Natalie Tong Hopes Kenneth Ma Gets Married Soon

When Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) was filming Chinatown <唐人街>, she witnessed Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) becoming a father and Joel Chan (陳山聰) announcing his marriage. Reuniting with the actors again in Super Emissary <超能使者>, Natalie saw that many of her co-stars have already settled down and started their own families while she is still single after going through several unfruitful relationships.

Even Natalie’s godbrother Kenneth Ma (馬國明), whom she was linked with for years, has entered a new relationship with Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯). Natalie is still waiting for fate and said she is not in a hurry. She admitted “I am busy with work, so it’s hard to get to know [other people].”

When reporters commented that Kenneth had time to meet up with Roxanne in spite of his busy schedule, Natalie laughed and said, “That’s because he is smart. I am not as smart as him. They are both in the company so it is easier.”

While Natalie developed strong friendships with Kenneth and other co-stars after filming A Fistful of Stances <鐵馬尋橋> , the media liked to pair Natalie and Kenneth as a couple. With Kenneth now dating, Natalie shared that she will not feel awkward when she meets Roxanne. She gave the couple her blessings, “[My rumors with Kenneth] circulated for so long. I hope they will get married soon. I think that when they finally get married, I will be off the hook.”

Since Kenneth started dating, the Fistful of Stances clique often teased him for being busy and disappearing from the group. When asked if Kenneth will organize a dinner and invite Roxanne to meet the group, Natalie replied, “He is not someone who takes initiatives. Maybe he is waiting for Jazz Lam (林子善) and I to finish work first to have dinner.”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. The one that are still bachelorette are Natalie Tong, Nancy Wu, Selena Li, Charmaine Sheh, Jessica Suen and Louisa Mak?

    1. @cutie777 Yup, with Louisa being the youngest (now a consultant) and Jessica and Charmaine having reached a different height in their careers outside of TVB.

  2. Natalie acting isn’t that bad.. probably she doesn’t have the “celebrity” charm or packaging.
    At least she was awarded best actress and more opportunities compared to Selena Li.

    Anyway, hope rumours between natalie & kenneth will die off soon. Can be quite annoying with same old news. I believe they are just good friend and treat each other like brother & sister

    Louisa Mak is smart and quite versatile as newbie.

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