Myolie Wu Denies Rumors With Nancy Wu’s Younger Brother

Last week, prior to heading to Hainan, China to film Triumph in the Skies 2 <冲上云霄II>, Myolie Wu (胡杏儿) especially arranged Nancy Wu’s (胡定欣) 31st birthday party aboard a yacht. Nancy brought her new boyfriend, Patt Sham, and her younger brother. Good friends, Mandy Wong (黄智雯), Paisley Wu (胡蓓蔚) and her husband, Pal Sinn (单立文), Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) and his girlfriend, Tina, also attended.

At 5 PM, the yacht sailed away in the Sai Kung waters. Myolie was photographed having a blast with Nancy’s younger brother, in which the pair often laughed together. Myolie quickly led him into the back cabin.

Nancy’s birthday cake was brought out and her boyfriend, Patt, hugged her and gave her a kiss.  The women changed into their swimwear and enjoyed the sea breeze. At 10 PM, the yacht sailed back to the harbor after a fun-filled celebration, in which Myolie paid for the yacht booking. The next day, Myolie and Nancy departed for Hainan to film Triumph in the Skies 2.

Myolie Denies Interest in Nancy’s Brother

Filming beach scenes for in Sanya, Hainan, Myolie appeared in a bikini alongside Triumph in the Skies 2 cast members Eliza Sam (岑丽香), Kibby Lau (刘俐) and Snow Suen (孙慧雪).

Myolie also filmed pool scenes with Ron Ng (吴卓羲), Adrian Chau (周志文), Rocky Cheng (郑健乐) and Yeung Chiu Hoi (杨潮凯). Myolie joked, Today I can finally go in the water with four hot guys!”

Completing filming in Hainan in one week, Myolie returned to Hong Kong on September 17. Myolie was immediately bombarded by questions regarding her rumors with Nancy Wu’s younger brother.

When teased that Myolie had an added advantage due to her connection with Nancy, Myolie said, “No, her younger brother is like my younger brother! I think they [fabricated] the story after taking the photos.”

Myolie added that she is only interested in older men. Laughing, she welcomed others introducing romantic prospects to her, “But no younger men though!”

It was rumored that Nancy has been introducing Patt’s friends to Myolie.  An insider said, “Nancy’s boyfriend’s family is loaded and he has broad social connections. As a result, Nancy knew many top people. After Myolie broke up with Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Nancy has been introducing men to her, including interior designers, lawyers, and architects. Since Myolie did not wish to get back with [Bosco], she did not mind the introductions and regarded it as a chance to meet more people.”


Jayne: Nancy has found a new boyfriend, so her chances to get back together with Kenneth Ma are also over. Myolie seems to have enjoyed her work trip in Hainan immensely, as she posted numerous photos on her Weibo blog.

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  1. “Nancy has found a new boyfriend, so her chances to get back together with Kenneth Ma are also over.”

    Until she marries, NOT QUITE

    1. But it seems like Kenneth was the one who often drag Nancy into interviews, Nancy rarely talk about Kenneth at all.

      1. Kenneth is probably still dating Margie hence the latest interview of him often “hinted” someone who resembles Margie Tsang.

      2. Even if he wants, he can’t as Nancy has new guy already.

        Yup, it’s the truth that Nancy rarely mentioned of MM even before, and until now MM is the only one who is trying to dig the old love story with Nancy. With the info about Nancy’s bf, now MM can stop.

        Wonder why there are ppl who still think that Nancy tried to get back to MM after the breakup and even now. She moved already.

    2. Now for good, nobody can say Nancy is wanting to be back to MM again. She found new guy!

    1. never know who nancy new bf can be might even be ron they seem like theyre getting along really well

  2. “Nancy has been introducing men to her, including interior designers, lawyers, and architects.”

    Nancy has great connections with high level men!

    1. Damn it. Next thing reporters will say is Myolie dumped Bosco for Nancy’s friends.

    2. [Myolie added that she is only interested in older men. Laughing, she welcomed others introducing romantic prospects to her, “But no younger men though!”]

      Was this a subtle way of saying Bosco (younger man) has no chance!??!?! NOOO 🙁 BOSCOLIEEE. Hehe.

  3. I don’t like Myolie’s new short haircut..makes her look like a teenage boy, like Justin Beiber.

    1. Her short haircut is great. It’s perect for her tomboy role and makes her look refreshing and different from others.

  4. Aww, I wish Myolie and Kenneth would get together even though I know it has a snowball’s chance in you know where of happening. He seems like he’d make a good husband and father if Myolie wants kids. Older guys are just in a totally different place in their lives and I’ve always found this attractive since women have to start thinking about marriage before their youth fades away.

  5. Is there a photo of Patt Sham? Didn’t know she was dating someone new.

  6. Myolie’s short hairdo gives off a really fresh vibe which I like. It makes her look younger than her actual age.

  7. Myolie n Nancy look good together , so mayb they can get together lolz.

    They both look very pretty!

