Myolie Wu and Linda Chung Enthralled by Korean Male Celebrities

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) transformed into a fan-girl upon landing on the cold winter sands of Seoul, going round seeking the whereabouts of Korean actor, Ji Sung, star of Save the Last Dance For Me <最後的舞請與我一起>.

For the upcoming Lunar New Year, TVB will broadcast a live show entitled TVB Lunar New Year Gold Celebration < TVB新春黃金慶典> in conjunction with other Asian television stations such as Seoul, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Taipei. As such, stars Linda Chung, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Raymond Lam (林峯) and Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) have flown to Korea for video recordings.

Freezing in the zero-degree Celsius winter temperature, Linda and Myolie were at Gwanghwamun yesterday, making new year rice cakes with a group of Korean children. Made by housewives-in-training, their rice cakes managed to get the approval nod from the Korean passersby.

Linda had been thrilled when she knew she was heading to Korea for the video recording as it meant she could meet up with her idol, Ji Sung. Using her limited Korean skills, Linda tried to strike up a conversation with the children, inquiring if they knew who Ji Sung was. She said dismally, “I thought I may have a chance to see Ji Sung but what a disappointment. I have been asking around but no one can tell me.” Admitting that she is entranced by Ji Sung’s character in Save the Last Dance For Me, Linda watched the show 20 times! Upon hearing that Myolie was once invited by Ji Sung to be in a music video, Linda’s eyes widened with envious shock, only realizing it was a joke when everyone burst out in laughter.

Upon arriving in Seoul yesterday, Myolie got to work right away, doing video recordings with Korean stars such as Sistar, ZE:A, Park Jung Min and Jewelry. After her location shooting at the Gyeongbokgung Palace today, she will catch the next early morning flight back to Hong Kong to continue her drama filming in Shenzhen. Her plan to catch up with an old schoolmate residing in Seoul will thus have to be shelved. Myolie sighed, “I have intended to get my friend to introduce some guys to me. Korean guys such as Rain and Hyun Bin are my cup of tea!”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. watch that series 20 times???? haha OMG, she must be some hardcore fan. that series is actually NOT that bad at all but 20 times is a bit psychotic hahah lol…

    1. 20 times is not bad at all. I have seen my 80s TVB series collections over 100 times through the years…

      1. @HTS,
        hahaha LOL..omg, seriously? wow, thats some rerun haaha. wow, which ones? perhaps i might know some of them even thou i am not in the habit of collecting series whether its american or asian ones. haha wow…they must be good…

      2. @Kiki,
        Yea, my family did because there was a period of time when we did not rent any series so kept on watching the same series over and over again. They are mostly the 80s TVB ancient series classics such as:
        The Foundation
        Duke of Mt Deer 84
        Luk Siu Fung 86
        Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain 85
        The Sword Stained with Royal Blood 85
        Legend of the Condor Hereos 83
        Return of the Condor Heroes 83
        Brothers Under the Skin 85
        The Young Wanderer 85
        and many more… Basically, most of the ancient series from the 80s which is TVBs most golden era.

      3. @HTS,
        wow, hahaaha i dont watch any ancient series so even if i have heard of some of them i have never really watched them. i might have taken glimpses here n there while my mom was watching n if i was in the L/R at the time. ahhaa lol..modern series i might have watched some but ancient ones i just dont find them interesting at all. :0(

      4. @Kiki,
        You are the opposite of me. I LOVE ancient series and used to watch only ancient series. The only modern ones back then that I saw were the classics like the Bund, The Shell Game and a few others, but that was it. I did not watch modern series until recently, however, I still prefer and love ancient series more. You are one of the few that I know who actually like modern series more…

      5. @HTS,
        haha LOL, yes i guess v r total opposites on the preference of series watching. perhaps b/c i was never a big history fan thats y ancient or even pre modern genre ones i am not particularly fond of as i do w/modern series. i guess i just like the present more in which we can relate a bit too. thats y even sci fi, crappy twilight vampires, zoobies n just mainly too out of the ordinary shows i am just NOT into haha.. lol. i dont know why but that’s how it is. Bund, The Shell Game and a few others were a bit before my time but i have heard of them too since my mom’s a Chow Yat Fat fan n so i know they were popular at that time.

