Nicky Wu Mistaken for Crook, Restrained by Six Security Guards

Nicky was masked and wearing a full-black outfit while filming at a popular theme park.

Switching his focus to the Chinese market since 2000, 49-year-old Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) has also set up his own filming and production company Jiangsu Straw Bear Films Ltd. Expanding into artiste management as well as production and distribution of animation works, films and television dramas, Nicky made great strides in his business pursuits while still maintaining high popularity as a celebrity. He gamely took part in a recent Chinese television program along with several younger actors, but was unfortunately mistaken for a crook and tackled by security guards on site.

Game Involved Locating a Button on Opponent Team

At Happy Valley Theme Park in Shenzhen where filming for The Irrestible <元气满满的哥哥> took place, Nicky was disguised as a photographer in a full-black outfit with his face masked. As part of the game, he went up against opponent team members including actor Yang Yang (楊洋) to locate a button the latter team had on them, which resulted in both sides engaging in a tussle.

Nicky wore all black and was masked

Eight security guards on duty at the park mistakenly judged the situation and came forward to intervene, with six bulky guards swiftly pinning Nicky to the ground. Seeing what happened, the director hurriedly yelled from the sidelines, “That’s an artiste! Let go of him! That’s an artiste!” before Nicky was finally set free.

Security pin Nicky to the ground

Production Team and Director Lambasted

A video of what occurred soon went viral on Weibo, and the hashtag #NickyWuPinnedToTheGroundByGuards topped social media searches momentarily. Many netizens praised Nicky for his professionalism and felt pained for him, while the director and production team were lambasted for disregarding artistes’ safety during the filming of variety programs.

The actor later went on the social media to update on his current condition. Nicky said he did not mind being tackled to the ground as he enjoyed filming for The Irrestistible. “Playing hide and seek is like growing up–there will be some bruises along the way. The most important thing is did you try your best? Were you happy? I know everyone is concerned about my health. Please don’t worry, I’m very happy.”

Source: HK01

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