Nicky Wu Continues to Pay Alimony to Ex-wife, Ma Yashu

After Nicky Wu’s (吳奇隆) surprising announcement that he is dating Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩) was issued yesterday, an abundance of congratulatory wishes from Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心> co-stars and fans flooded the Sina Weibo social network. As excited chatter grew over the beloved onscreen couple turning into real-life lovers, many also became curious about Nicky’s romantic past.

Vivian Hsu

Nicky was involved with a handful of beautiful ladies in the past, including Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄) in his early career. In past interviews, Nicky and Vivian admitted that they had mutual feelings towards each other, but their romance was not realized because of various setbacks. Nicky’s father’s business had collapsed at the time, saddling the family to pay back the massive debts. This left Nicky with no choice but to work non-stop and drop any relationship intentions. Nicky admitted that he regretted that he did not have a chance to pursue Vivian further.

Other rumors circulated that Nicky’s mother disapproved of Vivian due to her controversial past and sexy image.

Ada Choi

Since Nicky was a workaholic even at a young age, it is not surprising that most of the women he fell in love with were his co-stars. In 1999, Nicky fell for Ada Choi (蔡少芬) after filming movie My Heart Will Go On <還我情心>. They both starred TVB drama At the Threshold of an Era <創世紀> together, although they did not portray an onscreen couple. 

When Ada tearfully announced that she wished to draw boundaries with her mother, who was a gambling addict, Nicky supported her publicly. Their high-profile romance however came to and end due to incompatible personalities and frequent long-distance separations.

Ma Yashu

Towards the turn of the millennium, Nicky focused his career in mainland China and moved to Beijing. In 2001, Nicky fell in love with Treasure Raiders <蕭十一郎co-star, Ma Yashu (馬雅舒). They lived together and got married in 2006. But due to their work schedules and little time together, they divorced in 2009. Nicky reportedly paid Yashu 1 million RMB and six multi-million luxury homes as part of their separation package. It is understood that he continues to pay Yashu monthly alimony.

Two years after the divorce, Ma Yashu married Australian executive, James Robert Hayes. In October 2013, Yashu was spotted heavily pregnant at the airport.

Cecilia Liu

Nicky reportedly escaped from the hurt he experienced in his divorce by channeling all his focus on work. He slept only four to five hours each night, and only became busier since establishing his own production studio.

Filming Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心>, Bu Bu Jing Qing <步步驚情> and Incisive Great Teacher <犀利仁師> together, Cecilia Liu and Nicky’s onscreen chemistry generated real-life sparks as well. Cecilia was the actress that Nicky spent the most time working with over the last two years. This summer, Cecilia and Nicky’s relationship grew increasingly closer when they worked on Incisive Great Teacher as they were seen on set playfully teasing each other during filming breaks.

After reports emerged that Nicky had spent eight hours at Cecilia’s home in Shanghai, he finally admitted that they were dating on November 13, 2013. Nicky allegedly splurged 2 million RMB on a new car for Cecilia; the couple was spotted car shopping together and Nicky even asked Cecilia what color she preferred.


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  1. Am curious under which country laws do a ex-husband have to continue paying alimony when the ex-wife re-marries …….

    1. i guess china, so if a ex wife divorces 100 times, she receives 100 alimony monthly i guess

  2. I am still reeling from the new couple because I never thought Nicky was Cecilia’s type. She was so cool with him, respectful as well. Maybe she is a closet Little Tigers fan.

    “It is understood that he continues to pay Yashu monthly alimony.”

    This is very very misleading. If she has remarried, why is he still paying her alimony? So he must have stopped when she remarried. Don’t tell me he is STILL paying her alimony despite the fact that her husband is wayyyy richer than Nicky.

    And why would Nicky pay her so much? Was he at fault? Didn’t she cheated on him? I don’t get it.

    1. I don’t get it either. Her new husband is supposedly quite well off. Are the laws different in China?

    2. I have a feeling this article is not accurate because we all know she has remarried and Nicky already gave her a big amount of money and some houses so what more is he required to give/ pay her? I do not think the laws in China are like that. It would be really sad if the law still require the Exes to pay even after years of divorce and all.

    3. My Chinese is not very good. When I read the source article, it wasn’t mention that Nicky continues to pay his ex-wife alimony. So not sure where Jayne got the information from.

