“My Ages Apart” Cast Film in the Streets Right Before Merbok Hits

The Tropical Storm Merbok came and went quickly in Hong Kong, but before it reached the no. 8 warning, the cast of TVB drama My Ages Apart <跨時代> swiftly filmed most of their outdoor shots for the day, leaving for shelter just in time the storm hit.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the stars of My Ages Apart including Moses Chan (陳豪), Louis Cheung (張繼聰), Ali Lee (李佳芯), and Zoie Tam (譚凱琪) rushed to the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui to film a quick greeting scene. The foursome play two pairs of fake couples who have to meet each others families.

It was already raining when they started filming, and the intensity of the rain was inconsistent. The crew had to hold up a large umbrella to keep the actors as dry as possible during their shoot.

Despite the warm weather, Louis had to wear a leather jacket. He explained that My Ages Apart is 50 episodes long, and the story spans from winter to summer. Fit and athletic, Louis would have quite a lot of combat scenes throughout the show. The actor said he’ll try not to think about it too much, as dreading it would affect his current performances.

Like Louis, Moses also plays an athletic role. The actor went on a diet and worked out three hours a day to perfect his shape. He thanked Louis for being his mentor and trainer, “He’s an example of success. I’ve stopped working out for years, and to pick it back up, I needed a trainer. Thankfully [Louis has] been very helpful in that. He’s helped me with my meals. We are also neighbors, so we would go to the gym together. He’s a fantastic trainer.”

Playing such a role has its risks. Moses said he had to sacrifice a lot of his family time. “I still don’t think I’m spending enough time with my family. I’m always filming. I feel bad for leaving my wife with all the work.”

“I’m not the only person who has to work out anymore,” joked Louis. “They all understand how I feel now. Moses would work out whenever he got the chance. If we got an hour or two-hour break, he would hit the gym to train. This body is from hard work. He has great perseverance. Carbs are hard to quit. You’ll get weak, and you have to eat bland food. Usually people would get cranky, but Moses is still as cheerful as ever. He’s incredible.”

Ali, who plays Moses’ love interest on the show, said their only intimate scene thus far was a kiss they shared when they got “fake married”. On doing intimate scenes, Ali said, “Having a good partner is very important. If that person does not feel embarrassed, then I won’t feel embarrassed. Moses makes you really comfortable, however, many of our intimate scenes are not meant to be taken seriously. It is a comedy after all.”

Source: steheadline.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Ugh, Moses, wth are you thinking with that hairstyle? A greasy mullet and a gote (sp)??? Is this 80s US cheesy era? O_o

    1. @jjwong

      I agree, one of many reasons why TVB is no longer relevant.

      I can’t remember the last time I watched a TVB series from beginning to end.

      1. @anon @jjwong Yup, well-said and agreed! I haven’t watched a TVB series from beginning to end in a long time either (not counting re-watches of old 80s/90s classics of course). The episode count itself is already a deal-breaker – TVB can’t even make a 30 episode series nowadays without it being draggy and a waste of time, yet they’re going to make this one 50 eps? When are they ever going to learn that dragging a series out in order to fulfill a certain episode count is stupid and they need to let the content dictate the number of episodes instead? I guess the answer is never…

      2. @llwy12 I think 50 episodes is nothing to them I remember the other two dramas are even longer than this one here. The Gem Of Life has 82 episodes and The Drive Of Life has 60 episodes. I didn’t think The Gem Of Life are that interesting and still can go up to that many episodes? I’m just surprised about that. I do like The Drive Of Life very interesting drama and I think it should be the other way round should added more episodes to it instead for The Gem Of Life.

      3. @cutie777 Drive () was a big collab between HK, China, et al so it’s not shocking to have so many eps. It had many actors across the spectrum so many side stories can be told. Gems () was their anniversary series and again had many developed and known actors. It was lengthy but somewhat expected considering the casts. Ages () essentially has relatively nobody… for them to milk 50 eps… eh… snorefest xD

        I like Life too and not so much with Gems.

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