Myolie Wu and Christine Kuo at “Ghetto Justice 2” Celebratory Dinner

Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), and Eliza Sam (岑麗香) attended a celebratory dinner marking the broadcasting success of Ghetto Justice 2 <怒火街頭2>. Encountering the London 2012 Summer Olympics during its broadcast, Ghetto Justice 2 managed to smoothly slide into the eighth position in the ranking of TVB’s highest-rated dramas year-to-date.

Ghetto Justice 2 averaged 30 points in ratings, peaking at 39 points when it was airing from July 30 to August 25 this year. The popularity of Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Myolie Wu, as well as a strong supporting cast made it one of the most attractive dramas in the summer line-up.

Myolie Hopes for “Ghetto Justice” Movie

Myolie suggested filming a movie version of Ghetto Justice to TVB Executive Chairman, Norman Leung (梁乃鵬). Receiving news of TVB’s good third quarter profits, Myolie looked forward to TVB productions becoming increasingly higher in quality.

With the TV Queen buzz picking up for the TVB Anniversary Awards in December, Myolie said that the competition was fierce this year and would be happy if she were one of the finalists.

Christine Films Commercial with Aaron Kwok

With her flawless skin and enviable figure, Christine Kuo has become widely popular among male fans. However, Christine appeared to be a bit bloated at the Ghetto Justice 2 celebratory dinner. Due to her increasingly hectic work schedule, Christine explained that she did not have time to exercise. Her lack of sleep also increased her water retention.

Christine recently starred in new commercial with Aaron Kwok (郭富城). Portraying the Heavenly King’s girlfriend in the ad, Christine felt extremely nervous and did not loosen up until halfway through the filming.

“He taught me some things and gave me advice. When I saw the Heavenly King, I was quite nervous.” Christine added that she found Aaron to be very nice and they worked together enjoyably.


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  1. Was Eliza in GJ2?

    If there is GJ movie version, I prefer gritty version and stop threatening to disbar Law Ba or send him to jail.

    1. Eliza was in episode 7 through 9. Mostly scenes with Patrick Dunn

    2. i didn’t really notice Eliza in GJ2 either and how could i miss such a cute face lolz, might need to rewatch those eps

      1. She was “not pretty” when she play that character; yeah not noticeable.

    3. Elisa Sam, she was not in Gj 2. But if TVB get or want to film Gj 3 in movie version like Laughing Gor could be good and amazing. they has to cast the complete members from the firt to the second included some news members from the movie part and tvb part.

  2. “Christine appeared to be a bit bloated at the Ghetto Justice 2 celebratory dinner.”

    Christine has always been bloated. All the power to her if she likes to eat food HAHAHAHA

    I would rather watch Crystal Li any day than watch Christine or Eliza Sam.

  3. I like you Myolie, but what on earth have you done this year to even warrant the place of a finalist?

    (Btw, do you have to be top 5 – or is it top 10 – to be a finalist?)

      1. Thank you, Hannah~

        Then again, who else delivered memorable performances so far this year…? I’m racking my brains and I can only think of Kate, although that’s probably more down to the character itself. (Controversial or tragic roles always seem to do it.) So maybe Myolie being in the top 5 isn’t so far-fetched after all…

        Oh dear.

      2. Tavia and Kate will def have a placement. The other three are between Liza, Michelle, Myolie and Linda.

      3. I love myolie too, but this year tvb doesn´t has enought of her drama like past year. so she this year enter in the top 5. But i think she next year she will has more drama like the drama with wayne and others. She will win once again in 2013

  4. what’s w/the weirdo head tilt form Myolie in the pic?

    Award or not….all is just a joke it seems. From reading some of the comments on this sight…she’s most likely will not win because she did have a rape scene or naked scene!

    1. typo….she “didn’t” have a rape scene or naked scene!

    2. Reminds me of an episode of Extras starring Kate Winslet. 🙂

  5. Myolie and Crystal look good in the pic! As much as i like GJ but please do not turn it into a movie.

    1. I hope crystal is wearing shorts b/c that would be a super short skirt.

  6. would’ve been better if they made a movie after the first one, instead of putting us through 21 episodes of the sequel.

  7. More Ghetto Justice, please!!! Just dont cast Christine Kuo again!

  8. I agree. I loved Ghetto Justice. I don’t think its like Laughing at all because the structure is entirely different. With Laughing its essentially one large plot with one main antagonist. With GJ there are a lot of cases and maybe a climatic antagonist but not like Laughing where there is so much dramatic and anticlimatic plotting because there’s only one baddie. Makes it more interesting with more cases.

  9. Yes, why not a movie made of GJ? I think it’ll be fun to have them together again as they’re a fresh looking lot and people don’t seem to tire of seeing them. This time maybe they should try to get back all of the original cast.

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