[Breakup Files] Myolie Wu Heartbroken over Bosco Wong’s Cheating Lies?

After splitting up with Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) spoke about his tearful breakup story and his intention to reconcile and marry Myolie. He also pleaded with the media not to slander her. Next Magazine reported that Bosco was only acting to keep his faithful image! He allegedly did not even try to salvage his relationship with Myolie, while intentionally leaking rumors that he had named Myolie as a beneficiary for his insurance plan to gain public sympathy!

Lies, Lies, and More Lies?

Worried that his cheating story will be exposed, Bosco allegedly solicited help from TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) to silence Myolie for revealing the truth. The insider also disclosed that Bosco allegedly lied through his teeth on a radio interview with Eileen Cha (查小欣), when he revealed that he still had contact with Myolie to discuss how to account for their separation.

The insider disclosed, “After breaking up, Bosco and Myolie never kept in contact at all! Bosco sought out Ms. Lok to convey messages to Myolie, requesting her not to expose the presence of a third party! Bosco was lying during the radio interview with Eileen Cha when he said he kept in touch with Myolie to discuss the announcement of their breakup. In fact, there is no such thing. All along, he depended on Ms. Lok to be his messenger! ”

The insider further revealed, “He said that there were already problems when Myolie was crowned the TV Queen last December, but the truth is not like that!  Actually, they were still doing fine at that time. The stories on buying an apartment and luxury car for Myolie….. Bosco only paid for the down payment for the car, the rest is all forked out from Myolie’s own pocket!”

Myolie Heartbroken Over Bosco’s Attempt to Cover Up

Myolie allegedly gave up hope on Bosco, after he reportedly lied repeatedly and pretended to be a faithful lover. After considering her 8-year relationship with Bosco, Myolie allegedly agreed to Ms. Lok’s request for silence over the cheating rumors. The insider revealed that Myolie felt unjust and bitter about Bosco’s attempt to bury his dark past.

The insider further leaked, “After seeing Bosco lying and refusing to admit his mistake, Myolie was so heartbroken. There was an initial agreement to account for the breakup reason, but Ms. Lok already opened her mouth to the media. Thus, Myolie eventually agreed not to expose Bosco. However, Myolie will not deny the presence of a third party, and this is already a huge concession!”

Recently, Myolie was also fuming at her romantic rumors with 41-year-old Taiwanese actor, Eric Huang (黃少祺). Unable to hold her anger anymore, she wrote on her Weibo, “Just because I’m not talking about it doesn’t mean I’m a mute! Please let us go!”

Source: Next Magazine #1169 via ihktv.com

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  1. Next Magazine goes a step further by claiming that Bosco not only cheated, but intentionally schemed to coverup the breakup reasons. These are the most damaging allegations to surface thus far!

    1. Hmm. This might be a bias opinion, but that’s pretty hard to believe :\ I don’t think Bosco went to that level….

    2. Really tired of Boscolie headline…It’s really boring….

      1. Same here… WHat more is there to say?? They just just get more and more creative to the point that you wonder is there any truth in any of these recent reports anymore?I guess they just want to milk this and make as much money as they can and while they can.

      2. Tired of this Boscolie news too. Same here. Enough is enough.

      3. but Nicole, lol, Jackie and fiona the Myolie fans will love this article LOL. More excuse for them to spit fire ROFL

      4. Same here. Bored of Boscolie headline and different version every day. Can we move on please Jayne?

      5. Myolie fan here but I’m tired too of Boscolie headline. It’s hurting fans too. In agreement with above hope Jaynestars can stop force feeding us with this headline.

      6. Aznlady,
        “In agreement with above hope Jaynestars can stop force feeding us with this headline.”

        Your suggestion will be taken into account. But I doubt I was doing any force feeding…everyone willingly read the headline and decided they were interested to read the article. Until realizing Next Magazine’s wild claims may be too terrible to believe.

        I realize the above article makes Bosco sound like a terrible person. But we try to post a sampling of what the Hong Kong and mainland Chinese media’s coverage on popular artists, which will include negative and positive news. It is up to the reader to determine for himself/ herself what to believe and think.

      7. Well, we’re only getting a mere snippet of how things are in HK. Just a little. Imagine all the pressure and scrutiny mounting over the pair of them, right in the middle of it all…

        To be honest – if reports are to believed – Bosco’s attempts to salvage the situation is a bigger turn-off to me than his supposed cheating/flirtatious behaviour.

    3. I know why LOL. Because last year Bosco took legal action against Next company for his nude pics LOL. So Next won’t be quiet until he goes to deep pit.