      1. Primrose,

        This is from the first article source stating that Nicky continues to pay Ma Yashu. When they divorced, the terms may have been permanent alimony payments instead of termination upon Ma Yashu’s remarriage. It depends on the contract terms they had agreed upon. They wouldn’t have known that she would find such a wealthy second husband later.

      2. If true, then she deserves all the crap she gets. Any decent person who stop taking alimony when you marry someone new, who is some much wealthier.

        I didn’t even know such a thing like “permanent alimony” existed.

      1. Perhaps about to. Yuan Hong all were just red herring. Ahhh how we are all fooled.

      2. @ Jayne

        I rather agree, especially since she squeezed his hand back. I’m more surprising that no one thought it was suspicious a year ago.

  3. The unfair thing is ma ya shu’s husband is a billionaire. She has money coming in to her left and right. What a life

    1. Yup, above pic she already looks like a bomb but in real life some pics she looks like a typical see lai. ahaha..
      n that australian is NOT bad looking, u can even call him handsome and she does NOT even speak English well. This is where the oddness comes in, where non speaking english speakers always seem marry foreigners.

      1. It was reported that she ‘went for English lessons’ because she was bored while Nicky was always away filming. For almost a year this went on and she was never home whenever Nicky returns. He was so miserable and had to take her crap. I supposed he suspected something fishy but never expected her to commit adultery until those photos emerged. Big plot of hers to marry an Aussie so she can get away from mainland.

      2. WOW, then she can at least communicate a bit or else how could she have gotten that billionaire? ahha LOL…I never even follow Nicky Wu news so I never even knew he was cheated w/this ex until he became a bit famous n heard a bit from my mom since shes watched that series that made him popular.

    1. Someone please translate since I can only read 70% of the words….

    2. Heather,
      I’ll being posting another article on Ma Yashu. Her Weibo post basically complains about her being vilified in the press even after many years of her divorce with Nicky.

      1. Ill be looking forward to that post Jayne!!! I will keep my comments regarding Ma Yashu until after I read it, lol

      2. Several questions which will shed light into her being vilified;

        1. was she the cause of the breakdown of the marriage? Meaning did she have an affair with I believe the man she eventually married?

        2. did she ask for permanent alimony?

        3. Is she still taking alimony despite remarried to a much richer man?

        If yes yes yes I can see why she is still vilified. After all Nicky Wu has a higher standing in the eyes of fans and the media. This is a guy who worked to exhaustion to single handedly pay off his father’s huge debt which took him.. 12 years? Thereabouts and he never complains openly. He did it for love of his father. How can anyone go against that image and win? Not even Ada.

      3. @ Funn

        She was rumoured to be seen checking into a hotel with some white guy before the divorce

        She was rumoured to have received 6 houses and NT$42 million in alimony.

        What you believe is up to you, I guess.

        I don’t know what “permanent alimony” is. Since she’s remarried (to a billionaire) I see absolutely no reason to believe she would be getting a(nother) dime from Nicky.

      4. “She was rumoured to be seen checking into a hotel with some white guy before the divorce”

        Not a rumour. There were pictures. Sometimes paps can be your worst enemy but for cuckolded partners, they can be your best friend.

  4. @新浪娱乐 (Sina entertainment): Nicky Wu and Liu ShiShi allegedly admitted to dating rumors.

    @吴奇隆TD: Not allegedly.

    Nicky is so sweet, haha

      1. He wrote it on Weibo. And omg Damian also wrote well-wishes and then they wrote back separately when WE go to HK we will treat you to food/pay you respect. This is definitely not just a new relationship imo.

    1. He’s protecting this relationship and I hope he will continue doing so.

      1. Protecting the relationship? By spending the night with an un-married girl knowing that their could be watchful eyes around? That’s protecting her reputation? He is an old married before man. He should have thought of her reputation.

      2. And why does her “reputation” need protecting, Jinny? She’s 26, not 16. Old enough to decide if and with whom she wants a sexual relationship with. He should have thought of her reputation? Because she’s a child or perhaps you don’t think women should be responsible for themselves?

      3. Isn’t that why they had to admit dating? So people would not look down on her?

      4. LMAO. No one even believed the 8 hour date rumour. And even if they did, no one except old sexists would look down at her!

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