Natalie Tong’s Communication Problems Made Ex-boyfriend Complain

After several failed high-profile relationships, Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) is currently single. Though she is known for her forgiving side when her ex-boyfriend Amigo Chui (崔建邦) had cheated in their relationship, the 39-year-old actress admits that she has her flaws too, and finds it especially hard to open up to someone fully, which has created barriers to a successful relationship in the past.

The wall she builds around herself stems from the trauma of her parents divorcing when she was young and being the recipient of bullying when she had braces. Natalie said, “You need to be friends with me for at least 10 years before I am willing to share my inner thoughts with you!”

Her lack of communication extends from friends to even boyfriends, and has impacted her relationships negatively. “Naturally when I am dating, my other half will witness a side of me that I do not show the public, but I still find it hard to share my inner thoughts. I’ve come to realize that I struggle a lot with communication, and this is the only area where I feel that I need improvement. I always felt that many things don’t need to be explained.”

An ex-boyfriend was especially frustrated with Natalie’s communication style. She recalled, “For example, if gossip magazines had written something negative about my partner, he would ask me to stand up for him. I would just tell him that it is a small issue and that there is no need to respond. It was not my intention to brush him off or to make him feel unimportant, but due to my response, it made him feel that I did not care.”

With the never-ending gossip and keyboard warriors taking to the Internet to continue spreading the rumors, Natalie learned the hard way that her calm approach to negative press only brought more trouble. “I realize that everything has changed from the past–nowadays news spread so quickly due to the Internet. If you don’t respond, then you’ll lose control over the situation and it will continue to ferment.” Learning from the past, she will now take initiative to respond, “I will give detailed responses to the media so that there will not be any misunderstandings. Once misunderstandings happen, then it will be really hard to save the situation.”

Since last being linked with educational consultant Samuel Chan (陳思銘), Natalie is currently single and hopes to use the time to gain more insight about herself. Asked if she has a lot of pursuers, she replied, “I think even if I had one, I would want to enjoy some time with myself first. I really want to spend some time alone in order to understand myself better. I feel that this process will allow me to improve. When fate arrives, I will be able to show a better side of myself.”

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