Nicky Wu Confirms Plans for “Little Tigers Team” to Reunite

Nicky Wu (吴奇隆) found early success in his music career by joining Taiwanese pop group, Little Tigers Team <小虎隊>, in 1988. With the upcoming 25th anniversary of the Little Tigers Team, Nicky is currently in discussion with former group members, Alec Su (蘇有朋) and Julian Chen (陳志朋), to reunite and hold a concert together!

News surfaced earlier that Little Tigers Team will reportedly hold a 3-month, 15-session concert in 2013. Due to Nicky’s newfound popularity after Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心> and The Bride With White Hair <新白髮魔女傳>, it was rumored that Nicky’s compensation will be four times the salary of Julien Chen (陳志朋), who has faded from the entertainment circle.

At the 3rd Annual Awards in Shanghai last night, Nicky confirmed that he is  discussing reuniting with the Little Tigers Team. He denied rumors that the group members had disputes over remuneration. Working together with Alec and Julien again, Nicky said that they will be treated equally and there will not be any unfair favoritism.

Nicky won’s “The Year’s Most Influential Male Actor” award last night. He walked down the red carpet with The Bride With White Hair costar, Ma Su (馬蘇). Since Nicky’s Bu Bu Jing Xin costar, Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩) was also present, the media asked the trio to pose for photos together, dubbing Nicky as being caught between his “new flame” and “ex-flame”.

Numerous celebrities attended the awards ceremony last night, including Han Geng (韓庚), Wallace Chung (鍾漢良), Michelle Chen (陳妍希), Tiffany Tang (唐嫣), and Li Chen (李晨). Wallace Chung was the only actor who won two awards last night, including the “Asia-Pacific Region’s Most Popular Actor” and “Annual Drama Best Actor” awards.


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  1. China really defines diving the pork when it comes down to awards. Not that Nicky doesn’t deserve it. Style alone he wins. Never a bad picture of him these days. This man knows how to dress.

    As for Julian Chen and remuneration, I doubt there was any fighting. He was and still is very close to Julian Chen. My suspiscion is to be fair to all equal pay. After all Little Tigers is all 3, not just one man.

    1. I agree and feel that The Little Tigers have always been close and still are. I think they all deserve the same pay too. It just is not fair to pay one member more than another. It is no wonder that members within groups are supposed to be viewed as close to each other are often rumoured to be at odds with each other due to competition, unfair salary, and other factors which I find a bit sad.. I guess it is inevitable to not be competitive when you are in the same field but it is great when you are cool about it.

    2. He does know how to dress however, I hate that he tries to compensate his height with his hair!

      It’s cool if they are reuniting and I know they were never known to be that great singers – but Nicky is very out of practice. Will he even have time to train when he’s so busy?

      1. LOL so that’s what he doing. I always wonder why he insist on wearing these crazy hairdos at his age. I think he’s extremely handsome with his hair cut short. I never looked at him as being handsome until I saw BBJX.

    1. probably Nicky dude but Alec Su has always been cuter IMO of course haha…
      but both average i guess…

    2. In year 2000, I say Alec. Now, I say it’s Nicky. This situation reminds me of what Ken Choi said 25 years ago…

  2. Nicky Wu is sure knows what to says. “The Year’s Most Influential Male Actor” lol

    P.S. Peter Ho and Alec Su look so much alike, I wonder if they should also talk about that.

    1. i beg to differ, Peter Ho is much cuter if we have to compare hahaa…lol…not to mention much taller?

    2. Are you serious? I always thought Peter is below average looking and Alec is pretty good looking.

  3. Why didn’t the journalists ask about BBJX2? Kevin has confirmed he’s in but I wanna know if Nicky’s on board or not!

    1. Kevin did?? Where?? Also, Nicky is going to be busy though unless it’s like next year before summer.

      1. In the old article about Kevin. Yes, I think there might be scheduling problems for Nicky which might be why there’s a holdout regarding getting him signed on.

    2. Earlier reports have said that the trio will be back for a modern BBJX2.

      1. Hmm, I actually just saw someone say they are negotiating with Nicky. I wonder if Nicky wants more more than Kevin? Because otherwise, I don’t see why Kevin is signed on but not Nicky. OR it’s a scheduling issue, cuz I think Nicky has lots of projects lined up already.

    3. Nicky Wu has to be in it….he really has to be! I saw him for the first time in BBJX and I am like totally hooked.

  4. Long time didn’t see Julian Chen. What is he up to nowadays?

    I still remember him in ‘Food Glorious Food’ and ‘Princess Pearl 1’.

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