New Parents Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy Greet the Press

After giving birth to “Little Sponge”, Angelababy (楊穎) and her husband Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) left the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital in Stubbs Road, Happy Valley on Thursday morning. They were greeted by over 50 reporters.

“Little Sponge” was born on Tuesday morning. The happy parents shared the news first thing on social media, and received countless of blessings and good wishes from fans and celebrity friends. Xiaoming also shared a picture of himself fist-bumping with his little boy.

Xiaoming and Angelababy’s parents were the first to greet the press on Thursday. Their mothers passed out $500 HKD red envelopes to the reporters—each envelope was printed with the picture of an infant bodysuit and the English letters “AH”.

Fifteen minutes later, Xiaoming and Angelababy arrived at the entrance, with Xiaoming holding onto the infant car seat that held Little Sponge. The new parents kept their son out of the cameras’ sights.

The couple posed for pictures. Both wore sunglasses and long overcoats. Angelababy had little makeup on.

Asking if labor had been painful, Angelababy smiled and nodded gently. When asked if they have named their son yet, Angelababy didn’t answer, but kept smiling.

After a brief 20-second greeting with the press, the couple and their son left in a black seven-seater mini-van. Their parents boarded another.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. I expect a lot of backlash for this so here goes……I get the feeling of surrogate. Angela baby did never look a day pregnant to me.

    1. @bubbletea
      Apparently I am not the only one. I thought all the pics with her pregnant , she was using a pillow. She looked nothing pregnant to me. I was thinking of surrogacy too. This couple is so vain. The like attention so much. They look way too sweet and happy , looks like it’s a facade only.

      1. @m0m0 They are really vain! She got time to curl her hair at the hospital! So about 50 reporters got red envelope?

  2. how did she keep the bum but didn’t put on weight nor look puffy? i remember michelle reis also looked good during her pregnancy. this baby boy will be very well looked after by the 2 sets of grandparents.

    1. @janet72 There’s no water retention at all! And I saw some pics of Kenix Kwok, Michelle Reis, and Kathy Chow when they were pregnant, they are skinny but they look bloated. I dont see that on Angelababy!

  3. I don’t think she was ever pregnant. No new mum can look like that, not even Kate Middleton. No sign at all of water retention from pregnancy or post pregnancy flab.

  4. Do I think Huang Xiaoming is handsome? Yes. Do I think HXM is a good actor? Yes. Am I a fan of HXM? No. Because I ONLY adore him in 1 role, that is his role in Shanghai Bund.
    I watch pretty much All his drama, and I only like him in Shanghai Bund, the rest I don’t like. He was terrible in Duke of Mount deer.
    I only like his Shanghai bund role. He the best Xu Wenqiang, I love him in that role. I never was a fan of HXM as in the fan of the actor himself. (Yes, there are such thing as you adore the main character of a drama, NOT adore the actor. What I adore is HXM bring out the role of Xu Wenqiang alive).

    Do I think HXM and Angela love each others? Yes. Do I think Angela was pregnant and gave birth? Yes. In this article you can see her stomach area, it not flat like before she pregnant. No worries because she will get right back to her pre-pregnancy shape soon, she still young and has alot of money, I’m sure she has her own personal work out trainers help her get back in shape.
    As for why she skinny during her pregnancy, she has money so I’m sure she has her special nutrionists to help her eat healthy for the baby while not gain weight.. Again, she is an actress, in the limelight she wants to stay in perfect shape is normal for actor/actresses.

    Now, as for this couple. I truly think they LOVE Attention. And they OTT (over the top) in Everything. Yes, I mean EVERYTHING.
    Their wedding was over the top. But they have money, and if they want to spend money with a lavish wedding like that, it fine.. They both love attention anyways, like when HXM bought Angela the million dollars car as her brithday day gift, he has to give it to her in the public. The whole press has to know and snap pictures of them all happy and what a wonderful boyfriend he was, lol
    This couple definately have something in common, is they BOTH love Attention. Everything has to be on spotlight on them, all attention go to them. They must be the perfect couple, wtih perfect family, perfect everything.
    Now, we all know life is never perfect. I’m sure they have their imperfect moments, but it behind close door. As soon as they out in the public, they must be the perfect and sweetest couple. From dating to wedding to pregnancy to give birth, everything has to be perfect under the press under the public eyes.

