Nicky Wu Regrets Losing Romantic Chances With Vivian Hsu

Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) regrets losing his chance to start a romantic relationship with Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄). At the time, Nicky has to help his dad to pay back a loan.

Nicky and Vivian began their entertainment careers around the same time more than two decades ago. The two became close friends and developed feelings toward each other. Unfortunately, both had extremely busy schedules in their early careers. The “love story” ended before it could begin.

Fast forward to present day, and Nicky is viewed as an experienced character actor. Many have forgotten that two decades ago, he was still a teen idol. Everywhere he went, Nicky was followed by masses of fans.

In 1988, 18-year-old Nicky was discovered by a talent agent. Together with Alec Su (蘇有朋), and Julian Chen (陳志朋), they formed the Little Tigers Team (小虎隊).  Stardom quickly followed. Out of the three, Nicky worked the hardest, as his schedule was always filled. He had close to no time for leisure.

Nicky Had to Repay Father’s Debts

The reason why Nicky worked so hard was due to his father’s collapsing business, which resulted in him taking out huge loans. The entire family rallied together to try to pay back all the loans. As to how much was owed, Nicky had no idea until his manager decided to confront Nicky’s father and was shocked at the amount. After consulting with a lawyer, Nicky’s manager recommended bankruptcy, but Nicky’s father refused, saying that all the people who helped him by lending him the money would suffer. His father said he would try to return the money until his last breath.

The Wu family became very upset at Nicky’s father’s decision. Rather than admit he was a businessman who ran into financial trouble, Nicky’sfather still tried to keep the business operating through cash borrowing. This led to even a larger amount of debt owed. When asked to file for bankruptcy to end the problem, Nicky’s father refused, which put an immense burden on the entire Wu family.

Nicky understood that his father wanted to handle the situation like a man and do what is responsible. Although the Wu family was upset, they still helped out.

Aware of Nicky’s family issues, his manager tried hard to help Nicky find jobs. The other members of Little Tigers Team were younger than Nicky, and were required to handle schoolwork at the same time. Nicky had to adjust his schedule match his team members’ schedules. He rode on the success of Little Tigers Team to help out his solo career.

In the early to mid 1990s, during the golden years of the Hong Kong television and movie industries, Nicky was hard at work learning Cantonese. For a while, he flew back and forth between Hong Kong and Taiwan to work on music, TV dramas, and movies. At the prime of the Little Tigers Team, Nicky was hard at work trying to bring money home. He kept just enough for his basic needs and sent the rest to his father. He managed to pay off his dad’s loans in a few years.

Vivian Hsu: So Close, Yet So Far Away…

Because he was always preoccupied with work, Nicky lost a lot of things in his life, including a youth that was spent working while carrying a family burden. In their earlier days, Nicky and Vivian Hsu both had feelings towards each other, but failed to develop further due to their busy schedules.

Many years later, when asked about Nicky, Vivian always answered that those years were the most innocent time of her life. Likewise, when asked about Vivian, Nicky expressed feelings of regret of an unrealized romance.


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  1. I heard about Nicky’s father’s debt and it was great that Nicky is such a good son that helped his father and family. At least it was not a gambling debt.

    I thought that he and Vivian dated in the past already?I guess not if what this article is saying is true. Who said that they cannot start now since I think they are both single?? Lets see if they have fate with each other??

  2. There’s still a chance? Since neither is married?

    I have read and heard about Nicky Wu’s struggle and his father’s debt many many times, but I never realised how enormous it was until a recent interview. I admire his steadfast attitude in responsibility which is what maketh a man. However his father’s debt was 100% his burden to bear which I felt angry for him, but then he loved his father, he admired his father, and therefore he did what a dutiful loving son would do. Took so many years for him to pay off the debt. I felt for him. At least now he is free.

    1. “He managed to pay off his dad’s loans in a few years.”

      I think he took 12 years? Or thereabouts? What I remember was it wasn’t a few years. It was more than that.

      1. WOW, it took him 12 years?? I knew it took awhile, but did not know that it took that long… His father is lucky to have such a sweet and filial son.

      2. Don’t quote me on that!! Not sure but thereabouts. It wasn’t just a few years.

      3. yup, around 11-12 years and yep after filming Xiao Shi Yi Lang. he got himself worked so hard and did not get any sleep for 7 days. @[email protected]

    2. Funn,
      Around what year did Nicky finish paying off his father’s debts?

      Maybe it is because of this situation which made Nicky empathize with Ada Choi and her repayment of her mother’s gambling debt. Nicky and Ada made a sweet couple and was very supportive of her when she stepped out to acknowledge that she was supported by rich businessman earlier.

      From this incident, I’ve always had a good impression of Nicky. He was right there, standing by her side at the press conference.

