Lee Tim Shing Confirms Myolie Wu Joining “Rosy Business 3”

It is confirmed that Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) will not be returning to Rosy Business 3 <巾幗梟雄 3>.

Being the soul of the Rosy Business franchise, Sheren’s name was shockingly striked from the third installment. Due to her rumored contractual issues and high demands, Sheren reportedly was cut out from the series and replaced by Myolie Wu (胡杏儿).

The lead actress replacement was widely discussed by netizens. Many have called TVB to reconsider their choice and some even threatened a mutiny to not watch the series.

In response to the controversial replacement, Producer Lee Tim Shing (李添勝) revealed that he wanted to instill “new blood” and revitalize the Rosy Business franchise.

New Blood in the Drama

Despite being dubbed as part of a trilogy, Rosy Business 3 will have a fresh storyline. The series will focus on the romantic and passionate first love between young couples. Myolie Wu, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), and rising TVB actor, Edwin Siu(萧正楠) will star in the drama. The trio will develop a complicated relationship against the backdrop of a turbulent era.

Past key Rosy Business supporting cast members, Susan Tse (謝雪心) and Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年) have been dropped out from the series too.  Tim Gor said, “I will start filming in February next year. I checked their schedules; they can’t reserve their time for me.”

Only Wayne Lai Remains

As Tim Gor indicated that he wanted a new pool of actors to revitalize the series, questions arise as to why Wayne was included. “I did retain Wayne. If I do not even retain him, the entire series will be beyond recognition. There isn’t any core character, then we can’t name the series as Rosy Business anymore!”

Tim Gor to Help Myolie Improve Her Acting

Tim Gor specifically handpicked Myolie as the female lead in Rosy Business 3. This will be their first collaboration. As many viewers have criticized Myolie for her exaggerated acting, Tim Gor replied, “Myolie Wu is the fadan that I wanted most! Actually, she has been acting quite well. Maybe nobody has pointed out to her; on the set, she exerted too much ‘strength’ in her acting. In Rosy Business 3, I will help her to restrain a bit and her acting will be fine-tuned.”

Tim Gor also hoped to bring out the potential of Myolie, “I hope that under my guidance, Myolie will glow. She already expressed to me that she is willing to participate and looked forward to the collaboration. ”

Tim Gor Defended Sheren

Tim Gor dismissed that Sheren had been left out from Rosy Business 3 due to her diva attitude and unreasonable demands. “Working with Sheren in the past, she has always been devoted to acting well.”

For the third series, Tim Gor revealed that he had difficulty writing the script if the golden couple, Wayne and Sheren still remained in the show. “Sheren and Wayne are very compatible. The more compatible they are, the more difficult it is to write a script. I gave them a beautiful love story and I had written it all there. I did not reserve anything. I gave it all to them!”

Tim Gor further added, “They had a subtle love the first time. For the second time, it was an ‘earth shattering’ love! How do we want them to love for the third time? I scratch my head and still can’t think of a story!”

Sheren Tang Responds

Responding that she was ousted from Rosy Business 3, Sheren replied, “My schedule for February and March next year is already full. I do not have any reservations on acting in the series. TVB has not called me to discuss. Regarding this matter, Tim Gor also did not call me. I also do not know if they still want me to act in the series. I really do not know about this matter. ”

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  1. The success of Rosy Business and No Regrets is too closely tied to Sheren’s acting performance and the Sheren-Wayne dynamic. If there’s no Sheren and if there’s not going to be any link to the previous two series, then they shouldn’t call it Rosy Business 3, which will only serve to alienate fans of RB/NR and saddle Myolie with unkind comparisons to Sheren.

    Sheren’s character was the heart and soul of both RB and NR. She’s the 巾帼 in the Chinese title of the series. Surely Lee Tim Shing of all people can’t be so muddle-headed as to not realise this?

  2. I will glad to watch it for pleasure if it’s not RB. TVB, PLEASE CHOOSE ANOTHER NAME!

  3. You cant name the show RB3 without Sheren & Wayne together in it.
    Please dont destroy the fans loyalty to TVB.

  4. Sheren is the heart
    Wayne is the body
    Sherayne is the soul
    I think they choose the name Rosy Business for view rating

  5. myolie is nowhere near the level of sheren tang. big shoes to fill sister. its just so degrading for sheren…. sheren is like up there, and myolie.. well… down there.

    don’t call it rosy business 3 then!!!! so every tim gor series with wayne lai in it is gonna be called rosy business? RB4, RB5.

    if they didn’t name it rosy business, and used myolie as the lead actress, i don’t think ppl would mind. but to say myolie is replacing sheren in rosy business, mannnnn its so disrespectful to the fans and the original actress! do you think we only care abut the storyline? no its also the actors/actresses who do an exceptional job….

    1. the lead actress who be with Wayne in “Detective Columbus”, and Tim Gor is the producer, it also be Rosy Business??? lol

      1. Why not?

        In that case, Myolie Wu’s drama series with Wayne Lai should be called “Rosy Business 4”. Ha ha …………..