    HXM is an actor, I’m sure he want to keep his good image. The good image of he is the ideal husband, # 1 husband, # 1 everything. It understandable, as an actor you want to have the best image.. Do I think he is the perfect husband/perfect man in real life? Haaaaa! No. Because nobody is perfect. And to be frank, I don’t think HXM is perfect as he portray to be under the press. In fact, I don’t think HXM has the good personality and character as how he portray.
    Ofcourse this is just my opinion. We all don’t know him, whether he perfect or not, we as outsiders don’t know. But I’m allow to have my opinion right?

    I remember read a news about when Angela pregnant, she wants ice cream. And he buy ice cream in the whole block of the street. Yes, all the ice cream in the whole street of the city where he was filming. And he rent a big refrigerator to put all the ice cream in there for her. I mean really really? Yeah, we all know HXM is the perfect husband , but that is over the top.
    Do other girls like their man do things like that for them? Sure. But I personally don’t like over the topic stuff, so I don’t like it.

    Anyways, just my opinion. I like HXM, especially his role in Shanghai Bund. He is a good actor.
    But I think HXM he himself he OTT and try too hard, and love attention too much. And Angela seem to love attention too, both love it when all eyes on them of how perfect they are.
    Regardless how much attention they love. I wish HXM and Angela all the happiness, wish the baby grow up healthy, happy. Wish them a lifetime happiness. It fine that they want to be over the top and love Attention. It their life, their money, they portray themselves however they want to portray. I just don’t think HXM is the perfect husband/perfect man that he portray to be. And I don’t think Angela is innocent and perfect neither.
    Well, as you see my nickname I’m Yang Rong fan, so I’m no Angelababy fan, lol

    Anyways, Happy New Year 2017 to everyone in Jaynestars. oh, and Lunar New Year coming up next week too. Happy Lunar New Year and all blessing.

    1. @yangrongfan
      A good sane, kind, non toxic and reflective post.
      Opinions are our own and everyone has their prerogative. But on such a happy occasion, a new life, lets try not to over speculate and just wish them good luck. Wish the baby good health filled with plenty of love and good attention.

      I have a couple of good friends who are so blessed with very clean and almost insanely skinny pregnancies ! (So dang lucky!!) Their baby bump wasn’t even visible till their last 2 months of term. They just simply look as if they’ve put on a wee bit of weight …. its crazy ! hahaha. The moment they popped just after 2 days whats left of their bump is just a bit of loose skin that can be easily hidden with loose clothing. So unfair isn’t it. But these lucky women DO exist.

      But I do agree with you YangRong that this couple …. OTT !!!!! Especially HXM ! Hahahahaha

  5. Everyone wants to know what models/actresses eat during pregnancy to keep them still thin, everyone admires them? Nothing to admire actually. They almost don’t eat normal food, only eat those pills, those nutrient bottles, … very expensive, advertised as very good. But I’m not a fan of those food so I don’t pay attention. Look at Big S, Michelle Chen, those are fat during pregnancy and post pregnancy, those really make ppl admiring, they sacrisfy themselves for their childtren, I don’t think they don’t know how to be thin during and after pregnancy. Worse, some posted pictures of themselves eating fast food, sugar, fatty food, which they didn’t eat just to make ppl think they ate a lot for their babies, ,,, very tricky. Don’t imitate those pictures or you will harm yourself, look at how thin they are, you’ll find out the truth yourself

  6. I think all pregnancies are different. Some women carry “high” and some women carry “low.” Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham were both thin coming out of the hospital. Instead of a surrogate, it’s more likely the couple bought out any unflattering pics of Baby’s pregnancy HAHA.

    I’d hate to be a celebrity mom… imagine the pressure to stay thin while pregnant and to lose any excess wait immediately after giving birth because of endorsement contracts, filming schedules and public appearances.

    I wonder who’s gonna watch the baby? The grandparents like Yang Mi’s baby?

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