Nancy Wu Visits Remote Villages in Nepal

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Nancy Wu Visits Remote Villages in Nepal

Taking a break from her acting career, Nancy Wu (胡定欣) has been keeping herself busy with meaningful personal pursuits. Most recently, the two-time television queen traveled to Nepal for a five-day visit. Traveling to remote villages, Nancy’s main goal was to spread awareness and offer assistance to the local girls in Nepal, who are often faced with many societal crimes such as forced marriages, domestic violence, rape, trafficking, and child marriages.

Despite living in the 21st century, many Nepalese still hold on to traditional beliefs and values. Nancy shared, “They feel that a woman’s menstrual cycle is inauspicious, so they will force women to live in a ‘menstrual home’ during that time of the month. They are not allowed to have contact with people and must avoid others.”

One exceptionally memorable visit Nancy had was when she visited a little girl of about 10 years old, who was forced to work in order to support her family after her father died. Nancy recalled, “She works and earns money, but still has to suffer from suppression. In the end, she is only bringing home about $10 HKD. I decided to help her, so she could continue going to school.”

As the location of the visit was in the country side and more remote villages, the living conditions were not ideal. On her first night, Nancy noticed that both her sleeping pillows were a dirty, dark gray color. She reflected, “This visit has made me realize that happiness is not a given. We have to cherish everything.”

Contemplating on the coronavirus outbreak throughout the world and in Hong Kong, Nancy emphasized that the most important thing is good health. “Right now, we are not focusing on materialistic livelihood, but on survival. It has never been easy for Hong Kong netizens to make a living. If you stop working, you stop eating. I hope everyone will continue to have work.”


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  1. m0m0 says:

    Didn’t know Nepal was this poor. I heard similar stories of women in African and middle eastern countries. I think women in the middle East gets it the worst because they do genital manipulation too if I remember correctly.

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    • sherla1019 replied:


      all i couild say is both countries are truly sick in what they do to women i mean its the 21st century ppl still get brain washed into being stuborn jackasses

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