      2. That’s different because the series is called Detective Columbus from the start and was never linked to Rosy Business franchise at all. Unlike this one which is obviously borrowing the fame and success of Rosy Business.

    2. I think they choose the name Rosy Business for view rating. But it is not fair for Sheren, especially Sheren was never contacted to film “Rosy Business 3”. It will be more acceptable if Sheren rejected it herself. It is a disgrace to Sheren who was an icon in “Rosy Business”.

      Agree ………… “Myolie is nowhere near the level of Sheren Tang. big shoes to fill sister. its just so degrading for sheren…. sheren is like up there, and myolie.. well… down there. ”

      Agree, too ……….. “if they didn’t name it Rosy Business, and used Myolie as the lead actress, I don’t think people would mind. but to say Myolie is replacing Sheren in Rosy Business, mannnnn its so disrespectful to the fans and the original actress! “

      1. It’s brainwashing. TVB might want the public to accept Myolie as the first sister since that spot is left open since Charmaine left and the other 4 candidates hasn’t won the BA award yet LOL.

      2. Sherayne has made the successful of Rosy Business and now TVB destroy the reputation of it, who would guarantee Myolie will do better Sheren?? if nobody guarantees, it is clear that they are destroying RB

  6. I will not watch “Rosy Business 3” for sure if Sheren Tang is not in it.

  7. Poor Sheren. Neither TVB and Lee Tim Shing contacted her and all of a sudden got news of Rosy Business 3 without her. Why are TVB and LTS calling this Rosy Business 3? Just give it another name!

    1. It is even worse to say that Sheren Tang asked for too much money and a TV Queen award in order to film “Rosy Business 3”. It is absolutely not fair to Sheren.

      If TVB or Lee Tim Sing wants to drop her, it is fine, but please don’t give the news media that kind of unfaithful and incorrect reasons for their decision.

      1. Sheren wrote down her feelings in weibo on 6 Sept : 一向不甚回应编作出来的新闻,但這兩星期發現網上新聞太不負責任,沒根據沒訪問就亂作甚至用破壞人名聲來炒作,可恥!好想說:"若真是大牌是不用耍的,都自然会受到尊重和禮待。若不是大牌耍也没用,因他没價值,娱乐圈很現实。"這些道理那会不知道。下次作新聞時不用良知也請用用腦?谢

        Agree it’s unfair that they were giving a bad and damaging image to Sheren when Sheren was oblivious and was never contacted.

      2. Sheren’s message was posted on her TVB Blog as well. It was soooooooooooo UNFAIR to Sheren. It ruined her beautiful and good image. She didn’t usually pay attention to what people said, but I think she was quite mad at this kind of reporting.

        I don’t think if it was purely the fault of that newspaper. It could be the rumour given by some TVB people just to back up their decision to replace Sheren with Myolie.

      3. Maybe the rumours was ‘leaked’ by TVB to give excuse to replace Sheren with Myolie since the report definitely put Sheren negatively while put positive light on Myolie.

      4. Personally I think so ……. to raise Myolie Wu and at the same time give TVB/Lee Tim Sing a good excuse to replace Sheren because Sheren’s image is sooooooo big in “Rosy Business”. TVB does not really care about Sheren as she is not their biological daughter and there was rumour that she signed up with CTI.

      5. Yeah. Actually it doesn’t matter if TVB or Lee Tim Shing want to praise Myolie to the sky or promote Rosy Business 3 like hell, but I feel pity for Sheren who has to be given negative image to put her down.

      6. Can’t TVB/Lee Tim Shing promote something without bashing someone else? Sheren becomes the stepping stone here to promote a series and a TVB favourite actress 🙁

      7. It is no class for TVB or Lee Tim Sing to do it. It is fine if they want to drop Sheren for Myolie in “Rosy Business”, but please don’t give misleading and incorrect reasons for them to do it.

        I feel so sorry for Sheren. I don’t believe that she is that kind of a person. She is a very demanding actress, only in terms of acting, scriptwriting and production.

      8. I know news media usually like to exaggerate the reporting, but they won’t make it up completely if they don’t have some hints or insider’s news.

      9. I hope Lee Tim Shing can at least step out to clear Sheren’s name since he’s a well respected producer who has worked with Sheren.

      10. I have a feeling it’s more TVB than Lee Tim Shing, at least I hope so.

      11. I hope so, too. Or I will have no respect in him from now on.

        If it was not the chemistry of Sheren Tang, Wayne Lai and Cheung Wah Piu, probably Lee Tim Sing’s “Rosy Business” would not have so much fame and popularity.

      12. “Can’t TVB/Lee Tim Shing promote something without bashing someone else? Sheren becomes the stepping stone here to promote a series and aTVB favourite actress.”

