Nancy Wu Did 95% of Action Stunts in “The Unholy Alliance”

With The Unholy Alliance <同盟> entering its second week of broadcast, Nancy Wu (胡定欣), Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Elaine Yiu (姚子羚), Joel Chan (陳山聰), and Nina Paw (鮑起靜) attended a promotional event to help boost viewership ratings.

After the first few episodes, many viewers already started comparing The Unholy Alliance to last year’s hit series A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄>, which also starred Nancy and Ruco. Agreeing that there are similarities in both her characters, Nancy said her role this time is definitely the modern-day version of Tiu Lan.

With barely any fighting knowledge, Nancy started from the basics and specifically took lessons in order to train for her role. In one of last week’s episodes, Nancy spoke about how she had to use makeup to cover up all the bruises she accumulated from filming. Nancy said, “Unfortunately, the makeup washed away when I went into water. However, at least the bruises proves that I was in an action film.”

Minimizing the use of a stunt double, Nancy added, “I can honestly say that in The Unholy Alliance, I did around 95 percent of the action scenes myself. There were a couple of action scenes that did not go very smoothly. During those times, I felt slightly disheartened and discouraged.”

As someone who loves to learn new things, Nancy feels as though she still has room for improvement in the future and expressed that she thoroughly enjoys taking on fresh challenges.

No Awkwardness With Ruco

Although dating rumors sparked after working on A Fist Within Four Walls last year, Nancy and Ruco never admitted to having started a relationship. In March, Ruco was revealed to dating ex-Miss Hong Kong contestant Phoebe Sin (單文柔).

Emphasizing that she is only friends with Ruco, Nancy once again said there was no awkwardness on working with him. Nancy sighed, “Everyone needs to stop discussing this. Perhaps this is worthy news to the media but if everyone wants to know the truth, I’ve already said it before. My answer is the same every time. Are you saying that you’ll only be happy if I feel awkward? I put in a lot of effort and hard work in filming the series and I hope everyone will focus on the show instead.”


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    1. @linvin8 YES! Her voice when she tries to act cute is irrating AF. She should just go with the “cool assassin” persona instead of cool and then HK princess syndrom cutesy. Super annoying…

      1. @jjwong agreed. the stunts are so fake already. her cutsie assassin personality doesn’t make sense for this series

  1. Dont be so harsh guys. Recent years, we dont have many talented actress like Nancy. I bet there is no better actress for this role but Nancy. Priscilla, Sisley, Grace??? Oh nooo…

    1. @alicesky I wasn’t at all indicating that Nancy isn’t talented, you’re absolutely right, there aren’t many who are as talented. I’m just merely pointing out that the *character* is annoying. If the character was meant to be annoying then I’m certain Nancy has done a brilliant job.

    2. @alicesky It sucks that we have to settle because there’s not many talents. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Nancy but that doesn’t mean I have to like all of her actings. The way she portrayed this bodyguard is annoying; unlike @linvin8, I think she wanted to be cute but failed IMO xD

      Also, Grace WONG could probably pull this role off.

  2. Off topic but on a related note, I hope Elaine does well. She doesn’t have this charisma to pull it off to me thus far. However, the role seems to be so out of her comfort zone. If she can pull it off, it’ll be awesome. Lastly, hers and Joel characters have chemistry on script. But on screen, they’re off. They look more awkward than lovey-dovey, frisky couple. It’s still too early on to conclude anything though…

    1. @jjwong here’s anothet shout out: Nina Paw! She does emotional scenes to effing well. Parts where she met Ruco and really wanted to hug him but she held back. I think Ruco learned lots from her. He had been very good with emotional scene; case in point, thay series with Priscilla and his gambling aunt. This was definitely a golden moment for him to be paired with Nina in so many scenes. Nat Chan can learn a thing or two or gazzilions from both of them. She being big sister is a bit far fetch in my eyes. Can’t see her one yet. Can’t wait for her to pick up a gun and pew pew pew 😀

      Again, Nancy’s acting is annoying AF. I don’t think the character is supposed to be so. Who’s the chic crushing in Oscar? She’s cute. Her dimples are to die for, lol.

      It’s so predictable but I hope I’m wrong, Joel will turn on the family… TVB likes the whole blood vs non-blood thing, esp the main lead is their Ruco… Shesh, for once, just once, give the win to the none blood, none lead; sigh, highly doubted though.

