Kind-Hearted, Myolie Wu and Husband, Visit Children with Cleft Lips and Palates

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Kind-Hearted, Myolie Wu and Husband, Visit Children with Cleft Lips and Palates

Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) traveled to the Gansu province as an ambassador for Operation Smile with her husband Philip Lee (李乘德) to volunteer and visit children with cleft lips and palates. The mother of one expressed the trip was a very rewarding one and hopes it’ll raise awareness for Operation Smile and its mission.

The 38-year-old said, “For a lot of Hong Kong people and especially children, [cleft lip and palate] surgery is very simple. But in the Mainland [China] and other poor countries around the world, a small surgery of this type is very hard to come for poor children.”

Thus, she wants more people to know about Operation Smile and how many people the organization is helping. In addition, she hopes everyone will use his or her own methods to support Operation Smile. “The surgery will change [the children’s] lives,” Myolie added. “You can imagine how happy the children’s mothers are when they see their child is all better – their happiness is hard to describe.”

The actress personally went to the local hospital to meet the children with cleft lips and palates. She even took the initiative to talk with the medical staff from all over the world and the children’s parents to gain a deeper understanding of the birth condition.

“There are some children who have reached the age to go to school, but at school, other students will make fun of them for their condition and discriminate against them,” Myolie shared. “It’s so pitiful; as a mother, I feel heartbroken.”

However, she is happy to share the experience and trip with her husband, who always reminds her to be grateful and content. In fact, she hopes to bring her son Brendan Lee (李奕霆) to remote mountainous areas to volunteer in the future. “I hope it will make him understand happiness is not guaranteed,” the mother said. “People should cherish and be grateful with everything that they have.”

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    1. tungamy says:

      So nice of them to take time to do this.
      I visited Gansu after the earthquake to do a charity walk for rebuilding schools. Really makes you appreciate what you have

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    2. mindee says:

      This is very kind of them 🙂 It would really make a difference in those children’s lives

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