’t Moses in it as he can act serious, but Sisley Choi will ruin the whole series. Just the promos with her in turns me off. Her role is quite significant as well.

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    3. janet72 says:

      after reading the synopsis, her role is quite significant. with sisley in the drama and moses as well, i am giving this a miss.

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    4. happybi says:

      Will give it a try as like Moses…not a fan of Sisley though.

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    5. jimmyszeto says:

      Will Ali be enough to keep me in watching this series? probably not because of the fashion theme.

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    6. kc070301 says:

      Sisley will ruin the movie! Please change someone else.her voice sound like a chicken and pretend to be cute! See so fake casting! !!!

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    7. ptyss0502 says:

      After watching 3 episodes of this show, it really reminds me of “Dallas” & “Dynasty” put together. Does the show have to be so back stabbing each episode?

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