      BTW Ruco char is annoying AF. Similar to his Wall’s one. At least his acting is bare-able unlike Nancy.

      BS on the PS from young and still look the same when old. ROFLMAO. How cruel is it to keep yoir blood safe but then okay to put your none blood in the black biz…

    it would be a better script if Joel gets married to Elaine and becomes an undercover for Nina lol

  4. Nancy has to keep a low profile in her role as a bodyguard to protect Ruco….her cutesy role is still acceptable.

    as for Joel, i don’t understand why the scriptwriter had to portray him as adopted son of Nina and his girlfriend as the daughter of a rival. Agree with jjwong that Joel will definitely be pissed if he finds out Ruco is the biological son.
    i like Jimmy Au as the personal assistant of Nina…but why does Nina call him 易先生?

    1. @janet72 Might be off-topic but Joel’s character kind of reminds me of Francis Ng’s character in a old Tvb series called 生命之旅. Alex Man and Francis Ng’s characters were orphans, but Francis Ng’s character got adopted by a rich businessman portrayed by Kawn hoi san and Alex man was adopted by a middle class family.

      He later discovered his childhood friend Alex man is actually the biological son of his adoptive father. Not only that, but they were also rivals with love.

      1. @unknown No offense but these two series sound nothing like each other except they have adopted characters. Ruco and Joel aren’t gonna fight over Nancy nor Elaine. Ruco isn’t adopted. He knew he was with an Aunt from beginning, not a step-mom. I doubt Joel is Nina’s double/sisterhood biological kid.

  5. Waiting for Jazz Bong to eff the ending up. Who’s getting the pitchforks ready with me?

  6. @alicesky TVB will go that route. It’ll be a twist that they think no one sees it coming because in reality everyone expects it. Oh and I dislike how they make Elaine is being so loyal to him. Sure, we/audience know he’s working for the good guy (Nina). From her char POV though, she’s a sellout.

    @janet72 In TVB mind: Nina shouldn’t have a bio-son with her so the enemies couldn’t use him against her. Everyone knows Joel is ONLY adopted so they can’t use him to ransom her. In reality: they’re building up adopted vs bio scheme. Or else, she didn’t even need to adopt him. Joel could’ve just work for her like Nancy is.

    @coralie lol! Everyone is gonna die except for Ruco and Nancy who retire from the mafia world and go live in Taiwan until their old age xD

    1. @jjwong well said. Elaine is so loyal to Joel bcoz she merely thinks her father is too ambitious and everything happened might be related to him. But anyway, her acting is good 🙂

      1. @alicesky Yea, she yet another lovesick puppy. At least she’s supposed to be physically badarse this time. She looked too fragile to sell her martial arts and sharpshooting skills. Yea, I like her as an actress.l but she still hasn’t sell this independent, 1 fight 5, hold a gun kind of person yet. I’m still waiting.

        Oh, or maybe she’ll be undercover for her dad. I rly hope that happens bc for once, just once, put the winning weights on the none lead people. Begin of eps 9, yaasss Elaine, stands up for your fam!!! It’s fam, you protect them blindly just as Joel is peotecting his blindly as well as Nina protecting her useless and brashful family.

        Off topic, TVB kisses and bed scenes are bolder now but the actors and actresses look so awkward doing them. Maybe they’ll be more natural overtime. At least they’re… progressing (???). I rather them progress im script though lol.

  7. My reaction to eps 9. SPOILER AHEAD.

    Yay, badarse Nina. Shoot without looking. Being cool with breaking a sweat; though she did sweat at the end lol. THEN
    Nooo, you protect Ruco and not tbe other way around. Dude, Ruco JUST learn how to shoot 30 mins ago then he all of sudden to handle semi-auto with one hand. Oh, come on!!! Why isn’t Nancy with her. Nancy is #1 beside Mr. Whatever. You would think Nancy priority is yo be with Nina like glue until she’s safe and not stay behind to shoot the hallway while her charge (Nina) is with second rated bodyguards…

    Yea, yea. It’s set up to show Ruco’s “prowess.” Uncalled for.

  8. Jimmy Au and Nancy know Ruco is the biological son…but Joel would be suspicious by now, because Nancy is supposed to be the top bodyguard and she is sent to protect Ruco…who is unknown to the family.

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