  8. Moylie should consider Kenneth Ma , agree take him lol. lf for marriage good choice, he will be a good husband & father lol.

    1. Why Nancy didn’t recommend Kenneth to Myolie? I’m glad anyway that Nancy is helping Myolie by introducing great guys with great careers to Myolie. I’m impressed by how many successful men Nancy knows!

      1. I only regret that Nancy didn’t introduce these great men 8 years ago and let Myolie suffered and wasted 8 years of her life in doom.

      2. Maybe the relationship between Nancy and Kenneth have deterioted? or gone bad? that’s why Nancy didnt’ want to introduce Kenneth to Myolie? hehe

      3. Actually can’t blame it on Nancy for not introducing great men to Myolie if Myolie didn’t want to meet them 1st. Myolie was deeply inloved with Bosco that time and only pulled out from the relationship recently after a painful decision

      4. 8 years ago, Nancy was only 23 years old. Doubt she knew so many “great” guys with successful careers. Most those guys were probably still fooling around.

      5. I bet rich guys will never stop fooling.. until the day they got old or etc, look at Justin Lee or someone’s famous’ husbands,.. many are still caught fooling around with hot chicks.. even not so rich fella like Vivian chow’s hubby, also caught kissing with a younger and hot conclusion, men are generally flirty creature with high sexual desire but only those riches who can play such games.

      6. I guess as long as they have money, they will fool around. Hard to find a faithful one unless in drama. In reality, I guess it is not going to happen.

      7. why do u think Moylie suffered ? it seems to be she has never looked sad after the break up maybe it was something she had planned all along.

      8. I didn’t know a strong and independent woman these days need to wear their heart on their sleeves. If She doesn’t look sad now. She may be trying to hide it and be professional. What do you want her to do? Cry all day? Maybe, when she’s 16. Now she’s older and more mature. You don’t need to cry drama drama all day to show that you are sad. How do you expect her to carry on filming if she shows that she’s sad?

      9. I meant she sufered during the 8 years and finally happier now from all the news and weibo daily updates.

      10. Now that Myolie hashinted that she ‘doesn’t want younger guys’ which translates ‘Bosco has zero chance’, all you Boscolie suckers should give up and stop spamming twitters, facebooks, and weibos with Boscolie hopes. I’m seriously annoyed. I’m sad too that some of these people claim that they are Myolie’s fans but don’t want to leave Myolie to br happy with her new single life where she can meet these great lawyers and architects.

      11. but @lol, we can’t entirely blame it on Bosco for hurting Myolie for 8 years..maybe Myolie and Bosco had a happy relationship before Bosco caught cheating (rumor)?. Myolie seems to be very happy when she announced it to the world that she and Bosco were a couple during the Award moment, she was really touched and etc.

      12. In the past, Myolie has also said many times (while she was dating bosco), that she prefer older men. It doesn’t say a thing. I prefer older men, but I’ve dated younger guys too.

      13. “I meant she sufered during the 8 years and finally happier now from all the news and weibo daily updates.”

        Myolie did not suffer for 8 years. If she really did suffer all these 8 years, she wouldn’t said what she said when she received her Best Actress Award. She also wouldn’t have said Bosco has helped her a lot in overcoming her unhappiness/depression/gloomy outlook.

      14. Well that was the past and now Myolie has changed to older professional and successful men based on people that Nancy brought to her. This is for the better future for Myolie. A younger, playful and mommy boy guy is too hard to handle and she did exclaim in her speech that she can’t stand him.

  9. Nancy is bad influence to Moylie or maybe their character is the same and just want guys with lots of money and why would guys with lots of money want them can get any gals they want in China as they are both nothing special

    1. Looks aren’t everything, I hope you know that. And there are actually some guys out there looking for women with personality and good behavior like Myolie and Nancy rather than fake, plastic surgery-enhanced Chinese women who, stereotypically marry them for money. These gals have money of their own.

  10. Myolie added that she is only interested in older men. Laughing, she welcomed others introducing romantic prospects to her, “But no younger men though!”

    Myolie, Bosco is younger than you :P. Maybe after Bosco, now she lost faith in younger men?

  11. I remember once, quite some time ago, when Kevin Cheng said that he would rather not have rumours that Myolie said that on the contrary she wished for more of them. Now that she is no longer “tied” to Boscoe she is meeting more people and her wish has been granted.

  12. Have just checked for Nancy’s bf and wow, she really has a good catch. Comparing to her ex-es, look like she finally can find her best guy. Hope she’ll ring a wedding bell soon.

  13. wish i can be myolie right now and be choosy with guys. no more opportunity for me unless i break up.

  14. Surprised to see Rocky Cheng’s name. I haven’t seen or heard of him for so long, I thought he has left TVB.

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