      6. @kiki,
        Yea, we are complete opposites when it comes to series. I did not like modern series(and still don’t like them much now but would watch it now unlike in the past where I would avoid them for the most part)in the past and watched mostly ancient series. My family loves ancient series and love wuxia as well. My mom read most of JY’s novels and loved them as well. I did not like modern series because they reminded me of the pains of pressures of everyday life, while ancient series would offer me a refuge away from the pains of modern day life. I get a great feeling when I watch ancient series due to many factors like the nice costumes, scenary,etc.. that modern series just don’t have.It also feels like I have gone back in time as well. I also love history and wuxia so always loved and preferred ancient over modern… Most of the people that I know do as well. But yea, it varies from person to person…

  2. I agree with you. Myolie always is beatiful and talented woman. so thats why she is my idol. go go Myolie you are the best.

  3. Well, I think she just wanted to admire Ji Sung 20 times over, besides, she also loves dancing and may have learnt something from the video. Glad she had a good time in Korea, Linda too.

      1. they are terrible. just one level below the ladyboys. puke!

      2. @HTS,
        but i heard from my korean colleagues most of the guys also have PLASTIC SURGERIES not only the women. :0(
        so i think if they are pretty or good looking, most some have some job done.

      3. @kiki,
        Yes, of course it is true that the guys have a lot of plastic surgery too… I think we all know that and some of them have openly admitted it unlike the HK and Chinese artists who keep on denying it.

      4. @HTS

        The population of Koreans denying cosmetic surgery is well over 95%. In fact, in the many idol groups, only 1-3 people have openly said they went under the knife. Girls 9/10 went through it. Boys on the other hand, to a much lesser extent like say maybe just to get double eyelids. So HK and the Chinese population are actually a lot better than Koreans. I’m telling you…there is no way in this world how PEOPLE CAN LOOK THAT SIMILAR TO ONE ANOTHER.

      5. @Despicable,
        Are you referring to celebs only? If so, then yea it is true that many of the Korean celebs STILL deny it. However, I heard that the general population is more open to it now… I would not say that HK and Chinese are better since they do it and deny it as well. I have not seen one single Chinese or Hk artist admit that they have had work done while some Korean artists have…

    1. maybe in kpop, yes. but not the actors. ji sung is far from feminine.

    1. @Norika,
      I disgree. they are lots more sexier. hahha…Daniel Henney anyone?? OMG….

    1. @Exo,
      i know, i was laughing so hard when i read that hahha….my gosh, must be some fan she is haha..

  4. I like ji sung too and I think I’ll go goo goo over male stars like hyun bin won bin etc.

  5. Meh, I never found the appeal of Korean men. I like their height and nice skin, but um…yeah, I like my men with big eyes with double eyelids and the majority of Korean men don’t have it, or they had double eyelid surgery.

  6. I hope Myolie will keep her hair long and straight. She looks pretty with short hair but she will definitely look more gorgeous with sexy long hair. Wow, Myolie & Hyun-bin? 🙂

  7. Love Ji Sung and of course Rain too!! Not all Korean guy are feminine but then they do look good like that! ehehheheh

  8. myolie and linda, dont be naive..these korean kids are yucky ;ooking… terrible!
    poor taste

    1. But you can’t blame her for looking at greener pastures when she had to deal with all those old and short HK guys all the time. LOL!

      1. exactly, i guess we appreciate what we dont get to see often hahaha…

  9. Come on Myolie, I’m sure you like Psy. Don’t look at his watermelon, look at his body of work (biggest youtuber ever).

  10. HAHA myolie play a jokes on Linda lol

    I love that drama too, but 20 times is wow.

    Guys, go meet Running Man 🙂

  11. love myolie’s clothes… she really likes kev yiu’s designs

  12. Haha…. linda is so fangirling over ji-sung…haha they tricked her into believing thst myolie was invited by ji sung to do an mv….haha how funny…

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