Nicky Wu’s Company Applies for Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listing

Since Nicky Wu‘s (吳奇隆) wife Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩) gave birth to their son in 2019, the Taiwanese actor has significantly decreased his on-screen projects. Instead, Nicky has focused his priorities on family and earning income through his business ventures. Recently, it was reported that the company Nicky co-founded, Jiangsu Straw Bear Films, has submitted a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and plans to have the company listed on the Hong Kong Main Board.

The celebrity shareholders of Jiangsu Straw Bear Films include Nicky, Cecilia, and Zhao Liying (趙麗穎). The online video platform company, iQiyi, is the company’s second largest shareholder. The main function of the company covers the investment, development, production, and distribution of television dramas.

Some of the more successful investments of the company include Legend of Zu Mountain <蜀山戰紀之劍俠傳奇>, The Bride with White Hair <新白髮魔女傳>, and Inside Man <局中人>. The success of the company does not stop there. In 2016, it was rumored that the Storm Group had plans to acquire majority share of 60 percent of Jiangsu Straw Bear Films for approximately 1.19 billion Hong Kong dollars. However, the acquisition was eventually rejected by the Mainland Securities Regulatory Commission. With such successful business ventures, it is no wonder Nicky does not depend on filming projects as his main source of income anymore!


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