      1. Oh, I have forgotten about this. Vivien, your theory is very possible.

      2. Next=Next Weekly, Sudden Weekly, Face Magazine, Apple Daily LOL.

        I learn a lot from Jayne Stars to give my deduction LOL

  2. ohh dude! what is the truth? it’s enough just let it be, and the media should be quiet now..

  3. I believe myolie loves him a lot and wouldn’t break up without a valid reason

  4. Well.. guys who cheat usually try to cover their tracks/ protect themselves. Once they have fallen out of love, they would not care about the feelings of the person they cheated on anymore. If this is the truth, then Bosco is just like a lot of guys out there. I think girls should face it – a lot of guys out there are just like him.

  5. It sadden to say but each time when a couple make headline of the break up. People kept speculate 3rd party…In the US there are a lots of celebrities break up and not necessary involving cheating….

    1. Probably because it’s the easiest for the media to “cover”… Especially when they are artists the media will drag in innocent co-stars or something… 🙁

  6. i dont thnk he wll go tht far… i mean he must hve love myolie.. thy were tgether 8yrars…nt 8mnths.. he mght hve cheated but i dont thnk he wll delibrtely hury myolie.. to some man lust n love r nt the same

  7. funny that all the top 3 actors in TVB had their love lives/scandals/lies exposed all at around the same time. It’s either bosco and raymond were trying to jump on the bandwagon of Ron/Viann’s separation or someone is intentionally trying to disgrace TVB’s actors. all happening at the same time… hard to believe.

    1. i know!!! i have no idea how this is possible o.O like they are literally tvb’s most popular/top 3 siu sangs…. so weird.

    2. maybe they want to ruin those 3 siu sangs, since they are doing it pretty good. Like if it is a lot of news about them, then people will read, and the media can make money.

      like you said at the same time is like unbelivable. Three top stars, three of the hottest guys in TVB has scandals at the same time is just to weird to be true. Beside as more as they get in the newspapeer, as more money they make.

  8. “Bosco only paid for the down payment for the car, the rest is all forked out from Myolie’s own pocket!”

    Both Bosco and Myolie already said this to the media when the car was first bought so I don’t see how this is “insider” information. Also, Myolie said in interviews that she did keep in contact with Bosco to talk about how to handle the breakup. This article is obviously sensationalized since there is proof by other media that a lot of these points are false.

  9. Some of the statements above are actually not that unbelievable. What that “insider” said about Boscolie are not in contact and did not have any problems during december when Myolie won best actress might actually be true. Myolie said so herself, that they don’t really contact each other and they were actually doing fine in december and did not understand why he said so.

    I also find it very strange that few days their break up was publicly announced, Bosco had to disclose that Myolie thought he was a boring boyfriend and he also said he was not as open as he seems and was nerdy, always staying in the hotel room when filming in mainland. During that time they already broke up for weeks. And then few days later the big news was announced and he said on the Cha Siu Yan’s radio show, that maybe that was the reason they broke up. Because he had difficulty to talk and share.. It is like a set up. I do believe that when a couple have been together for 8 years, they most likely can connect and share their thoughts. I don’t think they would have lasted that long if they are not comfortable with each other. But people change so who knows..

  10. i think raymond, bosco and ron are just victims of the Magazines company i wouldnt believe anything that gets said about those 3.. all this articles isnt affecting raymond or bosco but it is affecting ron cos his news is the worst.. and what has been said about those 2 is nothing compared to ron news but ron can handle it

    1. Ron is dumb. He left his evidences while the other two are smarter and don’t leave evidences yet. I’m just waiting to see the media catch Bosco and Raymond with their plastic women.

  11. Reporter should really stop milking this already as every1 said it’s boring.

  12. Virginia Lok (樂易玲) is a real Witch!!! I can’t stand hearing about her…She more popular than any movie star…Give me a break.. Can’t hide the truth VLok is trying to play GodFather!!!
    If your a dog, you ‘ll always be a dog. Yes..I’m talking about POOR Bosco… You suck Bosco…She was the right one!!!

    1. Faithful boyfriend? lol… of course he is. That’s why Myolie broke up with him! Because he was too faithful -.-

  13. Men. Celebrity. Wealthy. Entertainment business : endless temptations. I would be suprised if there exists a faithful man in that context.
    Such a shame…I love the Boscolie couple. Poor Myolie 🙁

  14. If Myolie wants Kenneth, we her fans will wish her happiness but I don’t want her friendship with Nancy to hurt since he’s Nancy’s ex. Myolie will feel awkward.

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