After an Exhausting Career, Nicky Wu Enjoys the Slower Pace of Fatherhood

After Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) and Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩) welcomed their son “Bubu” last year, the couple had significantly slowed down their careers to spend time together as a family. While Nicky is making fewer appearances in dramas, he recently joined the variety program Wonderful Forest <奇妙小森林> where he shared his experiences as a father.

In the trailer for the program, Nicky boasted that he had no problems taking care of his son, “I learned a lot of special skills after caring for my child.  I could hold the baby in one hand, and feed him with the other hand. It’s pretty good right? Changing diapers and giving him baths are all very basic.”

Interacting with different children on the program allowed Nicky to learn more about child development. Nicky explained, “I hope to learn all of the children’s needs. In the future, I hope to communicate more with my son, and use different methods to guide him to do what he likes. It may not be possible to do so, but I want to move in that direction.”

His Son Comes First

Becoming a father meant Nicky has to shift his own priorities, which he is more than happy to do so. “Right now my son’s health and happiness are the most important things. My life’s center of gravity has changed. Before, my life revolved around my career. After I had my son, everything changed. The time to get up and the time to go to bed all need to match [my son’s] time. When he rests, I can work on other things. When he wakes up, I play with him. I really enjoy this lifestyle.”

Witnessing his son’s growth and development, such as his first words, touched Nicky deeply. “At first, he mimicked adults and would make strange sounds. The words ‘mum mum’ would mean he wants to eat or he is calling for his mother. I heard him call ‘papa’ and I would be wishfully thinking that he is calling me. However, I discovered that he actually didn’t even know what it means.”

Slowing Down Life for Son

Since becoming a father, Nicky is happy to have a slower pace in life. He would often post photos on his social platform with the caption, “Nicky Wu’s slow life,” where he can be seen playing golf or enjoying his food.  This is certainly a change from the busy hustle in the earlier stage of his career.

In Nicky’s youth, his father’s business ran into financial trouble and there was a large amount of debt to pay back. When he was 13, Nicky took on a variety of jobs to pay for his tuition and living expenses, even working as a trash collector.  After becoming a popular member of Taiwanese band Little Tigers, Nicky took on many jobs to help pay his father’s debts. Once, he was so overworked that he rushed out of a hospital before recovering completely, so he could fly to Hong Kong to film. Since the film had many physically exerting scenes, he would return to the hotel to clean his open wounds and change the gauze pads which were soaked with blood.

After a long and successful career in the Greater China Region, Nicky has finally paid off all of his father’s debt. Without complaining a single word, Nicky proudly shared, “Being able to shoulder the burden is a kind of fortune.” He can finally reap the fruits of his labor as he enjoys his time with his wife and son.

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