      1. I remember how Nicky said that he liked and supported how Ada was so filial towards her mother. He knew that firsthand since he did the same for his father. However, I think the one that was better was at least his father’s debt was not a gambling one.. But anyways, they did make a sweet couple but sadly they had yuan but no fen…

      2. Yes, that was why he hit it off with Ada I think. Same predicament.

        I can’t remember the year but I remember in an interview he said the debt repayment finished when he finished filming Xiao Shiyi Lang which was where he met his ex wife.

      3. The interview I saw around BBJX time was very good. He did mentioned he always looked glum when he was with Little Tigers and that was because he had to work non stop for the money. I felt for him and my respect for him tripled.

        Just checked wiki. The debt finished in 2002 if I am correct.

        Anyway checked some articles or fans posting, the debt repayment was between 10 years to 12 years. I remember it was 12 years and the amount was millions.

        By the way he is now closer to his father than ever after a health scare (his father). A very interesting relationship. The way he spoke about his father, his father was a strict father who became an absent father and then came home and became a motherly father. Definitely better relationship than Ada had with her mom.

      4. I think the different between Ada and Nick are Ada stopped helping her mom to repay her debt while Nick didn’t forsake his dad?

      5. But ada’s mom is incorrigible. Her debts are from gambling! Nicky’s father’s debts are from his failing business. And his reason for not wanting to declare bankruptcy is due to not wanting to leave his creditors hanging. He is a man with principles, despite not being a savvy businessman. I think it’s pretty understandable why ada will give up on her mom, and yet nicky will continue standing by his father.

      6. “I think the different between Ada and Nick are Ada stopped helping her mom to repay her debt while Nick didn’t forsake his dad?”

        Different standard lar!

      7. Oh, GOD. I would make sure my family members were taken care of but I would definitely wrest control from their incompetent hands! His dad already lost his mandate to conduct business ever – he probably can’t even pay the cable bill on time without assistance.

    3. I gained enormous respect for him too after seeing his BBJX interview. He’s a very responsible and filial person.

      Honestly, I would have loved it if he and Ada could have made it work because they were such a lovely couple but it’s obviously to late now since she’s happily married. I did hear that he was rumoured to date his manager or something for a while? I suppose nothing came from that? I don’t really know much about Vivian but she has her own money so at least she’s not a golddigger like the ex.

      1. Oh I heard that one! They say his manager looks like his ex wife? No? I am pretty sure he must be dating someone close by. Whoever that may be, best of luck to both of them!

      2. Hmm yes, I think so it was said she looked a bit like the ex-wife though I haven’t compared myself. Haven’t heard about it for a while though, and with Nicky’s increase exposure I think there would have been news about it if it was still on-going. I just want him to find someone and settle down before he overworks himself to death!

    1. The father I believed had a heart problem? Or something like that.

  3. Such a sad love story. Would be great to see them together. 🙁

    1. It would be but unfortunately, timing matters a lot in a relationship.

      1. Timing only matters if the Nazis are bombing you and one of you has to fight in the trenches and the other one has to wait for you to return. Joseph Besserman met his wife through a Nazi barbed wire fence and they had no problem getting married!

    2. This isn’t Waterloo Bridge and even THAT story had a huge morality hole.

  4. I don’t believe him at all. He wanted to protect his Justin Bieber-ish fan base at the time and playing with Vivian Hsu would have alienated all those good daughters who were buying his Yes! cards. They did some ad together AFTER she had already become a nude model in Japan and he had started his solo career. And despite her attractiveness, he wasn’t going to lose his head over someone for the sake of sating his momentary appetite for her.

    It’s interesting how uninterested the Chinese are about her. And it’s interesting that she and Shu Qi are what they are.

      1. Professionally UNINHIBITED as opposed to HK Sammi Cheng who is not only stalwart about Andy Hui but for a long time never even revealed her bare shoulders

      1. i mean idk Vivian is a nude model. she really is???
        i don’t very know well about celebrity’s news actually 😛 just recently got to be crazy about Nicky..hihihi

      2. If she was a ‘nude model’ (ok maybe that was a thing of the past but nude photos could come back to haunt them) or if VH is as uninhabited as you guys say, don’t think Nicky would like that as he’s a conservative man at heart. That adulterous affair by the ex-w was enough embarrassment already.

        I’d like to see something developing between Nicky and Cecilia Liu Shi Shi. She did say (during Happy Camp) that age gap is irrelevant as long as the couple are happy and she don’t mind giving up acting to be a wife/mother as long as she can have some ‘me’ time to pursue some other interests which does not interfere with family life or husband/wife relationship.

      3. @jasmine: 😀 i do hope for LongShi too. hahaha.. i just love to see the way they look at each other at events they attended 😛

  5. It’s funny how no one mentions Nicky’s ex-wife nor are there much stories about their love life.
    And this is the first time I learnt about Vivian Hsu’s connection with him.

