Natalie Tong, Tony Hung Back Together for 2 Months?

Since announcing their breakup last May, Tony Hung (洪永城allegedly has never gotten over Natalie Tong (唐詩詠). The pair was spotted taking a late night walk in January, but denied reconciling. However, reports surfaced today that with the help of Eric Tsang (曾志偉), Tony was successful in winning back Natalie and the couple has been back together for two months.

Recently, Eric Tsang opened a restaurant in Kowloon City, in which Tony is also a small stakeholder. Eric invited Tony and Natalie to have dinner at the restaurant, making it easy for the couple to secretly meet up and re-ignite lingering feelings they still had for each other.

Tony Changes His Ways

It was alleged that Tony did not give Natalie emotional security during their two-year relationship, due to his frequent rumors with female co-stars and continued friendship with his ex-girlfriend. Tony has now changed his ways in order to give Natalie confidence. While filming Big Coalition of Maids <丫鬟大聯盟>, which features many pretty actresses, Tony was careful in spending time with only male co-stars and the crew during break time.

Tony has also been vocal in his appreciation towards Natalie. During Natalie’s run for TVB Best Actress in January, Tony vocalized his support on social media, stating that she will always be “Best Actress in his heart” to give her a confidence boost.

Natalie has recently picked up an interest in working out, and even posted a video of herself lifting weights at the gym. Tony has followed suit and started weight lifting as well, so that he can have more common interests to talk to Natalie about.

With Tony’s sincerity, he has allegedly won back Natalie two months ago. Natalie has noticeably been in good spirits lately, and wrote in a recent social media post, “Life is not easy but it’s simple. If you can live it in your own way.” Was Natalie hinting on following her heart in her romantic life?

To avoid public pressure, the couple chose to keep their relationship low profile. When reached for comment over their reconciliation, Natalie said, “It’s just humorous news. I won’t respond.”

Sources: Cosmopolitan;

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