Netizens Dig Up the Past of Aaron Kwok’s New Girlfriend

Just as everyone was wondering when Aaron Kwok (郭富城) would settle down, he uncharacteristically announced on social media that he has been dating 27-year-old Shanghainese psuedo-model, Moka (方媛), this past year. He revealed the relationship by uploading a photo of him holding onto Moka’s hand in the car.

Aaron has never openly acknowledged a relationship before, despite the fact that his romances with models Lynn Hung (熊黛林) and Christy Chung (鍾麗緹) were rather obvious. However, Aaron decided to let his relationship with Moka go public. “I don’t want to hide my life anymore. I should face everything more boldly,” Aaron said.

Netizen detectives went straight to work after Aaron and Moka revealed their relationship. They discovered that Moka had been in six relationships prior to meeting Aaron. She also had a “very materialistic” past, and may have also underwent plastic surgery in the past few years; a 7-year-old picture of Moka trying out for a beauty pageant showed that the model used to look different. There were also rumors claiming that Moka used to work for a nightclub.

When the news of their relationship broke, Moka immediately went on her WeChat to delete some of her friends. She then left a message, “I need to come out and clarify. Someone on WeChat revealed some private things about me, and I am very upset. I trusted them. Why did they turn out like this? Lastly, I do not know who everyone thinks I know. I’ve never seen them before.”

Moka Went On a Dating Show

Netizens uncovered many old clips of Moka making various media appearances in the past. In 2008, she participated in the Beach Honey <沙灘寶貝> awards, a competition where girls compete for the best bikini beach fashion. Moka had a fuller body at the time, and did not look as skinny as she is today.

In 2012, Moka guested on an episode in the reality TV series Perfect Dating <非常完美>, participating under the name “Ai Lisi” (愛麗絲). On the show, she claimed that she was an accountant and did not hesitate in saying that she was spoiled by her parents since a young age. She also admitted that she had dated many times in the past, and wanted to have a boyfriend who could treat her like a princess.

Source:, HiNet

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  1. if this all is true about her i really dont know why aron is in love with her,he seems to have a nose for the wrong girl. sorry but i dont think this relationship will last.

  2. Lynn Hung is far more beautiful, gorgeous and tall than Moka Fang but old man Aaron Kwok is “salivating” on young swan hohoho Father and daughter relationship…Yeah!

  3. Honestly don’t think this relationship will last.. Aaron likes them young it seem. Once the passion fade, he’ll move on to the next younger one.

    Lynn was smart enough to get out before she waste more of her time. And glad she find her other half now.

  4. Dont know who is worse.
    Aaron Kwok and Moka or Show Luo (羅志祥) and Grace Chow (周揚青). Moka and Grace both have had plastic surgery, both from China.
    Whats with men and going for young plastic Chinese women?

    1. @shimmerstars
      In the mid-50’s it wasn’t surprising for HK actresses to visit Japan for eyelid surgery. In the 60’s, Taipei had ps clinics on every block. Currently, SKorea is the place where Asians from everywhere flock for procedures to alter facial appearances.
      Before the mid-90’s, it was unheard of for mainland Chinese stars to do PS. They are now following the herd.

  5. I think I’m just happy to see that at least Moka is in her late 20s and can think for herself and have the necessary experience in life to know what she wants from men (and life in general.) I mean, late 20s should be the very least minimum for these uncles.

  6. Why is this surprising? This middle-aged pint-sized pervert had been stalking young and barely-legal starlets and models online for years. It should not come as a total shock that any respondent to his “avuncular” affections would have a few tricks up their own sleeves. LOL!

    1. @aiya lmfaooo good one i guess that article about him following(lang mos) pseudo models was not a lie. Pint sized pervert xD xD

  7. Initially, I thought Aaron Kwok was a Gay, the way he swayed his butt hahaha never knew he has interest in dames.

  8. Aaron is using this pseudo-model to distract media from researching about his connection with the Taiwanese prostitution ring. The gossip magazines gave a hint about “Old Heavenly King A” as a client of the recent international Taiwanese prostitution ring bust. Good job with the cover-up, Siu Mei (His manager)

    1. @leilaleia It is impossible for a righteous heavenly king called Aaron Kowk. This prostitution ring thing only happens with young upcoming struggling artists. (sarcasm) For fear I am branded as an ignoramus, lol, lol, lol.
      I believe this relationship is very staged. It would not be the first or last time in Chinese entertainment. Many of the marriages are not what they seem, or what they should be. Just ask a skinny HIV suffering Taiwanese idol. He has a wife and two children. The children are his but he never did it with the wife.

  9. … i am so glad that 2 out of Heavenly King found their soulmate. Jacky Cheung n Luo Mei Wei, Andy Lau n Carol, maybe Aaron dont understand something about Buddhism, young will become old, new will become rusty, he pick the wrong girl with many wrong past (maybe) , and ditch Lynn. Karma will come to you, Aaron.

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