    Anyone can share more about his previous marriage?

    1. Not much to say, the rumours suggest she was a golddigger and cheated on Nicky.

      1. Yeah, his divorce costed him a lot! I feel real pitiful for him having to find someone like her, sigh…he should have just picked me xD

      2. If she did cheated on her I don’t get why the divorce would have cost him a lot. There may be stories behind the story. Whatever it was his wife was a very talented actress, very bubbly sort who is very expressive. I suppose he likes that sort of girl (and she isn’t considered a great beauty in my book) when he himself is a bit.. how shall I say.. soft? Not that expressive? No temper tantrums?Done it all seen it all? Anyway she married a rich guy from what I read.

      3. @ Funn

        Not sure what the real story is tbh. But yes, I did also read that he worked a lot after the divorce. Maybe they had to split assets and he felt that he had to make up for it? IDK. But that probably makes most sense. Even if she cheated, they still have to split assets unless they had a prenup which I presume they didn’t.

    2. All I know about his ex wife is her name is Ma Ya Shu. They meet when they were filming Xiao Shi Yi Lang in 2001. She played Feng Si Niang in that series. They dated and married in 2006 but then divorced in 2009. Heard it was because she cheated on him with this foreigner named James. I heard that Nicky gave her a 5 carat diamond to propose to her and she was so happy. I thought they were happy but I guess not and heard that Nicky was sad for many years. I thought his ex wife was lucky to have him but sadly did not know how to treasure him. Hope that he finds someone that will love and treasure him soon.

    3. According to news reports, he did meet his ex-Ma Ya Shu while filming Xiao Si Yi Lang (which was also around the time he completely repaid his father’s debts…about 10yrs). She was the 3rd wheel in his relationship with Ada Choi. But less than 2 yrs into their marriage, cracks were apparent. He was still filming movies/tv series and whenever he gets home, she’s seldom home (giving excuses that she’s taking courses to better herself). But the fact was (I think)she met this James around this time. Nicky was very unhappy for a couple of years but said nothing until that adulterous affair was caught by the paparazzi (she was photographed leaving the hotel with James after spending 3 days there). When questioned by the press, she said they were incompatible for marriage. Such a lame excuse and only strenthened her gold digging plans. For whatever reasons not disclosed by Nicky, she ended up the winner with a few of Nicky’s houses and money. Many fans of Nicky’s were unhappy and in fact he could have sued her for adultery and she gets shit. But then, I suppose he just wanted to get rid of her quickly. He did said in an interview that money is not that important to him, he’s still young and working and can start saving again. All his fans felt his pain.

      Personally speaking, I don’t think Vivian Hsu is suitable for him.

      1. as what i learned to know (if this piece of news is true), NW gave away his money, houses and restaurants by his own initiative. he was also feel letting her down, as marriage is about 2 parties.

        actually that kind of relationships and marriages thingy are really hard to say for we are not the involved ones. they were too busy till just met up for 5 times in a year. but, whatever the reasons, betrayal is always betrayal.
        anyway, these all have passed. he is happy now and really hope he could find his true one

    4. Many of Nicky’s fans reckon his ex-wife used him to further her own popularity (cause she was a nobody, just bit parts actor before she met NW)…..according to old reports she ‘gate crash’ to take care of Nicky when he was injured and hospitalised during one of the series. NW also mentioned in one of his old interviews that Ada initiated the breakup. Perhaps because of this 3rd wheel (ex-wife) interferring?? The rest is history.

      1. its true there’s rumors about that. but, according to some articles and fans said Ada n NW’s breaking up not because of that 3rd party thing. they’ve already broken up before NW started with MYS. and they broke up was because things were just not working out.
        i do believe in he is not that sort of being unfaithful one 😛 just say that i am biased. haha

  6. There’s news his Ex is having many Marital problems with her new husband so she’s definitely getting what coming to her. After going through such a embarrassing heartbreak I can understand why Nicky don’t want to get involve with someone right now.

    1. Really?? Let’s hear it. I knew from the start this 2nd marriage won’t last (just another gold digging opportunity for her).

  7. i wonder why he didn’t mention why things didnt work out between him and his ex, ada choi

  8. Nicky Wu could have brought his wife with him anywhere if they have no kids. The wife can be his personal secretary at the same time. This would have been better arrangement if they want to keep their marriage. But if the wife has other motive in marrying him, then Nicky Wu could have just put himself into trouble. and so painful to lose so much money and properties and to felt being cheated and duped. Sometimes, man wants to keep his face thats why he has sacrificed this much. His fans will always support him because he is indeed a noble person. I too admire his being a just and patient person.

    1. true, if it had been a love marriage, she would have followed him around and peeled hard boiled eggs for him like he was the Beggar King in “Ashes of Time.”

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