        I don’t think LTS meant to bring down Sheren’s image since Sheren has worked closely with him in both installments. It might come from TVB. TVB now lacks a powerful fadan since Charmaine left and it’s more like TVB will do anything to beautify Myolie’s image push Myolie towards that empty position since out of the 5, she’s the only one won that BA award.

      13. I can’t help but think you guys are right…especially the part about TVB possibly leaking the info to the Media so that Sheren would be painted in a bad light. I wouldn’t put it past TVB to do such a thing because they’ve done it before to artists whom they feel may “betray” them…plus they’re notorious for ‘assuming’ things and taking action without seeking clarification (i.e. look what they did to Paul Chun’s son Benji — he accompanied his sister to a CTI welcome dinner as her manager and almost immediately, he got dropped from all his hosting gigs at TVB because they assumed that he had signed with CTI when in fact he hadn’t at that time…they didn’t bother to even ask clarification from him)….

        Back in June, there were definitely “rumors” that Sheren might join CTI due to a post she had done on her Weibo (which she clarified later on)…I wouldn’t be surprised if TVB saw that and decided to stab Sheren in the back first before she got the chance to “betray” them (you know, to save face…).

        Anyway, here are links to 2 posts from back in June that talks about Sheren’s 2 Weibo posts hinting at a possible collaboration with CTI….might help shed some light on why Sheren is being painted in such a negative light all of a sudden…



      14. It’s low if TVB really want to paint Sheren in a negative light just because they think Sheren is possibly supporting a rival company, while at the same time use the opportunity to support up their favourite biological daughter at the expense of Sheren’s image. However llwy12 what you posted are really hinting of this shoddy entertainment business politics 🙁

      15. Feel so bad for Sheren. TVB promoted their so-called TV Queen, Myolie, at the expense of Sheren’s image.

      16. TVB kill many birds with one stone.
        -smear negative rumours on Sheren
        -promote TVB managed artistes Myolie as the newTVB Queen

        As expexted since Sheren is not a TVB managed artiste LOL

      17. Poor Sheren but that’s the life of ex TV Queen vs a TV Queen who’s currently under no.1 must promote in TVB 😛

      18. @salamander:
        “However llwy12 what you posted are really hinting of this shoddy entertainment business politics”

        Actually, that’s nothing compared to some of the stuff that veteran actor Yuen Wah revealed about TVB in a recent interview…talk about “shoddy politics”….those who always believed that the whole TVB politics thing was ‘made up’ by conspiracy theorists (trust me, I’ve actually had people tell me that), well I suggest they go read Yuen Wah’s interview….

  8. Myolie looks old in that picture. Perfect picture if it’s meant to match her age with Wayne hahaha

  9. I was just reading on Baidu Tieba that apparently Myolie has confirmed that she will be working with Wayne and Lee Tim Shing on an upcoming drama, but stopped short of saying that this drama would be “Rosy Business 3”?

    My speculation is that all this talk about RB3 is a smokescreen and somehow this affair will end with the upcoming LTS drama being retooled and renamed. There have been RB3 rumours before, but they didn’t come to pass. If, indeed, this is all a conspiracy to promote Myolie, then TVB and LTS would have to be pretty pig-headed to not realise that branding the drama “Rosy Business 3” will simply serve to invite comparisons between Sheren and Myolie, to Myolie’s disadvantage.

    1. My take is this: TVB purposely spread rumour that this is RB3 to create news while at the same time spread lies about Sheren’s big shot attitude and also promote Myolie as the new partner for Wayne. All to promote this new LTS series. In the end I also think the name won’t be RB3.

      1. Agreed. I really doubt the final product will be named RB3.

        This whole affair reminds me of the RB3 rumours last year, where the media talked up the possibility of RB3 and then it eventually emerged that Sheren was going to film WAB2 instead. It came across as TVB trying to use the RB name to create news for an upcoming series. The difference with the rumours this time is that there seems to be an additional intent to smear Sheren.

  10. Sherayne has made the successful of Rosy Business and now TVB destroy the reputation of it, who would guarantee Myolie will do better Sheren?? if nobody guarantees, it is clear that they are destroying RB, just because of they want to push Myolie higher as a TV Queen in 2013=)).

  11. Fala Chen, JJ jia, Christine Kuo are much better than Myolie. They seem more like Mafia…

    1. Fala Chen acts surely better than Myolie Wu. JJ is coming along and will overtake Myolie very soon in acting. She needs to improve her accented Cantonese more. Christine looks prettier than Myolie, but I think Myolie’s acting is still a bit better than Christine’s now, not sure of it in future.

    1. I don’t think so. She act so well, she’ll make RB3 more attractive. Can’t wait to see.

      1. she always make me feel bored & sleepy o.O
        OMG! what is going on??????????

      2. Well, if Myolie is going to act a little and silly girl who always argues with Wayne Lai and Edwin Siu, it may not be too bad, but not a serious character who needs to show facial expressions and inner emotion.

  12. Awesome that Myolie will be replace Sheren but they should not use the same title.

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